N scale trains – Arnie’s

Arnie’s been in touch with his stunning N scale trains. What a layout.

Not only is he a fantastic modeller – he’s in to photography too. And it shows. Lots.

Hope you enjoy these ones as much as I did.

“Hi Al,

I’m a relatively recent subscriber to your website. I’m very impressed with both the extent of information being provided by contributors and the no doubt hard work and countless hours you personally have put into making this project and website successful. I have recently been quite impressed with the work and layouts constructed by both new and experienced model railroading hobbiests.

I live in New York and have been an N scale trains model railroader for many years. I love the pictures folks have submitted of their layouts giving photographic reality to their creations. My layout was constructed about 10 years ago after about 2 years of work on it. Though I continually make small changes at this time (such as landscaping and other scenic details), it is otherwise complete.

Besides running my N scale trains, I love photography and have spent much time taking both photos and videos of my layout. It is 8 feet by 5 feet with operation on two levels and much scenic detail. It has both lighting and sound effects. I am sending a few pictures of a general view of the layout and of some specific scenes taken using photographic backdrops when needed to enhance the realism I seek when taking photos. I hope you enjoy it.

By the way, my layout was featured in N Scale trains Railroading (May-June 2007 issue) as well as having individual photos published annually in the Walthers N&Z Reference Catalog over the past few years in the section on The Magic of Model Railroading. I hope you enjoy these photos (in low resolution version).

Keep up the great work you’ve been doing through your website. It’s an invaluable contribution to all of us model railroading hobbiests.


n scale trains layout

N scale trains steam

N scale steam train.

model railroad waterfall

N scale trains fire truck

model railroad river

N scale trains:

N scale trains freight

N scale trains steam

N scale trains steam.

model railroad Viaduct

model train factory

N scale trains station night

N scale fire house

N scale trains layout overview

N scale trains layout overview

model train control panel

model railroad river viaduct

A big thank you to Arnie for sharing his N scale trains: an amazing layout and amazing pics.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More N scale layouts here if that’s your thing.

56 Responses to N scale trains – Arnie’s

  1. Dave says:

    Awesome job, very inspiring 🙂

  2. gavin watt says:

    amazing layout, where can i get that building thats on fire from ??

  3. A great layout you have there Arnie

  4. joe porter says:

    What a fantastic layout Armie Thank you for sharing

  5. John Fuller says:

    Amazing talent. Obviously hundreds of hours of finely detailed work. It is too bad that there is not a big market for this craftsmanship because those of you that have it would be rich people. I watch in awe at most of the work shown on this site.

  6. Stemar, (Downunder) says:

    WOW!! What a gread looking layout, I for one am glad you chose to share it with all us on Allens list, Thank You!!

  7. Peter Jones says:

    Fantastic layout Arnie, everything about it is brilliant, love the water effect. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. d to foot in pinch marks
    All the said marks are from where I had to keep pinching my self that this was a MODEL and not he real railroad
    Hearty Congrats to Arnie
    Would love to see the actual trackplan c/w dimensions
    Wherever did Arnie get the inspiration from Nothing shortof BRILLIANT

  9. Simon Drake says:

    Stunning layout Arnie,10 out of 10!

  10. Dennis Franklin says:

    That looks absolutely marvellous, like to know what size it is.
    Meanwhile, anyone know a good site where I could take up knitting ?


  11. Dennis Franklin says:

    Sorry, Arnie – didn’t read your post properly – of course, it’s 8ft x 5ft


  12. Tom says:

    I had a very hard time pulling myself away from these pictures and the video.
    As I liked them all: the fire scene was a particular favorite as was the fire house in the background with the fire equipment in another photo. My career was in Fire/EMS Dispatch as a 911 Shift Spervisor. Was a Volunteer Firefighter/Medic: this is my 50th year associated with emergency services.
    Retired in 1997 after 31 years of service. Now an Associate member of my home town VFD.

    Arnie … my helmet off to you! N scale is not easy to work with … I know I am building an N scale lyout 3′ X 6′ Arnie: your photos are great … the detail in your raillroad is superb.

    Featured in N Scale Model Railroad and Walthers NZ catalogs must make you extremely proud of your photography and your awsome model raillroad … congratulations.

    I am going to find and purchase the N scale (2007) magazine so I can read the article and look at the pictures.

    Arnie, Keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing with us through Al’s webpage.

