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Cameron’s been in touch again. If you missed his last missive, it’s here.

“Dear Al,

Another instalment.

The next building in the Lanarth line up is the signal box. Unlike the goods shed there were no plans available for this building on line so I
needed to work up the plans based on photos from the site.

I wanted to show a bit of detail inside the signal box so spent some time scratch building the furniture that would be typical for this type of signal box.

For the windows I first tried plastic mullions but these were too thick. In the end I used clear acetate sheet with the window mullions painted on using a bow pen. This turned out to be quite quick and very effective for a building that has a lot of glazing and mullions.

The progress and final photos are attached.



And now, more from Eric:






“My project 16/17 is now starting to take shape but a long long way still to go. I am attempting to do a countryside layout this time instead of the normal town / village that I am used to doing, thought it was time to stretch the old brain a bit.

Used a lot of track all in circles that will centre round the lake that I hope to make into a camping / boating site.

Have again utilised the 1.5 turn helix in a new configuration with 2 levels of track coming off the top rather than 1.

Having to go back to plaster for most of the countryside base but have used foam on the right hand hill over the helix to enable easy access.

The plaster base over the tracks is in four removable pieces that at present are quite easily visible but will be camouflaged by the time I’m done (hopefully).

You will see the centre lake in the pictures a lot to do to it yet. But in the back left I have also added a small lake below the hill.

Hopefully this will all look like a remote moorland scene with the railway circling the lake ….. eventually.

The layout front portion are the sidings off the two main tracks, note the tracks also run at the rear of the sidings and a lot more of the track on show to my normal efforts.

I wish Alastair and all modellers everywhere seasons greetings and happy modelling for 2017

Eric (Leeds) UK”

A huge thanks to Cameron and Eric. Really enjoyed putting together today’s post.

I love seeing a layout coming to life from nothing – and both submissions today show how bit by bit, it all comes together.

That’s all this time folks. Please do keep ’em coming.

Beginner’s Guide is here if you’ve decided 2017 is going to be your year.




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23 Responses to More from Cameron

  1. ROBERT BOYCE says:

    al, pine bark nuggets make very realistic rock formations on banks and mountains. i have used them on my n scale layout, they can be cut to fit together very nicely, keep the ideas and suggestions coming, really enjoy them.

  2. Ray says:

    Amazing layout! Wow! I am speechless.

  3. Andy Kelly says:

    I enjoy seeing all the layouts and tricks of the trade, but I like others am always wondering what scale the layouts are.
    I wish all stories would start out with, this ho or n scale etc..
    Thanks for all you do.
    Andy Kelly
    Northern Michigan USA

  4. Rod Mackay says:

    Lovely work guys, I particularly like the bit of Eric’s line where the up and down lines take a different level and alignment, several places on the real thing I can think of where than happens such as Saunderton and Souldrop, but you don’t often see it modelled, well done.

  5. Mike says:

    Wow just isn’t strong enough. I was gobsmacked to see the layout. It certainly is one of the best that I’ve seen for a layout that is not finished and boy I hope you are going to continue sending in updates.
    I’m hoping that this year I’ll be able to start on my layout and if turns out to be a quarter as good as yours, I’ll be happy.
    Keep up the great work.

    Mike – Australia

  6. Ron McCauley says:

    Very nice job. It would be nice if you included a diagram of the track plan.

  7. Appookta says:

    I, too, wish all posts would include scale at the beginning.

  8. David Hannan says:

    Really like the sidings! “N” Gauge layout? You have packed a lot into quite a compact space. Well done! Looking forward to updates. Very inspirational!

  9. Eric says:

    Hi guys this is Eric, Andy the layout is N gauge. Mike, am already getting the scenery put together including the lake and camping ground. Thanks Rod I kind of liked the idea of having two levels off the helix and it seems to have worked out quite well, but a lot more to come yet but getting the bits I want takes some time, to get anywhere near finished. Hopefully will update very soon to show the progression. I haven’t done a track plan it was drawn in my head 🙂

    Eric (Leeds) UK.

  10. Palmer Schatell says:

    Gentlemen: If you are planning to use a liquid plastic for your lake those liquid plastics have the habit of seeking the smallest opening .May I suggest that you line the lake bed with aluminum foil adhered with a spray adhesive. The foil should extend at least 1/2 inch above the lake level. Good luck and fantastic work. Palmer

  11. Hugh - PEI says:

    One word. SWEET

  12. NJ Mark says:

    Beautiful layout. I had a hard time working my track in 2D! Stunning! Cheers! NJ Mark

  13. Gerry says:

    I see that it is ‘N’ scale, but what size is the layout dimensionally?

  14. Eric says:

    To the person that posted at 4.51. The layout is nominally 7 feet by 5 feet but has the solid wall to go around and the hatch for access in the centre.
    Thank you for all your kind words they make it all worthwhile, I have to admit it is taking a lot longer than my normal village /town layouts but am greatly enjoying the scenics that are progressing well from the making of this video..

    Eric (Leeds) UK

  15. Cary says:

    Cameron, love your passion for details and scratch building. Your getting great results! If your like me, it’s fun working on each building knowing some day it will become part of a larger work. Thanks for sharing. Cary in Kentucky

  16. Patti says:

    Love it. So inspiring!
    Curdsville, Virginia

  17. tom in az says:

    Al, Could you PLEASE as everyone to include there scale!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I personally would like more details like what track are you using. I know a lot of us are just learning and all these great hall of fame people are really good but how about more nuts and bolts of these great layouts? I see a lot of great ideas but sometimes don`t understand the pic`s. Thanks from Tom in AZ

  18. Jeffrey says:

    Well that was incredibly informative and and maybe the push i needed to put away the RC stuff and finally model a railroad thanks for a great look at yours it was enlightening

  19. Robert Pagano says:

    Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for all of the inspiration you give to all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Austin Wilson says:

    Love the video Eric. I started the NewYear off with scrapping my four foot by sixteen foot rail yard and started over from scratch. It is a work in progress now. I like your rail yard. Very nice signal bridge Cameron. Very well done to both of you. Love rail roading in HO Scale in Eastern Canada.

  21. BullfrogEH, in Ontario says:

    A fantastic layout. I really enjoyed the idea of double tracking the helix(s). It was quite fascinating to guess where the trains actually went, and reappeared again. Congrats to one of the very best I’ve seen. – – dave in ont.

  22. Cameron says:

    Apologies for not stating the scale with my post. The layout is 00 scale (1:76) and is 300mm x 1200mm. Track is Peco HO Code 100 although more of that in future posts.

  23. Bruce Young says:

    Eric, awesome correct me , did it start out as a double dog bone stretched flipped bent and messaged? Lol

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