Arnie’s night time pics

“Hi Al,

I continue to see and enjoy really nice layout work in the postings and some great tips that are both cost and outcome effective. Thanks for bringing them to us.

I have just completed part of a new LED lighting project I’ve undertaken on my N scale SV&GS Railway layout.

It addresses the issue of the valley side of the layout being too dark since there was no direct illumination there.

A prior video you posted on my nighttime operations on the SV&GS made that very apparent to me. So I decided to install LED illuminated lampposts along the park, train platform, roadways and cliffs near some waterfalls.

I also installed LED lighted autos I obtained and modified two buses I had by installing LEDs on the interior to illuminate the passenger areas.

Thus far, the effect has been very pleasing. I thought I would share with you and the readers a video and some photos I just put together. Hope you’ll consider posting them.

Thanks again — Arnie”

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Hope you enjoyed Arnie’s work as much as did.

Please do keep ’em coming.

That’s all for today folks.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



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105 Responses to Arnie’s night time pics

  1. Paco Gayon says:

    Night light pics. What a wonderful accomplishment. I’ts art, it’ beauty, i’ts ingenuity.

  2. Carl Adams says:

    Great workmanship. One of the best looking layouts I’ve seen. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Brings the layout to life all the lights

  4. MIKE,Seattle WA says:

    That looks VERY NICE Arnie

  5. Scott says:

    Great detail! Stunning layout, one of the best I’ve seen. Lose the music and add street noise…

  6. steve says:

    would like to see the entire layout and plans if possible. I am starting a new n scale layout and from what I see of yours there alot of what I am looking for

  7. Chris says:

    Wow! That’s fantastic! How did you light all those cars with headlights and taillights?

  8. Roy says:

    I’m very impressed, Thanks for sharing.

  9. D.Milburn says:

    That was one of the best train videos i have seen.Real detailed and if you didn’t know any better one may think it was a real town.Awesome work!!

  10. Jacob Lofgren says:


    WOW!!!! and it is in N-scale too!!!. You need to provide a how to video on the installation of so much lighting projects. The scenery and details look great as well. Good Job.

  11. Cord says:

    I love your layout, I loved The Electric Company when I was a kid and I love that there is a modern fire truck, a fire chief’s car from the 70s and a German police car all at the same fire! Keep up the awesome work and post more pics and videos soon!

  12. florin says:

    You are the best !

  13. Glen Krause says:

    very impressive night lighting effects; especially at N scale. Great balance between street lighting and building windows.

  14. Bill Antonette says:

    The whole layout is fantastic. About the best I’ve seen. Your attention to detail is very good except for one thing; please PLEASE put an Alaska Railroad engine on the front of that McKinley train. That will do wonders for the accuracy of your layout.

  15. Glenn Roach says:

    The lighting looks good Arnie. In some of pictures it looks like the vehicles are riding their foot on the brake pedal all the time but it must be how the camera picked it out. A filter to cut down on the dazzle affect would show that some vehicle lights are that bright all the time. Or it is just me. Keep up the great looking layout shots for us not able to be there yet.

  16. paul Otway says:

    Looks very nice, Iuse a 6 volt heavy duty to power my lights.

  17. 'nother grandpa says:

    Not much more to say than above, but I concur with the WOW! Very nice.

  18. Yes, I agree. This is a great layout. I also would like to hear more about your lighting techniques as well as a layout plan if possible. I am having a problem finding late model N scale vehicles. Where do you get yours?

    Awesome !!!

  19. Jim says:

    Absolutely fantastic layout! Love the lighting. Gives me inspiration!!!!

  20. i just broke my left wrist, which is giving me adaquate time to read and observe your wonderful night version of model trains with a 5 star rating.

    your videos are the best i’ve seen, hopefully by the time my wrist is usuable
    again, i hope to follow your clever manuervers in constructing accectable
    projects. this has inspired me to develope a sincere hopeful future.

    you have help me more than you’ll ever know,
    thanks a million,

    capt geno, usaf retired

  21. Deano says:

    Arnie: Excellent craftsmanship and detailing. Considering the age of the layout design, you’ve done wonders in modernizing it. All the lighting is icing on one hellava cake. Have you given any thought to lighting that beautiful fountain at the park entrance? You be amazed at how the acrylics used for the water would pickup and accent a couple colored or even color changing LEDs and really make your park entrance pop!

  22. Bob Mackey says:

    A great series of photos that really bring alive your layout. I just love the little cameo scenes like the taxi driver having time out.
    I think I would like to “visit” that town. Congratulations.

  23. Peter Evangel says:

    Fantastic. Loved the lighted cars and bus. However, (this is a big however). How in the world did you do it??? I am truly impressed with this and want to duplicate it on my fathers table.

  24. Randolph scott says:

    Love it mate,
    can i ask you what did you use for the watwer effect.


  25. John Bonson says:

    Nice work! One of these days, I’ll get that far. Hopefully, I’ll update the website this weekend with the beginnings of the Iseline shops (1950’s) in Jackson.

