Mike’s G scale


Mike’s G scale is gone.

I misread his email.

He didn’t want me to post it.

So I’ve taken it off. Sorry everyone.

To make up for it though, I’ve dug in to the archives, and you can have a look at Fred’s G scale instead.

Or maybe Dick’s G scale will take your fancy.

And of course, my apologies to Mike.

“Hi Al

Another photo (bottom) of the cotton bud smoke effect out of the smoke stack on my HOn3 K37 locomotive. It is seen here leaving the yard after having taken coal, water and sand.

Top photo titled – Hey, no fishing allowed here,this is HO scale territory. (Motor boat is kit built) I don’t think either of them realize that there is no water yet.

Thanks Al

Best regards




A big thank you to Mike and Brian for today’s post (Brian is also a Hall of Fame member and helped out with the Beginner’s Guide).

Good to see some different scales – I don’t have a preference by the way, it’s just that most stuff sent in is HO or N scale. So if you’ve got some pics you want to share, it’s down to you…

And talking of bigger scales, fingers crossed, next time I’ll have a very detailed ‘how to’ for you. Remember Larry’s ride on railroad? Well, he’s done a very detailed piece on it.

That’s all this time, folks. Thanks for all the emails of support, they go a long way, I can promise you.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet here. A load of HO stuff at the mo.

8 Responses to Mike’s G scale

  1. John Meehan says:

    Those pictures look great! Makes me want to soend money to get my third scale going, which will be sure to incur the wrath of the lady of the house!

  2. christine says:

    I would like to see more G scale photos and video.

  3. Damien says:

    Errr. Am I the only one who noticed Mike said “You may NOT post this on your site”?

  4. Eugene Rizzardi says:

    Sorry to see the G scale layout not posted. I was hoping to see more garden railway action. Please post more G scale

  5. Peter Stok says:

    Thank you for all the mail.s you sent every time, very nice, greetings from Holland,.

  6. Shlack says:

    Great to see the larger scales. Fred and Dick are truly “G Whizzers” or should
    that be “G Wizards”? The “Buster” movie was spectacular. Hard to believe
    all that action (and great scenery and people and animals) took place in a
    4′ by 8″ layout.
    Thanks to all,

  7. Vic Heffren says:

    Beautiful job—make’s mine look sick—thanks for sharing VIC

  8. Jack Zahniser says:

    Nice recovery Al . show all the G scale you want. ON30 also. Regards from Socal Jack

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