“Hi Al

Firstly – congratulations on the book. Started reading it as soon as you sent it to me and could not stop until the last page. Again – well done – really covers a lot of everything.

I have saved it in my “IBooks” folders for future reference. When I start my new layout, it will be printed out in hard copy to lay on my workbench as an inspiration.

Unfortunately for me, my new layout will only begin construction later in the year as moving to a new house in another city means a lot of work around the house to get it in shape for our retirement. (My wife (bless her) says that the train room is the least important thing on the list)

Fortunately I have sections of my old layout that survived the 500km trip that will greatly speed up the re-construction of the new but smaller one.

Again I say “hats off to you” for a fantastic book.

Keep up the fantastic work from a 64 year old retired hobby shop owner.

All the best


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