Bus / feeder wires

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Bus / feeder wires

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Posting for Dereck:

I'm really confused over feeder wire and bus wires. Can someone explain the difference to me?
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Re: Bus / feeder wires

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Your buss wire should run around the layout using 14 gauge wire and set back somewhat from the outside edge. Feeders are smaller gauge wire, say 18 gauge, that "feed" the rails by tapping into the buss every 3 feet or so.

The idea here is to use a heavier gauge wire to provide power across the entire layout and "feed" off the buss every 3 feet or so to ensure you have even power distribution to all parts of the layout. If you were to only feed the rails in one or two spots you run the risk of voltage/current drop as it flows along longer sections or track. The larger gauge buss will not be as susceptible to voltage/current drops and by feeding off the buss multiple times you are going to have more even power available throughout the layout.
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