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Hall of Fame member, Dangerous Dave has followed up his last video with this one, showing all the lights working with his connectors.

If you couldn’t find the connectors on ebay, they are here.

A big thanks (again!) to Dangerous Dave.

That’s all this time folks. Please do keep ’em coming.



PS Beginners Guide is here, if Dave’s inspired you to get going.

19 Responses to More from Dave

  1. Ol' Puffer says:

    Another great video Dave.
    Keep wearing the tinfoil hat…….you never know!



  3. Mike says:

    Once again a awesome layout !!! Great job and thanks for sharing.

  4. George Ross says:

    I really enjoy Dave. His Layouts and how he explains what he is doing.

  5. George Henderson says:

    Great one Dave, I thought you’d have had the gingerbread man at the disco. Lol
    I noticed that people were having problems getting the connector boards on eBay well I’m in that category. What I had to do was change my account settings to include sellers from the EU, ( I had it set for uk only ) then search for the buyers name which is HERBYFIX. then go to his items for sale and youll find it in there with some other types of boards.
    i purchased 4 sets with the pins ect and i was a little bit sceptical about the p&p but when i went to the checkout i got a massive discount and i think the p&p only cost 2.70 stirling after the curancy change from euros. which was a steal, i hope this helps someone and good luck with them.

  6. Terry says:

    These lighting connectors look a great find. Can you see any reason why they should not be used to facilitate DC under board wiring? Can you give exact details of how to get hold of them, please?

  7. Rod Mackay says:

    I know you like a challenge Dave, how about this? Shunters on the ground at night give the following handsignals by lamp –

    Move towards me – side to side at chest height
    Move away – up and down
    Both the above being a white light, or green for slowly
    Stop – red lamp held steady
    Create brake vacuum (or pressure) – red lamp up and down
    Destroy brake – red lamp side to side.

    And, of course, he’s got to be standing where he can be seen by the driver! Something for you to think over during ‘Strictly come dancing’!

    Rod 🙂

  8. Dave Fairfull says:

    Thanks Dave Keep them coming!

  9. John Bennett says:

    Keeprup the good work Dave. You make your layout look so realistic. I hope mine is half as good, if it ever gets finished.

    All the best John. (Wrexham).

  10. Martin Wood says:

    The wires onto the connector look a mess in my mind.. Copper strip is a much neater way of connecting lighting around the layout in my mind.
    But Dave’s layout is amazing as well as his video’s.

  11. david howarth says:

    Al has left the lead to the seller on e bay its at the top of the newsletter …I have had no problem buying these , and they work very well , carnt see any reason why carnt be used with DC ….Dangerous Dave

  12. Ian Mc Donald says:

    great video very good lighting block.

  13. Pete Evangel says:

    Greetings from across the pond Dave. Absolutely love the lights and the connector board. Question though. Is the board wired directly to a power supply or is it wired to an accessory buss? I like the lights at the disco, You must have two separate units there, since the lights flash differently.

    Pete-Sunny Calif.

  14. Max Dosser says:

    Well done Dave. I miss a bit from not having sound. Computer not cooperating. Pleased to see Gingerbread man pop up again and the entertainment at the end of the video had me and the wife laughing.
    Seiously though, the work you have put into this is mind boggling. Keep it going.
    Max Dosser
    Ferntree Gully Australia

  15. david howarth says:

    Pete California ..I wired to the board direct from a 12 v. supply transformer , and yes there were 2 units for the flashing lights …Dangerous Dave

  16. Roland - Breezey South Coast says:

    You have done a good job Dave., the effects are excellent…………….now off to E-Bay!!

  17. Brian Liddicoat says:

    Now, that was fun!!!!

  18. Mike says:

    Hi there Dave,
    Fantastic job as usual. Enjoy the video’s very much, so much that I’m going to try and get all your clips from U tube and save them in their order.
    Mate I wish you were over here and somewhere nearby so I could get some help from you.
    Keep up the great work,

    Mike (South Australia)

  19. john andrew says:

    no better loved it all john A

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