Arnie’s latest video

Arnie’s been back in touch.

And my word, he’s made a wonderful video.

Yes, it’s a little longer than most, but very much worth making the time for.

It’s a thoroughly enjoyable 22 minutes, I promise:

“Hi Al,

It’s been a while since my last contact and submission to you. However, I just completed a new video I thought I would share with you and the readers.

It’s entitled, “Life on the SV&S – Past and Present.”

It’s a sort of fictional historic perspective of the Susquehanna Valley on my N scale layout; the locale, its people, scenery, wildlife and the trains that have traveled the region from the steam era to the present.

I apologize that it’s significantly longer than my previous videos.

I composed it of ten small segments, but decided to put it all into one comprehensive video in order not to lose the sense of continuity I wanted to capture.

I hope you and the others will agree with my decision when you see it and I hope you enjoy it.



model railroad bridge

n scale road

N scale fishing

model railroad tunnels

model railroad n scale track

n scale model railroad

n scale model railroad

model railroad n scale

n scale road

diesel freight n scale

Hope you enjoyed it as much as me – it’s a stunning video.

Please do leave your comments below!

That’s all for this time peeps.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you finally get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

149 Responses to Arnie’s latest video

  1. Dave Gould says:

    Fabulous video and terrific modelling.

    Thanks Arnie – brilliant job!

    Dave G

  2. paul doorbar says:

    hi can you tell me please where you got your tanker track cleaner from thanks Paul

  3. Nice one Arnie

  4. that was amazing..your talent is off the charts! how you work with small things so well,i have trouble with my O scale…lol thank you

  5. mark noble says:

    arnie you have a terrific layout it must have taken you awhile to put it together

  6. Best video seen. Not only brilliant, but so informative on the history of American railroading. Keep posting video`s

    Brian T

  7. Benny says:

    That is simply amazing.

  8. Albert Weir says:

    Thanks for shareing this vidio .What a magnificent sceenic layout something to be proud of well done mate

  9. David says:

    Great modelling and all in ‘N’ scale.

  10. James Ratliff says:

    Nice job. Very life like!

  11. Jeff says:

    very creative

  12. Ol' Puffer says:

    Hi Arnie…fantastic and makes me want to switch from 00 (HO) to N Gauge.
    What size is your layout board?
    I know it’s a fictional layout but do you live in the Susquehanna Valley because when I worked for “West” in the UK, I visited some of their USA sites which included Williamsport and Montgomery PA, and I believe these places are in the Susquehanna Valley and looked fairly similar to parts of your layout.
    Anyway, great stuff and keep putting the videos online.


  13. robert coe says:

    Really wonderful as was the trip down memory lane. Railroads will be the next to disappear, or steel rails, will be replaced by trains capable of 500 mph running on thin air. 250 mph + railess trains are already running. Before the end of this century it could be possible to go east to west USA in six or seven hours and say goodby to areoplanes. Sad, very sad.

  14. Ken says:

    By far the best layout I have ever seen! And I am talking Eric’s and up. It really looked liveable, in just about every shot. The river looked very good with its falls and all of the rock ledges. Congratulations on a great job.

    Where did you get the high gray stone walls with arches in them, from the opening shot?

    Could you possibly send me a picture of the entire layout? I live in Frederick and my son graduated from York, so where are you located? Would you mind if I came up to see it? I mean by appointment of course. Just asking my friend, no harm, no foul.



  15. Duncan says:

    You should be in Hollywood! This is truly great! Oscarsw all round! D/

  16. Stu McGee says:


  17. Simon Zeoli says:

    Thanks Arnie for the wonderful treat in modeling and video making
    You have a great talent.


  19. Carter says:

    Of all the video’s I have seen this one is far out in front. The photography is fantastic. Great job on the scenery.
    I am in process of rebuilding my layout and I hope it ends up close to what you have shown,
    Great Job!

  20. Denny says:

    Would kinda’ like to know how large this layout is? There’s a lot of stuff in what appears to not be a giant N layout. Incredibly skillfull scenery work. Did you use a lot of foam for carving or?

    Nice work!