  26. Ronald Jones says:

    Arnie Great photos and excellent layout would love to see plan of layout as I want to modify my own, the only thing missing is passenger coach lighting this would complete it all and it is very simple to achieve.Ronald jones

  27. jim says:

    Absolutely beautiful layout gets my blood moving and my heart a jumping. Lol great work i cant wait to get started on my ho scale now. Thanks for the pics.

  28. Ken Goldenberg says:

    Wonderful layout! Hard to believe this is N scale!!!! The detail is incredible and so lifelike. Lighting is magical. I would love to see a few overall photos of the layout in full light to get an idea how large it actually is and get a better perspective of scale. Nice!

  29. Cameron says:

    Fantastic detail and a great video. That would have been a significant amount of wiring work but well worth the effort. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Cameron

  30. ExcellenJimmy says:


  31. Arnie you layout is awesome. Could you please tell where I could find the sign you have on your layout, the Electric Company sign that’s blinking?
    Thank you.


  32. Ray, USA says:

    Arnie, Thank you

  33. Patrick Richer says:

    Well Done! Exciting Representation-

  34. Jim says:

    Arnie, what an amazing layout. The backgound music sets the mood what a great addition.
    I especially enjoyed following all of the diaromas created on the layout, and with the lighting effects adds realism to the entire layout.
    Your talent in creating this is amazing
    Thank you for sharring this with everyone.
    It has given me inspiration for my new lay out under consideration.

  35. THOMAS says:


  36. Ralph says:

    Great use of lighting, great detail for N scale.

  37. Ian Mc Donald says:

    great lighting .i liked seeing 3 trains moving on your layout. that bridge has so much detail it must of taking a lot of time. thanksfor the video so good to be able to see it more the once.

  38. aLex says:

    Arnie I like the “CITY POWER” sign, very cool. Your night time effect is excellent! 🙂

  39. brian d says:

    mate WOW does not begin to cover it. bloody beautiful. please do a how to video on the lighting please

  40. John Murden says:

    That was fun

  41. Dennis says:

    Wow Arnie. Very impressive. Fantastic.

  42. El Paso Jeff says:

    (*&^$#$%$#!! MASTERPIECE!

  43. Francis says:

    Hey Art,

    Pics are good and effective use of LED’s, but you don’t need the music in the video……That ruined it all. If you want to make movies, move to Hollywood and make movies, we are here to support and enjoy each others accomplishments and layouts. So, drop the stupid shit.

  44. MIKE HOOPER says:

    All I can say is WOW!!! I can not imagine how many hours went into building this layout. Outstanding. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  45. james says:

    one word…… WOW!!!!!

  46. james says:

    Hey Art….. the music was fine…. it’s your video do it the way you want

  47. Monty Perth Australia says:

    Arnie, you have a great layout. Keep up the great work and yes it is your work do a Frank S and do it your way

  48. Ross Johnston says:

    What an impressive layout Arnie! I really was inspired by your scenery and lighting. How big is your layout and have you a track plan? Thanks for sharing . Cheers!

  49. Christine says:

    This is a very nice layout. Now this one looks real.

  50. Christine says:

    Now there’s a hell of a lot of work. It’s hard to believe hes got a girlfriend, what she must put up with.

  51. Chuck S says:

    I’ve been collecting N scale rolling stock and other bits for a number of years, with the intention of building a layout. I don’t think I could ever come close to Arnie’s beautiful modeling, but it is an inspiration to give it a try.

  52. jim morris says:

    great look, keep up the work.

  53. Stephan Brown says:

    Very well executed, except for one small detail. Look carefully, everything is TOO Clean. Bridge structures, all uniform color – not in the real world. Sidewalks,
    maybe when they are just poured. The streets, not a hint of rubber. Cars and vehicles – dent free? Not a piece of trash in sight…..
    [This is what I can see from the video/stills. – not finished?]

  54. colin says:

    brill N gage. im billding a N gage but come to a stop as I don’t no what I wont to do. I just have a past table as I don’t have much room. would like to no how to billd a over the top bit. on the spas I have. if eny one can help.

  55. Rod Mackay says:

    Wonderful lighting job, well done. But for the next project, those big electrics would look SO much more at home with some OHLE and their pans up! 🙂

  56. alan says:

    that is very nice you must have a lot of time in it

  57. Garry Keffert says:

    Arnie, Having seen many layouts during my lifetime at 77, yours is the absolute top.
    Thanks for sharing

  58. Danny Henderson says:

    Yes I enjoyed the pictures of the layout. But where is the video? I clicked on each picture and still never found the video. Nor did I even find a place in the story where I could click on it and it would take me to the video, just the ones for the e-bay and the building downloads.

  59. Doug T of Townsville Australia says:

    Great work for Arnies railroad – how enjoyable to set that up and work it – go Arnie and like Frank S – do it your way it is tops

  60. Any quality modeler can do day time layouts but it takes a real pro to do a night scene with such realism and such awesome lighting. J.

  61. Chet Karlewicz says:

    One of the best lighting night scenes I’ve seen, great job!

  62. Perry says:

    Great layout. The last seen shows a buss and a truck without head lights. You need to fix that. No way would they be traveling down the road after dark without there head lights not being on.

