Scenery made from paperclips…

“Hello Al.

How would it be to make everything in the attached photos for the price of a handful of paperclips? People not included. I kept detailed notes and photos on the construction of each model – SWINGS, ROUNDABOUT, SLIDE and the PARK itself – including the public convenience. But I’m unsure whether folks would be interested in so much info. Perhaps if you would like to post the photos they could write in and tell us.”

Let me know what you think.

Best wishes.


ps Note the goings on in the bushes – and the queue for the ‘Ladies’ – and the cause of it!”

Wow! Rodge has been hard at work. I thought they were superb.

Please do keep ’em coming!

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  1. It all looks good – detailed instructions would be appreciated!

  2. Rodge,
    Beautiful work. I strongly request that you take your notes and pictures of how you did the creation of the scene and create a small .PDF e-book. Then I urge you to please share it with us. I would be one of the first to request a copy and I am sure that others would be interested in getting a copy as well.

  3. grate work i like it.

  4. this is one of the most amazing scenes Seen i n Awhile- Great work on this – Love all the individual stories on the same setting – Really keep the interest . Excuse the spelling erors – I have my glasses being repaired and am typing with a magnifying glass- Just cannot miss any modeling info – Although I am as bliund as a bat without them.

  5. WOW! what an imagination. A lot of time and patience went into this. Keep up the good work.

  6. Like very much. Would like details.
    thankyou very much.


  7. Al, Rodger, this could possibly be termed a new art form, not Origami but Wiregami! Some sketches or progress photos would be helpfull, as would be a hint of how you joined the paper clips i.e. superglue, cold/hot solder etc?
    Great scratch built job!!!

  8. WOW! Fantastic! Clearly a tremendous amount of detail work was done. A remarkable achievement, indeed.

    Thanks for sharing this. I have never seen anything as good.


  9. These are fantastic ideas! I would love to see detailed instructions. You are a very clever fellow!

  10. Rodge,
    How do you make the steps on the slide look so natural? Everything is square.
    I seldom get things to line up evenly.
    Fantastic model!
    –Ben Z

  11. Good morning,
    Rodge has done a fantastic job on his childrens playground,

    Thank you, I have just started my layout and I would love to know how to construct the playground. Thank you to all who send ideas. Val

  12. Wow! There is no end to some peoples imagination and talent. Thanks for the ideas. Keep them coming.

  13. Nice park scenes.


  15. Incredible details. Yes you must let us in on the secret of how you do it and how long it takes!!

  16. Very ingenious

  17. wow fantastic.I agree on the amagination.

  18. Great imagination. Fantastic work. I would love to see directions for slippery slide and toilet block. Thanks for sharing with us.

  19. Very cute !
    I wish all postings we’re REQUIRED to have there scale included……

  20. Well done Rodge! I would also like to see details of how the diarama was made. A pdf would be good or a video. I’m sure Al would host it for downloading.
    Cheers, Mac …

  21. Great!! Are instructions available?

  22. I love your work, & you have a fantastic imagination. If this gets out, stores will have a shortage of paper clips in no time.
    I would also like a copy of your prints.

    Thanks Mike

  23. The picture are great, the detail amazing. I know that I certainly would want to add this to my layout, and the cost seems great as well

    thanks for sharing

  24. What is the scale?

  25. Roger, Al. I’ve read all these posts and must whole heartedly agree that the play ground scene creation is so good. As one reader posted, please do create a PDF with all the how do instructions. I expect just about all those who see the work will download the PDF. Thank you for all your great posts.
    Bruce in SC USA

  26. Hey …. I noticed the bushes !! Maybe a kiss, but no hanky-panky going on ,,,, not yet, anyway. We can leave that to our i imagination !

  27. Fantastic work!

  28. To all: scale please! And camera used would be interesting to know. Thanks great work.

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