Another stunner from Arnie

I’m up against the clock today so I wasn’t going to post. But when this came in from Arnie…

“Hi Al,

Just got your last posting. Really impressed with Bob’s (How-To) scratchbuilt Oil Refinery. While not easily replicated in N scale, it is very do-able in large scale like O and would make a great industrial scene addition on a layout.

I’m writing to offer up another video I put together as inspired by the many readers asking me to continue sharing videos with them. The video I’m submitting for posting consderation is one I did almost a year ago. It is of steam freight operation on my N scale SV&GS Railway. However, I wanted to have some fun with the original video. So I edited it and gave it a retro 1950s cinematic look by creating an old film appearance and adding a ’50s intro/exit theme.

I hope you enjoy it.


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21 responses to “Another stunner from Arnie”

  1. Toni says:

    Great idea Arnie and a nicely done video. Reminds me of the old Movie-tone newsreels of years past. but in color.

  2. Allen Bachelder says:

    I think that’s the most convincing model RR and model RR video I’ve ever seen. Great production values, very professional on all counts. Layout looks flawless. Congratulations to Arnie for superb work!


  3. burr holstrom says:

    A true work of art. It is difficult to say which is more impre abilitiessive, his modling abilities or his video productions with his professional results.

  4. Ray, USA says:

    Well Done!

  5. truckman1999 says:

    wow that is one of the smoothest track I’ve ever seen, none of the cars move over the track at all.

  6. Jim Dutton says:

    Nice video. Better if the horn button was muted some!

  7. JOHN FELTY says:

    It’s a shame they don’t make smoke generators for N scale. Awesome layout. Awesome video.

  8. 'nother grandpa says:

    Very nice!!! (Show off – lol)

  9. Nice video, but I did find that one engine’s whistle sounded like it had laryngitis while the other one was quite normal. Nice job of editing.

  10. Cameron says:

    Great video Arnie. The Steamer looks very at home on your layout. Thanks for sharing.



  11. THOMAS says:


  12. jerry knispel says:

    that was great

  13. Great lay out. I can see that you put a lot of work in to it. I think you did one hell of a job.

  14. paul Otway says:

    love your film

  15. Austin Wilson says:

    Love it Arnie, that is awesome, a well done video to. I am running HO Scale with three long tracks and a very large rail yard. Nine engines running, very busy. Have a great weekend everyone. Austin.

  16. tommy pelley says:

    what are the things between the rails in the canyon (2:18 on video)

  17. Arnie Steiner says:

    To all of Al’s readers, once again, I thank you for your most positive and rewarding comments and feedback.


  18. IVOR HANN says:


  19. Arnie Steiner says:

    In answer to questions posed:

    To Tom Pelley, you have a keen eye! What you noticed between the rails are infrared (IR) detectors. When turned on for diesel trains I run, the train passing over the detectors activates an electronic sound chip mounted under the layout which sounds a diesel horn. The same IR detectors (4) are also along the road scene where the hobo is trackside. These activate a grade crossing bell sound and the rumble and squeal of the trains wheels over the rails.

    To Nick Browdyke: Yes, there are 2 distinct steam whistle sounds. The audio track is not the greatest, but one sound was used in the more open valley (canyon-like) section and the other seemed more conducive along the flat station/town area.

    Thanks again to everyone!

  20. fred says:

    well done

  21. Skip says:

    Any of your trains have DCC ?

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