John’s latest railroad scenery ‘how to’

We start today with another quick update from Hall of Fame member, Arnie.

(If you missed his last post, it’s here.)

“Hi Al — Just a quick follow-up on further inquiries from viewers about the layout. Despite the submitted track plan, some viewers seem hard-pressed to visualize the entire layout of the SV&GS. So I’ve attached 4 photos I just took, one from each corner of the layout and going clockwise starting at the Southeast corner. Hope this gives a better perspective on the bi-level layout that can be confusing from the track plan. (By the way, photos appearing on the walls of the train room were all taken on the layout and have been published in various model railroading magazines.)

There were also questions about the backgrounds I use. I have about eight photo backdrops that I use extensively for taking photos and videos. Some can be aligned consecutively to create a longer scene. I use them as portable backdrops wherever needed to give greater depth and realism to scenes. There is one that I put into the enclosed photos as a quick reference in the distance. The backdrops are by Realistic

And I want to thank everyone for the well-wishes for a speedy recovery from my injury. I assure everyone that I am perfectly fine and I am “up and running” though a little awkwardly handling objects.






And now for the latest from my good friend John. He’s been busy with the latest print out scenery, and has cobbled together another video:

Here’s some pics of the water towers and brick office shed John made:







As always, there’s an offer before I get them on the site.

And there lies the problem. I’m kept busy with the blogs so I still haven’t got the last lot on the site yet – but I’m going as fast as I can folks. Please bear with me.

Anyhow, you can grab both water towers and the brick office shed for just $9.97.

Just click here to grab them before I stick them on the site at full price.

(Some of the more eagle eyed readers will notice these water towers go perfectly with these engine sheds – that’s intentional… so if you want the engine sheds to go with them, they’re here).

Or perhaps you just want to roll up your sleeves and get going with the Beginner’s Guide.

That’s all this time folks. A huge thanks to John and Arnie.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And please comment below if you enjoyed John’s video – if we keep commenting, he’ll keep making ’em.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here. Still going strong!

15 Responses to John’s latest railroad scenery ‘how to’

  1. vic lapthorne says:

    Hi Al , great how to” please pass on my complements ,and make sure there is more to come .My railway modelling started by promising my grand children, “after expressing a desire to have a railway layout” found out it was no match against electric games , so I now have a garage full of a layout , and no room for the car

  2. christine says:

    Now there’s something to be prod of. What a layout. One of the best I’ve seen.

  3. NJ Mark says:

    John has done it again! His enthusiasm is infectious. I love his ideas and his skill at presenting them to us. Love his bar too! Cheers! NJ Mark

  4. Eric says:

    Arnie, very impressive, love the viaduct and the way you have the track crossover bridged. I wish I could walk round my layout but against walls so have to have a hatch loosing a lot of usable space. Keep up the great work.

    Eric (Leeds) UK.

  5. George Ross says:

    Thanks For The Additional Photos. Outstanding Layout . Continue to Feel Better.

  6. Andre Visser says:

    Can you tell me where you get the paper building from to download to stick the plastic or carton
    I am in south africa

  7. Bob Penney says:

    I love these tips…great ideas and very creative.
    I am setting up a G scale garden RR. I also have N, HO, S, & G scale. San these print-outs be printed at these different scales? If so, do instructions come as to how to print different scales? Bob & NH

  8. Tim Morlok says:

    Arnie, nice photos of a great layout. Al, I love all of John’s how-to videos. Has he ever posted any pics or videos of his layout? Tim

  9. Mark Johnson says:

    Arnie, you have left me in awe yet again. Even though I know the layout in your photographs is the same layout as in your videos, the videos make it look ten times larger. The way you can portray genuinely isolated areas and/or busy urban scenes in your videos within such a relatively small space is a testament to your design skills. It really is genius, and if ours ends up half as good I think we’d be quite happy. Thank you for the background info as well. Get healed soon.
    As for John, will the ideas ever end? I certainly hope not. You’ve got me evaluating all the different parts of all the different things now. The combinations are endless. Thank you. Mark J.

  10. Helmut Eppich says:

    Lots of greenery with realistic detail. Love that natural light from outside the window.

  11. Gerald says:

    I love your videos John. Nice touch adding the wine. You must have been a comedian in another life. Cheers. Jerry U.S.A.

  12. Marklin ed says:

    I think wine and trains and modeling go together. Thanks again John. Arine great layout. I have rode on the TGV French train many times,why are American trains so far behind? Also have been on the London to Paris train under the channel. Just love the international input from around the world. Small planet.

  13. Ian Mc Donald says:

    love the how to unbelievable ideas he has. great layout the scenery is overwhelming.

  14. Allan says:

    What a great entertainer John is, I think that he does a wonderful job of teaching how to build scenery,
    Although I think that 1 or 2 glasses a day is sufficient red wine, so do not overdo the plonk young John.
    Allan from down under.

  15. Charles Carter says:

    Very Helpful information.

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