Old Taz

“Big Hello to all Alastair’s followers.

Alastair, it is an honor and a privilege to be in your Hall of Fame. You have no idea how much and how many people you have helped and kept in the hobby of Railroading. My hat is off to you for having taken the time and the energy to keep this website going.

My name is Richard Stern I go by Old Taz. I was born in the latter part of 1943. You do the math because I don’t want to. My loving wife was a school teacher now retired and has helped me be the person that I am.

I myself graduated with honors from the school of Hard Knocks. And I’ve been in management most of my life.

My first model was an all-wood Sabre jet, I remember I didn’t think I was ever going to be done with the sanding. For some reason it got painted the same color as our house.

My first train came from chocolate milk mix box tops. You know, 4 box tops and $1, you got a car. Boy did I drink a lot of chocolate milk. I’ve built plastic car kits, you control airplanes, radio-controlled airplanes and cars, slot cars most of which were changed to meet my specifications. I like to make things mine.

I also restored several cars and pickups for myself and others as a hobby. Had to give that up because of my health, and sell all but one.

I started to collect N gauge trains in the 60s as I worked as a manager of a hobby shop. these were kept in storage for many years. Then I met little R (personal joke). then they came out of storage and the rest is more history than you can understand.

I wish he would quit saying wouldn’t it be neat if we did this because then I want to try it. Just to see if I can make it work, He’s the best friend that anyone could ever have!

Big R (Old Taz)”

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Old Taz’s posts are always a delight to read – I love the fun he has with them, and the layouts.

But perhaps best of all, is you can see the fun he has with Little Rich, when it comes to all things trains. And that perhaps is one of the things that makes this hobby so much more than making models and laying tracks…