How to donate to keep the site going

In November 2019, I posted I was hanging up my boots up, because sales weren’t covering costs.

I was very sad about this, but knew it had to be done.

(You can read that post, and more importantly, the comments, here.)

I wasn’t expecting the reaction I got at all.

Lots wanted to donate to keep the site going.

Personally, I’d much prefer it if you bought the Beginners’ Guide, or joined the members club, or bought some of the print out scenery.

But on the other hand, any donations will directly help keep the blog going. So here it is.

I want to make it as easy as possible, so here’s how I’ve done it.

It’s through paypal, for $9 a month. Cancel any time.

If you click on it, it says it’s for a 30 month term. That’s not the case. You can cancel at anytime you like.

Here’s the best thing though, here’s the unsubscribe button.

If you want to do it for one month and then cancel that’s fine, you still will have been a massive help.

If you want to run your donation for a few months, well, I couldn’t thank you enough.

You’ll also see a link to this page on the main menu, so you can always get to it to unsubscribe.

Thank you everybody who rallied round, I won’t ever be able to express how much it’s meant to me.



9 Responses to How to donate to keep the site going

  1. Brian Byford says:

    Hi Al
    Is it possible to design some English buildings as your print outs are nearly all U.S
    based. It could also help boost your sales.
    Thank you for keeping the site going.


  2. Al,
    Your efforts are worth more than $9 a month. I was not even aware of the “Members Club”, though I have read your posts faithfully for the past two or three years. It would appear that this will cost me $17 a month, after the first month for a buck. Would suggest that you make it more clear to others who follow your blog, or whatever the correct name is for the wonderful service you offer to us, what the Members’ Club is, how much it costs, and how to utilize its benefits. Suspect others are not aware of its existence. Happy Thanks Giving. Garry

  3. Love the new donations page…
    Will be subscribing soon as I get some finances of my own straightened out..
    Southern California

  4. Al,

    Glad to hear that we are not losing this excellent blog it would be missed.

    I have never seen any information on the “Members Club” How to join and what you get as a member.

  5. paul diffley says:

    POssible to design some European buildings. Love the ones you have now.


    I found the subscribe button but not the donate button. Please add a donate button to make periodic donations easier. Thanks – I have learned a great deal from all who have contributed.

  7. Lu Anne Phariss says:

    I am starting my 2nd HO layout this year. My first was so much fun doing but just too big 7×8. Now I want to do a modular layout to go along 2 walls with a corner spot. Can you help me with my bench work? I have measured everything but and figured the supplies that will be needed. Just not sure where to start. Do I do each modular section to completion or an assembly style? I finally found info and a book online but they all have it attached to the walls and I want each section to have 4 legs. Can you direct me or give me pointers? Thank you for all your wonderful ideas through the years. Lu Anne 71 year old grandma of 9.😎

  8. Stanley R Roelker says:

    You are so generous sharing your knowledge,experience, and the work of others.
    I got back into model railroading after retiring and also found a local RR club to join. Not a “joiner” but this bunch of guys (and one lady) have a common interest which ties us together. Then I discovered your website! I thought I had died and gone to model RR heaven! So, I can’t think of a better place to send some money
    than your website. (I also “try” to collect postage stamps when I am not busy.

  9. Bill Wick says:

    What is this golden key all about. I have come to rely on your site for many solutions. I will be lost without it as resource.

    I am a 76 year old semi retired engineer, just now getting into DCC. I thought I was reasonably intelligent until I read what some of you people do with DCC. It an incredible new world for me..

    Let me know the details

    Thanks Bill Cincinnati OH

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