More more from the talanted Arnie

If you missed Arnie’s railroad layout last time – have a look here (you really don’t want to pass on it).

I lost count of the emails I got asking for a video of it, but totally unprompted Arnie has sent one in.

There seems no end to his talent.

“Hi Al,

I got to see your publication of my recent submission to you of photos on my N scale Susquehanna Valley & Gulf Summit Railway.

Thank you so much for your praise. As you noted, I got many great responses from some of your other subscribers. As a further thank you and appreciation to the many model railroading enthusiasts on your ‘forum’, I just put together a short video you might like.

It shows my version of the 1950’s era famous New York Central passenger train and a long Susquehanna freight train passing through my Susquehanna Station during an early evening on a summer night. I hope you and your many subscribers will enjoy it.



Latest ‘ebay cheat sheet here’.

Just amazing stuff. A huge thank you to Arnie.



PS Let us know what you think below.

22 Responses to More more from the talanted Arnie

  1. Nice one Arnie

  2. Paul Johnston (Ireland) says:

    Fantastic, just great, but I got no sound !

  3. Ralph says:

    Really great Arnie,
    I got the sound OK but not sure what I was hearing, sounds like fire alarm or something.

  4. Anthony says:

    Arnie, excellent work, wish I had the time and ability to accomplish this quality of modeling. Short clip but enjoyable.

  5. Jerry Harmon says:

    whats with the cricket sounds , it sounds as if there as big as the diesel engine

  6. I found Arnie’s layout in a magazine I have, and I have to say, Arnie has done it more than justice. A very superb job Sir. I can not put into words how very impressed I am with this layout. Super craftsmanship.

  7. JIM FITE says:


  8. Tom Howes says:

    Nice layout! I love long trains! Thanks for letting me count every car! Too many people pull the camera away after the locomotive goes by. And too many people run short trains. I like a minimum of 10 per loco. Nice video!

  9. Jim Harding says:

    I am originally from Upstate New York and remember the 20th Century Limited taking the train with family from Utica to NYC to see the Yankees play in the 50s. Thanks for the memory, Arnie

  10. Ian Coupar says:

    Fantastic Arnie

  11. Michael Wagner says:

    Very nice layout. On the burning building, how is he showing the water from the fire hoses?

  12. Arnie Steiner says:

    Al — A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU! Your prompt and most courteous endorsement of my work is truly appreciated.

    Again, I must say, I am overwhelmed with all the positive feedback I’ve gotten from so many subscribers to the website.

    This is what truly makes the hobby rewarding… To see others getting as much enjoyment as I do from the hobby.

    I especially wish to thank Jim H. (formerly of Utica NY) for his commentary. I was tickled by the fact that he actually got to ride on the New York Central’s “20th Century Limited.” It gives an absolute reality to the what otherwise is ‘just’ a model of something that really existed in the lives of people.

    Al, if your readers/subscribers continue wishing to see other samples of my layout videos and your willing to oblige them, I would be honored to forward such.

    Continued Best Wishes

  13. PETER BENSON says:

    what a GREAT layout arnie well done

  14. patrick says:


  15. duncan says:

    I endorse all the compliments above. Long trains for main lines if you have the space, otherwise invent a history for a branch line.
    Excellent modelling, thanks Arnie. D/

  16. James Lydon says:

    Very Impressive!! You did a great job, Arnie!!!

  17. Barry says:

    excellent videos thank you

  18. paul Otway says:

    Very interesting I like your trains.

  19. James says:

    Thank you Al and Arnie for sharing this great video. I have the similar layout by atlas and would like to revise the third level. I was wondering if anyone would be nice enough to post a copy of the track plan for Arnie’s layout with some more aerial pictures of his layout.

  20. Reinaldo Sonera says:

    Excelente trabajo. Me gusto mucho.Gracias por darlo a conocer.

  21. Helmut Eppich says:

    Nice job! Great layout! Love those details.

  22. Ed Martin says:

    I think the sounds are crickets chirping at night

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