Arnie’s layout video

The talented Arnie has been in touch again.

(If you missed his earlier missives, they are here).

“Hi Al,

I responded to Cameron’s work directly, but I wanted to say to you that his submission was an excellent selection on your part. The step-by-step process in model railroad building is invaluable to modelers, especially those wanting to get started in the hobby and who may be daunted by what can seem to be an overwhelming endeavor. And great tips from Cameron on creative solutions to various parts of the creative process.

I also wanted to submit to you for publication consderation a follow-up video I did to my recent night scene video you recently published of the New York Central’s “20th Century Limited” passing through Susquehanna Station. I wanted to make a more comprehensive video showing how my SV&GS layout can automatically transition from daytime to nighttime operations. It’s about nine and a half minutes long, I apologize, but I think the readers would enjoy it: It shows a sampling of the automatic lighting and sound effects on the layout including the burning building.

Again thanks for showing my previous submissions and the great asset that you’ve created via your website for modelers and spectators alike.


Latest ‘ebay cheat sheet’ here

A wonderful video! Thanks Arnie.

Please keep ’em coming.



35 Responses to Arnie’s layout video

  1. T.Bailey says:

    This illustrates the difference between a train set and a model railway. Well done mate.

  2. Simon Drake says:

    Arnie – you truly have a wonderful layout – the attention to detail is second to none.

  3. John Roetman says:

    Great layout, excellent video and sweet memories for me. When I lived in New Jersey, the Susie’s Q ran through our town.

  4. chic walker says:

    Awesome! Keep videos coming!

  5. Barbara Roberts says:

    That Is a very nice Layout, It would have cost a lot of money & time spent on It very nice Indeed I myself Is very Interested In German/Swiss I only havea modest Layout one of the Noch Preformed Base Board Named Baden Baden.

  6. builder Kim says:

    wow very nice.Like the building on fire.boy those crickets are loud.May i ask on how long did it take ya to do all this.Water fall was very nice.Got some great idea’s.thanks for the video

  7. JIM FITE says:


  8. PETER BENSON says:

    what a great layout well done peter uk

  9. Outstanding job.

  10. Ron S. from Kentucky says:

    Scale of 1-10

    Audio sound effects: 9
    Terrain creation: 9 (Water falls and cliffs; great job)
    Video: 6 (Too long with dark scenes; Missed details of control panel)
    Graphics: 5 (I was distracted with the continuous graphic overlays. Would have preferred they be short banners at the bottom of the screen.
    Scale speed: 8 (Kudos on the slow moving freight trains)

    Over all presentation: 8 ( Would like to see more weathering of engines and freight cars. No cars are ever that shiny)

  11. Arnie Steiner says:

    I wish to thank all of the readers/viewers for their wonderful comments and feedback. And I’m happy to have brought back some “sweet memories” to John, formerly of New Jersey.

    To answer some questions asked: The layout took about 2 and a half years to build. The most time consuming was the designing , powering and actual wiring of the electrical circuits which took what seemed ‘hundreds’ of hours. But like with any layout, you do it piece meal and at a reasonable pace. And though the sum total spent on building a layout can add up, the costs incurred were spread out over a 5 to 10 year period using the least expensive components I could get. So it was do-able by prioritizing and spending small amounts over a long period of time. So no one should put off starting even a modest layout. It brings a lot of pleasure engaging in creating something from scratch.

    Thanks again to everyone and to Al for giving me this opportunity to share.

  12. David Mosher says:

    All I can say is WOW! I have been trying to start on my own layout but never seem to have enough time. I have most of the equipment needed sitting in the boxes they came in. I need inspiration and physical help. Family and friends always have things going on. “But” it’s videos like yours that rekindles the desire. Thank you….

  13. Cord says:

    You are not only obviously a master of model railroading, but you also seem to be able to write in English, unlike so many of the people submitting comments on this site. Also I wonder how many people are aware of just how elegant a train the 20th Century Limited was. Every bit as luxurious as the vaunted Orient Express. It’s such a pity that trains like it are gone forever.

  14. truckman1999 says:

    WOW Arnie: Thats an n scale lay out, how big is it and how long did it take you to bring out the kid in you.