  21. bruce says:

    I loved it! I’m going to tear mine down and start over so this is the perfict example to start over. I think I will model some of the bingham caynon copper mine (were i worked for 34 years) and some of the towns of bingham, copperfield and highland boy. this layout of yours is truly amazing and is an inspiration to me and probibly many others. PLEASE DO NOT STOP POSTING thank you Arnie.

  22. craig says:

    There are not enough words in my limited vocabulary to express my wonder of your accomplishments. Your modeling skills are second to none that I know of. Your story line and video were absolutely fantastic. The layout itself is incredible. Your water features are so life like. I’d ask how you did that, but that info is probably a guarded secrete. Superb job!!!

  23. Ben Kochenower says:

    Thanks for sending this. It is a wonderful layout and an informative piece of footage. The modeling skills Arnie has really makes me jealous.
    Thank you. Ben

  24. David J says:

    Just stunning. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful layout.

  25. Craig Biggar says:

    Wow, I take my hat off to you, what a great layout, I wish I had the funds to get on and start building one, its so pricey in the uk now.

    This is a real inspiration though, great work.


  26. Peter Jones says:

    Fantastic Arnie, true inspiration

  27. Roland Burch says:

    Arnie, That was GREAT. Your film and layout are really great.

  28. Mike Hoodless says:

    What a great layout. Arnie’s cliffs and rocks are superb. I wish I could get mine to look as good.

  29. Ian says:

    This video is amazing the story line is better than some movies i have watched. the model making just blows me away. i have friends could not believe it was a model . you seem to have a another talent making videos . i use this video on our running days .i would like to see a video of the hole layout from above it would be so calming and peace full thanks alot .

  30. A really great representation of the Valley and the transition of railroads in the Pennsylvania/New York mountains area.

  31. Bill Markey says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share railroad history in such a dramatic way. Absolutely FABULOUS video.

  32. Buddy YOUNG says:

    That is A great layout. Superb..Thanks for shareing!

  33. "Nother Grandpa says:

    I add another vote for FABULOUS! What a great inspiration for any modeler!
    Thank you

  34. Austin Wilson says:

    Beautiful layout, love it. And a historical adventure to go with it, awesome. Last weekend I tore down my huge oversized HO Scale layout. Stretched out, it would have been 4 feet wide and 41 feet long. Since then, I have rebuilt another layout, but much smaller. An L shape and now lots of buildings to choose from to go on the new layout. I love railroading. Went from a ten track wide rail yard to a four track. Running DCC and love it. Actually, love the smaller version I am running now. And my basement sure has lots more living space. Loved the video Arnie.

  35. Bob Townsend says:

    Brilliant video showing a brilliant and enviable layout. Great inspiration for all us railway modellers!! Thanks

  36. STEVE ROTH says:


  37. THOMAS GOUCHER says:


  38. Ralph says:

    What a brilliant way to present your layout Arnie. You have thrown down a challenge for us all to try and match.

  39. Rob says:

    Very well done. It is very organized and thought out.

  40. Dave says:

    This is the best video I’ve seen yet. It should have won an award or something. It has renewed my train spirit. Keep them coming.

  41. mike says:

    Fantastic layout can you let me know track work you used build your layout.

    I work with Fleischmann track and points and crossovers but after a few years the point springs go soft and the points stop working as you cannot get inside the point as it is a sealed so they are no good.

    I work with dcc as you are,i`m using EX ROCO unit to control my locos.

    Will you let me know what track you are using please.

    Thanks. Michael

  42. Stuart says:

    This is absolutly stunning and definately is one of the best I have ever seen. the amount of skilled modeling work gone into this is incredible. Well done

  43. Ron says:

    Arnie – Great presentation of a Great layout…
    Thank You !!!

  44. Dick Walter says:

    Video and layout are very nicely done! Readily available comnercial products have been used to good advantage. As an aside, I’ve never understood why the manufacturers of “N” scale freight cars insist on not painting the roofwalks. The overly thick roofwalks stand out even more because they don’t match the roof color. Attaching roofwalks BEFORE painting would certainly enhance realism and would eliminate the need for painting them.

