You’re in!

Now there’s one more step to do:

Please enter the email address you want my mails to go to in the box below, then hit the ‘save’ button.

(It doesn’t matter if it’s your usual email address, or a new one.)


I usually mail on Sunday, Monday, and Friday, so look out for them.

Many thanks for supporting the site. I hope you get as much out of it as I do.



3 responses to “You’re in!”

  1. Tim Conley says:

    Al, I just authorized my $1.49 a month. Tim

  2. Chuck Leech says:

    Al: Thanks for continuing with the e-mails, $1.49 a month is preety reasonable, cheaper than Model Railroader, which I also subscribe to.

    Chuck Leech
    Fairfax Vermont

  3. david Mathieu says:

    Great idea Al. I’m in!!

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