    I could not see a police car in the fire seen.

  63. Chris Lafferty says:

    Brilliant pictures,
    May I suggest that the street lights above the tunnel portal are too tall, I think scale 10′ – 12′ lamp posts would look much better.
    Kind Regards
    Dundee Scotland

  64. Bob says:

    Awesome Arnie , i am envious lol

  65. Cary B says:

    Loved the lighting. Looking forward to a video from you of the layout.
    Awesome work.
    Cary B

  66. Jeff Keene Sr says:


  67. Robert Shuman says:

    That’s beautiful! Looking forward to the video.

  68. Mike says:


    Where did you get the small LED’s for the head/taillights I have looked all over for them over here (BC Canada)
    Excellent effect.


  69. Paul Schwartz says:

    Lots of “very’s”. Very realistic. Very imaginative. Very creative. Setting it all up for the nighttime. Great job!

  70. Bill Criss says:

    Arnie, stunning work!! Any chance you can post a drawing of the track plan??
    Thanks & Cheers,
    Bill Criss

  71. Bill Holt says:

    Very nice indeed !! Good Job .

  72. Tom Lawton says:

    How rare to see a U.K. Bus being used in a continental layout.
    I get used to seeing continental equipment driving U.K. Side of the road because of rarity of hardware, but the opposite is quite rare.
    Go tourism!

  73. Robert Brady says:

    Simply put, Gorgeous ! But where did you get the lighted automobiles?So Kool!

  74. david howarth says:

    Well done Arnie …love to see plenty of lights on a layout …Dangerous Dave

  75. Hemi says:

    Absolutely SUPERB Night Running abilities!!!!! I am truly envious!!!!

  76. Randy Feemster says:

    Wonderful, reminds me of a warm summer night….Great job!!

  77. Peter says:

    Amazing – would you be my best friend please!!!!

  78. Allen Montville says:

    AMAZING!!!!!! Farmer AL

  79. Don Brown says:

    You have a real talent for this type of hobby. Keep up the great work!

  80. John Hauser says:

    Arnie: Your nighttime layout is almost real. Fantastic job!

  81. Wm althaus says:

    Wonderful attention to detail. Excellent modeling!

  82. Don Poitras says:

    You are the man Arnie.Now,you can come and do mine!

  83. peter a pearson says:

    you did a very good job I loved it

  84. Choochoo52 says:

    Video? Blinking sign? I love what I did see in the few pics.

  85. John Kendrew says:

    It amazing and I can’t imagine how much planning and work was involved. Best night time layout I’ve ever seen.

  86. Jerry Barto says:

    This is amazing !! I like how the night scenes look alive. Fantastic work !!

  87. Don says:

    Well done

  88. Robert Brady says:

    Love it Great job!

  89. Wonderful layout pics. Stunning nighttime shots.

  90. Robert Bone says:

    Wow very nice lighted layout. One of the best I have seen on this site. Thanks for sharing.

  91. Steven T Marshall says:

    Awesome layout, fantastic lighting, great detail, I missed the video. Seen quite a few pic’s though. How did you do all of this?

  92. Great layout and i like your lighting. I enjoy your work.

  93. Great layout I love the lights

  94. Ron Lintner says:

    Love the Lights. I was overjoyed to see two white Lehigh Valley box cars. I live in the Lehigh Valley (yes it is a real place) about 60 miles north of Philadelphia PA.. It’s made up of Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton.

  95. Very nice. I am new to this hobby and I am having a lot of fun observing all the many layouts and reading all the information and tips. Arnies is such a great displayand one can learn so much just by viewing the pics.
    Great job and thanks for sharing.

  96. james hunter says:

    just like flying at night and looking down on the small towns that are lit up………………awesome job………….well done……………….

  97. WOW I wish my layout willl look as good as yours nice job.

  98. ScenicsRme says:

    Really great work, but where is the video link? I could not find it?
    I really like the observation deck on top the tunnel portal, a detail I will likely use on my own layout, most of the time a portal is just stuck on the face of a cliff (?) with no integration or respect for the contours of the landscape. This is a perfect solution!

  99. Dwight in Toronto says:

    Like others, I too could not find the video (this seems to happen a lot, actually).
    We occasionally see good, constructive criticism targeted at improving even some of the best layouts shown on Al’s site (and I’m not shy about offering up my own suggestions), but some of the comments on Arnie’s post were ridiculous. Too neat and tidy? No dents on the vehicles? Seriously?

  100. Lou fromMichigan says:

    Never scene a night layout; glad you posted it.

    I’d like to start a layout myself; I just do not have the room , so I appreciated everyone else’s layouts. 🙂

  101. matiSon says:

    Lighted night scenes are the best when done right. You did a great job!

  102. Doug caron says:

    Really one if the best presentations of a layout I’ve seen. Impressive. I hope you post pictures of the whole layout so we can see the track plan.

  103. James says:

    Gotta put it on youtube Arnie, you know live stream 👍

  104. william janmes palmer says:

    nicely done looks great

  105. Dr. Jon Blake says:

    Arnie, you are my hero! What an awesome layout.. One of the finest I have seen..

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