  15. Allen Bachelder says:

    Probably the best model railroad video I’ve ever seen. The Layout tells a story; the video relates that story and tells it’s own story too. It’s one of the longest videos I’ve seen but seems like one of the shortest. Time flies when you’re having fun! All of this seems the product of an extraordinarily creative imagination coupled with unusually skilled fingers and infinite patience! But Arnie – ya gotta get some emergency lights flashing on those emergency vehicles at the fire.

    I have yet to build my first RR in close to 60 years. If I’m not inspired now, I never will be…

    Thanks for sharing your tremendous talent!

  16. tom says:

    Actually: The video could have run another nine minutes.
    My opinion there is only one word to discribe this model railroad and videophotography: ADMIRATION!

    Note: I have a cricket in my house … a guest so to speak. only reason I can’t find where it is. Watching the video when the crickets started the one in my house did also. The only thing is I hear it but I can’t find it. well I thought it was funny. Since the crickets on the video stopped it did too.

    Building a model raillroad includes and does not limit: vision: patience: time: energy:trial: tribulation: frustration: persistence: faith: hope: Once all these are accomplished: A Masterpiece: It does not matter on what scale it is built the size or money: It is yours and be proud of it: You are what you do.

    Keep on training,

    Tom N

  17. Isadore says:

    Wow, nice layout!
    Love the day and night and espesialy the building fire
    well done!

  18. Well Done! I enjoyed your video. Your layout will be an inspiration to budding model railroaders as well as those who are currently building their layouts. I myself have gone a little stale and needed some inspiration and I think your video has done the trick for me. I am currently building a Coffee Table layout. This is a great way to take up this hobby with minimal space. Thank you for share your wonderful layout with everyone.

  19. John Molloy says:

    Great layout !! Is it n scale or HO. What are the dimensions ? ……….. John Molloy Charlotte North Carolina

  20. great job very nice.

  21. Tom Oliver says:

    Wow! I am gobsmacked! How much detail, thought and imagination has gone into this layout. The only negative I have, is it makes my feeble attempt seem quite meagre! But it has given me some great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  22. paul Otway says:

    I Like you railroad Arnie, Do you use DCC?

  23. Roland says:

    Excellent layout; thanks

  24. a great great job with n gauge.

  25. Bonny aka Grannytoot says:

    Really nice. I was very impressed with Summit Town and got some ideas for the layout I’m working on…I wasn’t sure how close I could pack the buildings in my 4×12 layout and still have space for the “country” part but your town seems to really give the feeling of a small town with a lot of character…thanks, this was great!

  26. MIKE AND MATTHEW says:


  27. great layout but there was static interference

  28. Neal Marrison says:

    Nice layout and vid, Arnie. Although it looked like some disappointed commuters at Susie Q Station when the NYC didn’t stop! Enjoyed this alot. Neal in Michigan

  29. What a great layout I could see myself having hours of fun on a layout of this size and nature as it has everything that makes railroading suceed. Through track with businesses with rail access, plus a very well organized staging area for building and dismantling freight for various destinations, thanks for sharing this video with us, it was great!!!!

  30. Ralph says:

    What a marvellous layout.
    One of us will have to post a counterpoint showing how to stumble into model railroading with too many locos, too small a layout, trial by error planning, temporary constantly altered electrical systems and buildings from three different countries in the same town.

  31. TOM says:


  32. Cameron Davies says:

    Fantastic movie and incredible detail. I realy like the way you have integrated the lighting and sound. Very clever stuff. Thankyou, Cameron

  33. OUTSTANDING!!! The attention to detail is incredible right down to the wet clothes hanging on the line. Nice lighting. The transition from day time birds to night time crickets is a great touche. The 20th Century Limited looks great in the daytime but even better at night. Hey, wheres the Susquahanna Hat Co.???(those of you that remember Abbot & Costello will catch this) Nice job on the water fall. Im not crazy about the Japanese subway but its got nice lighting and adds a splash of color just the same.
    Thank You so much Arnie for sharing this video.

  34. jack carrier says:

    Arnie’s , All I can say is THANK YOU.

    God Bless you and yours. And to all who have anything to do with this web site THANK YOU ALL for providing grate info and pitchers along with hart warming vidos. You all are using some of the great fifts God has given you.

    Thank You again

  35. stan brosch says:

    a great item for a tunnel is P V C PIPE ,its cheap, comes in all sizes, ez to cut, ez to work with

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