    Thank you Al for this opportunity to share in others sucess with model railroading. This site is worthwhile for any model railroader: novis or professional. A job well done!

    Dave thanks for videos … always great.

    keep on training,

    Tom N

  13. Glenn says:

    Arnie, let’s see some video from your layout. It’s awesome!

  14. Gary Lynn says:

    I am like Gordon. That is one impressive layout. I to would love to see the
    trackplan. I am just about to start an HO and would love to copy this track plan.

  15. Mark Allen says:

    Stunning!, Great work Arnie!

  16. Neil Roth says:

    A pleasant way to wake up.A view of the past as real as it gets.Spent an hour looking over inches of detail. we need a museum of layouts like this not a huge running layout ala Germany.These are truly workas of art. Appreciate the great work.
    Thank You

  17. Paco Gayon says:

    Am more than impressed!, am jealous. It is a dream come true. Congratulations.
    Paco Gayon

  18. Matthew says:

    What an awesome layout and perfect timing as I am helping my 10YO son plan and layout an N-Scale track on a 4×8 space. Anyone recommend the best place / website to buy Kato N-Scale tracks? Looking forward to hearing back!

  19. builder Kim says:

    wow thats a super layout.sure hope mine looks a third of this i be happy.Fantastic photos.As well i keep looking at the photos.thanks lots Arnie

  20. Arnie Steiner says:

    My hat’s off to Dave for his stunning layout video. He’s captured so much fine detail and operational excellence. Love your capture of the scenic views that so richly endow the UK.

    And my many thanks to all who responded to my submission of pics of my N scale Susquehanna Valley & Gulf Summit Railway. I am humbled by the gracious positive feedback.

    In response to Gavin’s question, the burning building is by Model Power. It’s a 6 story bldg of which I only used 4 stories.

    By the way, to those who may be interested, I have more than a dozen videos on different trains that I videoed on my layout that are posted on Youtube. Just type in privprac48 in the youtube search box.

    Again, thanks to all of you for your kind words and a hearty congratulations to Al for making possible this forum for all us model railroading enthusiasts.

  21. Br john says:

    Arnie, you n scale is not modeling at all. It is pure art. thanks.

  22. Ron says:

    Looking at these photo’s is one of those things you don’t get tired off quickly. Simply amazing and an inspiration to us all.

  23. John Meehan says:

    Another wonderful layout. Very inspirational. I would be grateful to see some benchwork photos for various layouts to help me get going. The benchwork is intimidating me. I know if I can get over that, I’ll be well on my way!

    Great site!

  24. Maverick405 says:


  25. chris says:

    Amazing layout, love the water features and the building on fire

  26. Lee Clark says:

    Wow!!!!! What fantastic detail. I am just starting out and this certainly raises the bar.
    Well done mate!

  27. These two definitely got added to my list of favorite model railways!

    Arnie – thanks for sharing. I love the distinct upper and lower levels in your layout, the awesome viaduct and the light effects. You mentioned that you have sound in your layout, but I looking at the control panel it looks like a DC layout. Can you please tell me how have you added sound to your layout – is it MRC Tech 6, or external sound system installed under the layout?

    Dave – A fantastic model you have there – love the sound and light effects. And I just love that bridge! 🙂

  28. TOM says:


  29. Alan says:

    Superb layout. Really impressed with the backdrops. Finest I have seen in a very long time. Where did they come from?

  30. Peter Trick says:

    Thanks for sharing such a brilliant layout Dave, but it’s not right!! I need to get back in the railroom and do some more work!! well done

  31. you did a great job on your layout. I see nothing but greatness about you layout.

  32. paul Otway says:

    A beautiful layout.

  33. Jerry Bradshaw says:

    I don’t comment on many layouts but this is a great layout. Very detailed.
    Thanks for sharing.

  34. PETER BENSON says:


  35. PETER BENSON says:


  36. john brooks says:

    arnie i never seen a better layout it is fantastic,i would love to know how you got your smoke made it looks so real,you haved to send me some tips mate and what is the size ov your board,great fantastic hope to hear from you.

  37. Art Bocek says:

    Awesome Arnie! You would mind describing your benwork? How much is form? Woodland senic risers? Just curious . I have decisions to make shortly.


  38. Randolph scott says:

    Fantastic Layout
    Gave me a great idea for the same large bridge that I have.


