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arnie_200“Hi to all of Al’s readers. I’m Arnie and I live on Staten Island in New York City. I’m a clinical psychologist in private practice. But being semi-retired in my late sixties (though I’ve been told I don’t look my age) has given me the opportunity and time to entertain my hobbies.

I enjoy cycling for fun and exercise, but model rairoading has been a prime hobby since my days as a pre-adolescent. I also devote much time to photography, videography (much to do with my modeling), and music (singing and recording). And last, but not least, much time is spent with my family: my wife Lina, my two sons and their families, including 2 pre-school aged grandsons, and, at this time, a 3rd grandchild ( a girl!) on the way.”

Arnie’s stuff really is breathtaking.

And I felt very priviliged when you was kind enough to go through the Model Railroading for Beginners guide (in fact, at the time of writing he’s the biggest contributor).

I really got an insight in to how he crafts such beautiful layouts – take a look and you’ll see what I mean:

Arnie’s amazing railroad layout

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Arnie’s layout video

Another stunning video from Arnie

More from the talented Arnie

Arnie’s night time pics

Arnie’s track plan and pics

Another stunning video from Arnie

And another stunner

And another one. Stunning.

Arnie’s latest video

How Arnie makes his scenery