Model railroad printable buildings

Here’s a silly offer for you: 4 printable buildings for just $19.97.

They are all made from print outs.

You just download them and stick them together.

The houses are great fun to build – and look great too:

yellow house printable buildings

blue printable builings house

green printable building house

And once you have downloaded them, you can make as many as you want.

Here’s John making some of the houses. He’s quite a character:

There are no instructions with the prints – but as John shows, anyone can do them.

All the designs can be resized to the scale you are working in:

HO scale is 100% – you don’t need to do anything. Just print it out and get busy.

N scale – reduce the print size by 50%

O scale – increase the print size by 143%

Click here to buy the 4 house bundle deal

Still not sure? Don’t forget my no quibble 60 day money back guarantee.

If you’re not entirely delighted with this house bundle deal, let me know and I’ll refund you in full. No questions asked, it’s as simple as that.

It’s very easy to ‘kit bash’ the print outs too – they are pretty much limited by your imagination.

24 responses to “Model railroad printable buildings”

  1. Love your how to. I,m going to try one of your buildings . The barn, oh, and the small shed,s . They will go great on my layout. How fun they will be to build.Thank,s so much for ever thing .

  2. Doug Leever says:

    Wow these are fantastic great idea .

  3. Louis Spencer says:

    Used to be able to buy these at my local hobby shop, not ant more!

  4. John Reynolds says:

    I love Al’s printable buildings…
    John’s videos are a delight…
    Cannot recommend both enough!

  5. I would like to check it out… Looks great… Looks fun… Looks easy.

  6. Phil Knauf says:

    Looking for a printable 0 scale dairy barn set on a stone foundation with a barn hill.

  7. Fred Sutton says:

    I have enjoyed your email postings for a long time. Regarding your printable buildings: what enlargement factor would be correct for G scale?

  8. John Anderson says:

    Gauge conversion is pretty easy. HO is 1:87th scale and 1:1 printed
    So you simply take 87 and divide it by the desired gauge.
    N=1:160, TT=1:120, S=1:64, O=1:48, G=1:32 alt. (1:29)
    To convert to G gauge: HO/ G
    87 / 32 = 2.72
    Just increase the document size by 272%

  9. Robert Schmidt says:

    What is the required increase for S gauge?

  10. Michael Miller says:

    Great product !!

  11. David Parrish says:

    Enjoyed your web-site…

  12. Mike Welsh says:

    I am an architect drawing apartments and houses for builders and homeowners.
    An idea would be to expand your printing for Architects or builders to make models of a project in the construction field not just model railroad stuff. I think this might be a additional service you could provide. I draw in sketchup and autocad for my customers. Just a concept idea, maybe or maybe not….Mike

  13. This sounds like the idea to fill my town and country with buildings and other things.

  14. Dennis says:

    To do it right, you need a color printer, right ?

  15. Bonnie says:

    I LOVE your buildings! I need to enlarge everything to O scale, and you instruct to increase print by 143%. Does this increase diminish the quality of the photo at all? I do have a nice color printer. Thank you!

  16. Lewis Brumberg Jr. says:

    Very impressed with the print outs .Also the video was well done and ver informative.Congrats

  17. Don Lukenbill says:

    I love Johns videos, he is such a delightful character. He makes his videos informative and very fun to watch. I am just now starting to incorporate his ideas into my layout. I am not an artist by any means but he makes me feel like one with his little tips and tricks, ideas that would never come to me without his excellent tutelage. I am very grateful for all his wisdom, you couldn’t have picked a better promoter for your print outs.

  18. Gary Bonam says:

    love this guy’s approach! He looks like he would be a riot to hang out with. What kind of wine is he drinking? I’m a beer guy myself, but if it helps I might try the wine route!!! I bought the whole library of buildings, waiting for printer ink so I get started.. Is John or has he already done the making roof’s video? I would sure like to see it.

  19. Joe says:

    Excellent , enjoy watching your videos . Great information

  20. Stephen D Gispanski says:

    Great idea John, unfortunately I have had power going youth here and there that over time my printer did not want to work anymore. Time to shop for a new one, I like everything thaat John has, glue the wood to the paper, bolsawood, good stuff.

  21. Darlene Bissonnette says:

    Whoever thought paper and other simple materials would turn out so well? I love this!! These have much more realism than the plastic kits I’ve purchased in the past! John’s instruction is entertaining as well as very informative and interesting. I’d enjoy viewing more of his videos! Great stuff!

  22. John Marshall says:

    I’m looking forward to doing my first printed building. Likes John’s video, but there was no link to the instructions for the more detailed buildings.

  23. Rex Welker says:

    I need some mining buildings and stuff!

  24. terry Slack says:

    Do you sell O gauge buildings? If so where can I go to see them?

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