  45. Jaaques Shellaque says:

    Arnie, you’re my hero. Hard to believe so much in such a small space, even
    for “n” scale. Superb video and historic documentation. But, best of all, the
    details are what make it so great (waterfalls, fishermen, and the people are
    “doing stuff”-walking, waving, riding bikes, etc).
    thanks so much!

  46. TJ says:

    Are you sure your name isn’t really Arnie Spielberg? That was just terrific. Thank you so much for your time and effort and sharing it with us.
    BTW, some of the trains and colors are familiar. Did you do the little film about a boy chasing a girl and they finally get together on the end of the train?

    Keep those videos coming, we love them.

  47. Don George says:

    This is AMAZING! I was brought up in the area depicted. The towns and landscape brought back a lot of memories. Loved the history lesson also.
    This is indeed one of the best layouts I’ve laid my eyes on. You must have the patients of Job. Thanks.

  48. Keith G Brown says:

    Having watched in disbelief that it’s a model Railway and not the real thing Beats the movies on Tele anytime xxx You have Engineering -History _ Wild Life -and fantastic scenery Seems to go on for ever but each time I see things that was missed 1st time round Absolutely Fantastic xxx Beats most of what we have i have seen on the best of English ones xxx Again thanks Arnie for an Education in what or How it should be done

  49. Keith G Brown says:

    Was extremely impressed by your Fantastic Layout , Having moved house now to a Bungalow not a lot of room for a layout so have 2 sheds now joined to make one and am going to start again with a layout not sure yet how to work it but having watched your video, just wished had the room to do something like that but will have to be content with16ft by 10ft and see what to put in and try and make it look as impressive as yours looks, will be doing this on my own but will do the best I can. Your video is such a major production and the whole presentation is better than going to the Cinema. Perfection.

  50. Rick says:

    wow, Wow, WOW!!!!!!

  51. geoff Lord says:

    I Must be sick ! I watched the whole thing from start to finish LOL 😉
    Great Layout and attention to detail….

  52. Fraser Wison says:

    Great! Well done on a fabulous layout and some great photography!
    All of us out here in railway land get inspiration from this kind of stuff so please keep it coming. A novel idea showing the various stages of railroad development and it kept me interested all the way through. So many layouts – especially the German stuff on YouTube – seem to get boring after a few minutes and its then a repetition of locos going round and round. Switching eras made the whole thing way more interesting!
    Go to the top of the class!! 5 stars ***** !!!

  53. Lee Roy Meaux says:


  54. steve says:

    This video was absolutely fantastic. I’ve forwarded it to several friends. It also gave me some great ideas. Your layout is truly a masterpiece. The trip in time does so much for the modeler to think about. I’m in semi final layout stage…anytime you want to stop by, you’re welcome…

  55. Arnie:
    Job well done in the scale you have chosen. Great to see another AMTRAK buff that maintains the history in truth and facts. Glad you shared it with us all. AMTRAK like the rest of the world has to go thru our government. YOU know what that means………..Our systems are still the safest although NOT the fastest. The NE corridor will be the first to test our best systems if we can get it through congress for our own trackage. Hard to compete with BNSF and UP who own our world of real trains.
    Keep up the good work and thx so much for sharing your life with us thru your beautiful display and works. An avid AMTRAK model train owner since 1971…………………I too own like engines you displayed including several Red Nose E-8s &9s and many yard workers……………Harold Jr.

  56. Rafael Valdivia says:

    My first commentary here. It was impossible to stay mude ! In N scale ! Fantastic. I hope to see more from Master Arnie. Thank You.
    from Brazil

  57. Vivera Rivera says:

    Very empressive job, I enjoyed watching this video. Absolutly supurb.

  58. Babs says:

    I am speechless!!!!!

  59. John says:

    Arnie that panning sequence near the beginning was soooooooo good because it`s so hard to keep a movement fluid especially at that scale and on that level! Truly excellent video my friend as all of us are saying.

    JohnE UK

  60. Graham says:

    Stunning, thank you!

