Ray shares his layout update

Ray’s a man of few words – but I thought his layout has such promise it’s easily worth posting:

“Hi Al,

Here is a short video of my European (Holland/Germany) section of my layout. Still have stuff to do, but it has been fun working on it. Happy Holidays to all!


Latest ebay cheat sheet is here. Busy at the mo – some real bargains.

Next on to Brian, who has been busy beavering away (his last post is here):

“Hi Al.

Been working feverishly on the layout to get it in a viewable and all running state for friends and family that will be visiting for Christmas.

This layout is HO scale 3 foot narrow gauge – HOn3

Cheers for now





“good morning

i am sending you 4-pics each on 2 emails of my turntable and roundhouse for my ho

my track of choice was bachmann ez-track, but i already had an atlas turntable and 3-stall roundhouse which i just finished building.

i foubnd that by taking 3/4 inch sections of code 100 atlas track and mounting them to the turntable with screws, that the zz-track lined up perfectaly with the turntable.

Now i have the best of both worlds

keep the news coming, i really enjoy reading them






As you all know, I do love the updates. I am constantly fascinated how some small changes can absolutely transform a layout. I think Brian’s update is a good example of this.

A big thanks to Bill, Brian and Raymond.

That’s all this time folks, please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide, because doing, is a lot more fun than just watching.



11 Responses to Ray shares his layout update

  1. Cary B says:

    Love the video Raymond sent, really like the mountain scenes. Thanks for sharing.

    Cary B

  2. NJ Mark says:

    Raymond’s video was great. I love the scenery and the European structures. Just inspiring. Cheers! NJ Mark

  3. Cary says:

    Thanks for sharing, really like Ray’s mountain and Brian’s scratch built water tower, great detail! Most of all it’s great seeing so many enjoying the hobby. Cary KY

  4. Joe Wrigjt says:

    Thanks for posting Ray. Great sruff.

  5. Rick H (EV&KC Model Raidlroad Club) says:

    Raymond, absolutely stunning mountains, waterfall and lake. As a fellow “N”er I am stunned in how realistic they look.

  6. Must be a Redwood forest by the size of the trees.

  7. Billy says:

    Ray, did you ever visit a place in Helen,GA called Charlemagne’s Kingdom. The owner immigrated to the U S from Germany in 1938. HIs shop had a railroad (ho scale) layout depicting Germany from the North Sea to the Alps. He said he opened up his shop (also sold wooden toys made in Europe) because he needed to placer to display his collection. Some of what you show reminds me of his layout. Too bad Charlemagne’s Kingdom is now closed.

  8. Victor Heffern says:

    Beautiful job Thanks for sharing Vic

  9. Raymond Appenzeller says:

    That was very inspiring, the mountain, with the cable cars/lifts, mountain climbers and the lake effect at the base. Awesome concept and I like the houses and details. The windmill was a nice touch as well. Great job Ray! Thank you for sharing your awesome layout!

  10. Pete Evangel says:

    Love Rays mountain top set. If the figures climbing the side of the mountain are any indication, this is a rather large mountain!! Only have one wish. A brief narrative as you pan telling us what we’re looking at. I’m not familiar with that area. But I can see some great workmanship here.

  11. Rod Mackay says:

    Bet that water flowing straight off the mountain into the lake is absolutely freezing, I persuaded my wife to come whitewater rafting down the Flaz from Pontresina once, and she got so cold that two guys from the adventure centre had to lift her out of the boat (I was laughing too much to help) and I have never been allowed to forget this – If I express doubt about doing something, it’s “but I came rafting with YOU!”

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