Even more layout pics and tips

“Hi Alastair.

I’ve been following your posts for some time now and wow there sure are some talented people out there.

I started a model some years ago which also featured a lake, that was about as far as it got, then we moved house.

Re kindled again late last year and I have used the lake again, albeit in a different place on a new model.

The lake in the picture was made on a bed of plaster to give contour effects then painted and layered in about 15 coats of varnish to give depth.

A little blue looking at the picture but in the flesh it’s quite a dark green.


“I used brown sewing string around my telephone poles and power lines.

I also took 2 plastic ho automobiles and melted the front ends together with a lighter to simulate and accident. Had police and ambulance at the scene. (of course everyone was ok)


“Hi Al,

I noticed from the comments about the glowing fire box effect, that some of the guys said” it was too bright and I should tone it down a bit”

So I did, I painted red paint on the light bulb, here is the effect with Hornby pug 0-4-0st number 51240.

It is shunting it has track cleaning car in front and a van behind it.


“This is a half done hydro power substation with working warning light near the shack.And barbed wire with rolling gate.

I also including my home satilight dish.

I also have made up some bungalow’s.

Did 3 in a few hour’s and are made of balsa wood.

If you would like more detail to any of these build’s let me know.


“Hi Alistair,

Just uploaded this video to youtube , showing how to add lights to buildings , and also how to put flashing lights on to a car very cheaply…



That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And please don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here if you want to start on your own fun, blood, sweat and tears.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

13 Responses to Even more layout pics and tips

  1. Robert Arnold says:

    Re: Lighting for the fire box.
    I would think the reason for the light in the fire box being too bright might have to do with the camera trying to compensate for the darker surroundings which would tend to make any lighting appear to be more brighter than it actually is. Other than that, the layout is absolutely amazing. The added lighting gives the layout “Realism”.
    As always, keep up the great work

    From Winnipeg, Canada

  2. Tom says:


    Thanks for more great information and vide into the world of model railroading. Thanks to everyone for your willingness to share.

    Thanks again!


    Tom N

  3. Your lay out has come a long way. It’s looking great always glad to see more. Thanks for letting us see your good work.

  4. Brian Law says:

    Hi Al

    Love all the info being put out especially as I am about to embark on building a new 8′ x 5′ “00” layout in my garage, so all the tips are wonderful. However for some reason the video on this dispatch and other recent ones received does not play for me – has anything changed in the formatting or video system being used?



  5. Cary says:

    Hi Andy, I think modeling water has to be one of the toughest things to do. Yours looks like a great start and really like how you’ve situated it in a corner. With all that gloss, trains should show a nice reflection as they come around the curve. Thanks for sharing. Cary KY

  6. Bob Schildgen says:

    For strong tension wire use nylon carpet thread. It comes in thousands of feet for cheap price, in brown, black or a gold color. The nylon will stretch and keep the line tight. Dont overstretch or the nylon may unravel.

  7. Robert Brady says:

    Dave you are so humorous and refreshing love your work ethic and your great layout! Look forward to watching your videos.

  8. Erick says:

    Who makes the blinking lights.

  9. John Bates says:

    “we honest” has their web sight which I buy from including blinking LEDs including orange, red and others. The store is on the web fid them great to buy and work with standing behind their sales.

  10. David Schaffner says:

    I think Dave’s layout is utterly fantastic.. It took a lot of work, time, devotion and patience to create a wonderful sense of realism…I love the building, the old time cars and the rousing and sometime riveting bounty of wonder and bewilderment to share with us this awesome array of trains, quite a few of them I had never seen before. Dave is also a great videographer and I love the nimbus car he drives around
    Is there more than one person who works on this layout and is it from the UK?
    Where do you get those realistic buildings and automobiles?
    ‘A Treasure To Behold’

  11. Will in NM says:

    Kim, that’s a good lookig power substation. Perhaps you can share some details of how you built it. Thanks for sharing.

    Dave, As always your videos are infromative and entertaining. I like that even in your “how to” videos you gives us some trains running onyour fabulous layout. Thank you for al you share with us mere mortals.

    Will in New Mexico

  12. Al Penaluna says:

    Hello Andy, my name us Al from Nevada and I do have a question. You said you moved the layout then reused it again in another place. I am currently building an H.O. 4 x 8 in a spare bed room and may some day have to move it or at least take mine down. So looking for tips on how to do this without tearing everything up? Any ideas? By the way your layout is very fine work, keep it up and look forward to seeing more. Al

  13. John Aus says:

    Hi Kim, i saw the word “Hydro”, a word used in Tasmania for power. Does that mean you are a Tasmanian?

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