Richard C

Dick has been a huge contributor to the site over the years:

“My two lifelong hobbies, playing steel guitar, and playing with trains.

When Dad came home from the 2nd WW, my first question was did you bring me a train? I was about 4 years old then.

In 1947 at age 6 I began taking lessons on Hawaiian Lap Steel guitar. Upon entering College I was told I would go very far because of the ultra high test scores, a prophecy that came true, at around 39 years of age I became a commercial road coach operator and traveled all over the United States (hahahaha).

Over the years my two main careers were operating road coaches and managing grocery/retail stores. Also experienced a multitude of other types of work and jobs.

For those who are looking into this fantastic hobby of model railroading, please do yourself a favor right now and join this site, buy the Beginner’s Guide and the papercraft buildings. Both are wonderful bargains.

Over the years I have built an extremely large library of railroad and model railroad magazines, one of the largest in our area probably, and a wonderful wealth of information. If I tried to condense all of this down to something manageable, informative, concise, and well laid out, I would hope for the results to match this Beginner’s Guide. For a mere cost of a meal, the beginners guide will put you onto the right track. … Quoting from the guide, “The best layouts tell a story. That’s what makes your guests gasp in astonishment.” Develop a story and a purpose for your layout, and you will have a huge head start with your miniature railroad world.


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