  39. Gonzalo says:

    I love watching everybody’s layouts. I recently started with my new to me/ my MARX, 4340 scale Electric train set. I’m 62′ and all my life I always wanted a train set of my own. Well with all the kids grown up and gone. It’s my time, now. I’m building my train sets inventory, and buying lots of extra’s. Including lots of turns, straights, light towers, cars, trucks, etc. After I get enough items, I want to start my layout. I love watching all of the layouts, that you put online, for people to view. Thanks for sharing. Today I received 2 more cars, and my crane car. It’s awesome. Maybe I can make my dream come true, and actually have several trains to run on my layout, one day. Again thanks for sharing.
    Thanks: gonzalo.

  40. David McElhiney says:

    I have been looking for the layout guide to build this layout. Would you help me out?

  41. SANKARAN P S says:

    Dear Deve

    Thanks for sharing the videos. Fantastic lay out and no words to express the great work. I am a beginner and I am really astonished to see this layout and the efforts taken to bring out the reality. Thanks once again

    Sankaran PS
    Sep 13, 2015

  42. al says:

    very nice

  43. william thom says:

    is it n scale

  44. stewart scott says:

    Just wondering how everyone cleans their layouts from dust?

  45. Bill Waymire says:

    Keep up the good work, Arnie. I enjoyed your layout and your video. I am just starting and I am in the process of observing everything HO. Loved the arches that support your elevated your track. I may try todo that. Thanks for your ideas.

  46. Lindsay McIsaac says:

    I don’t think I have seen a better river ANYWHERE, thanks arnie.
    Lindsay in New Zealand

  47. Rick Singleton says:

    Awesome!! I live in Longview Texas. I’m a beginner’s beginner. Starting my first
    layout. I have built several buildings and structures and have a plan in my mind as to how this is going to turn out..? I would like to know how you made the water for
    your river. I gotta try that.

  48. Michael Dyer says:

    Thanks for sharing that unbelievable layout!

  49. I, truthfully, desire with every fiber within myself, to become as good as Allen at the artful expression represented in his Model Railroad. As an ordained (by Howard W. Hunter) Seventy I started down my self-chosen path for my life’s work – hoping to, indeed, grow to be a Model Railroader of some distinction.

    We (my dear wife and I) have been blessed greatly to have known (and purchased items from) great friends and role models like Peter Attona, Chris Alllen, Gordon Wilson and WARD KIMBALL. Lots of Past-Presidents of TCA National who have provided great examples of service to others, and to own an item or two that at one time were owned by these great Model Railroad has truly enabled us to have their excellence displayed on our humble model railroad which is now under construction! This site shows excellence in modelling and is a wonderful service to help everyone become successful in building a layout of strong presentations of of the model railroad art.

    Thank you for this great service to those of us finally building that “dream” layout. I will be 80 soon, so there is a great urgency about getting it done and done right!

  50. Bob Leiby says:

    Outstanding layout and very detailed. Question: how do you manage to keep the track clean in the center and in the tunnels?


  51. James West says:

    I all looks great, but in the fire picture how did they get the hoses into the seconds floor, there is no ladder?
    But it’s a great layout. lots of work I’m sure.

  52. Bevan Spence says:

    Very nice set up & well set out.

  53. This one goes to the top of all I have ever viewed in the last 4 decades. Plans now to fully retire the end of October this year, uncover my layout that has been onhold for the last 5 decades.

  54. wayne watts says:

    I would say that I need to put my A+ hat on if I am even going to let myself think I could do as good in my craftsmanship as you have. come to think of it I don’t have that many years left. I think I will do the best I can, and enjoy it while I can. All I can say is MY GOD YOU ARE GOOD. Thank you for letting us see your work.

  55. MrFixit says:

    Man….yall all lying!

    This dude did not build this “scale town model” and yall know it!

    You’re just trying to hide the truth that he REALLY invented a magic shrinking machine and just shrunk down a real town with all the buildings & vehicles & people in it!
    But I’m on to you!
    Im too smart to fall for that “its a scale model he built” trick!

    …the one thing that still has me combefozzled though…. I realize he used that magic shrinking machine to shrink the town down, but how in the wild world of fruitloops does it keep that building burning all the time without burning up?
    And I know those firefighters have got to be tired of fighting that fire by now! What do they do, just keep working through never ending shift changes?
    How many daggum fire fighters yall got workin in that little town anyway?

  56. Would love to see the track plan for this layout.

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