  61. Keith Coyle says:

    Beautiful layout. I hope to get mine looking like that someday. Trying to fix the derails at the moment before I continue with scenery. Love it once again

  62. Richard Sappelli says:

    Arnie just blew me away with his fantastic video of his n- scale layout. what a wonderful and beautiful layout!!!!! and his superb video techniques were those of and expert videographer.

    Well done – I nominate Arnie for an Oscar award !!!

    I have viewed hundreds of professional videos, DVD, from many real railroad producers and would rank Arnie right with those.

    His railroad is a master peace of thoughtful and accurate depictions of his chosen era of small town country and rural life.

    Well done and my hat is off to Arnie.


  63. Mickael says:

    Beautiful layout and design!!! Makes me want to switch from HO scale to N scale.

    WELL DONE!!!!

  64. Edward says:

    What a GREAT layout!!!!!!

  65. tom in az says:

    Can`t add much more I wish I could do half as good. Tom Payson AZ

  66. Jim says:

    WOW. Simply fantastic. And the Oscar goes to Arnie, no question. Actually multiple Oscars; screenplay, score, music composition, cinematography, producer, director and best picture. Great video and historic information. Well worth the time and effort. And great work with the detail on the layout.


  67. Bill Schneider says:

    Really great video and amazing layout! How many engines and cars do you have?

  68. Edward Sargent says:

    I have seen a lot videos on layouts, this one is a keeper. The layout itself is fantastic with a lot of detail but unlike most not over done, it looks natural. I have seen only one better but it was in HO and built by a lot of people over 5 years.

  69. John says:

    Great layout and especially the presentation!!

  70. Bill Wiles says:

    This is one of the best have seen in some time. The sound was great. I live near a rail road and they can be very loud. I can feel the umble of the train when the trains pass by. Bill.

  71. Cary says:

    Hard to believe this is N scale. The details on the layout are painstakingly brilliant, but also the sounds and realistic train speeds. A true joy to watch, thanks so much for sharing. Cary in Kentucky

  72. Perry says:

    A really great layout and great photography. but i do have several comments. One you need a buffer car between the tank car and the caboose. Two since you picture late spring or early summer the male deer would not have there antlers fully grown in. The antlers are not that developed until fall.
    Sorry to be such a nitpicker on an otherwise beautiful layout.

  73. Ken C says:

    Simply outstanding!!!

  74. Jack Bury says:

    Beautiful layout. Great attention to detail.

  75. Kermit Beckmann says:

    What else can be said other than you were a master at detail and modeling !! Your realism is off the chart .

  76. Warren Ferguson says:

    What a great video AND layout! It’s amazing you have done all this in N scale. Thanks a million for sending it in, and please, send more!

  77. Richard says:

    Fantastic set up ,Truly realistic .

  78. David Hannan says:

    I have not seen that before. What a stunning layout! The attention to detail is incredible. From the filming, it is not easy to tell what scale is being used. I would love to see the track plan of the layout. Well done, you must be very proud.


    Dirty Dave

  79. Adolph Svec says:

    Arnie, the recognition of your talent has been well expressed by so many others, that I can’t add anything. But I will say that it was a pleasure ducking all the current news of the world and slipping into a suit of fantasy and history to escape it all. One can only imagine what your next video might be. Whatever it might be, I’m sure it will be delightful.

    Best regards,
    Marengo, IL

  80. Dean says:

    Arnie, absolutely amazing.
    Thank you
    Franklin NC

  81. Robert Brady says:

    Bravo Sir Bravo!

  82. Bob says:

    Absolutely outstanding! Beautiful everywhere. Not enough words for that job.

  83. Ken W says:

    I too am totally impressed with the layout!!
    Can you please post a track plan for others who are interested in attempting to duplicate the layout?

  84. dangerous dave says:

    Great to see Arnie`s production again …still outstanding ..Dangerous Dave

  85. Minnesota Dan says:

    Not bad for a first attempt….What am I saying??? Truly Fantastic! As one who grew up in the Delaware Valley and “colleged” and had my early career in the Susquehanna Valley, this was a wonderful respite and trip down memory lane.
    My road is based on a northern neighbor, the D & H, and I did see one hopper car with that livery. Good idea to adapt the Susquehanna livery to UP’s. It is, after all, your road!
    What is the real estate market like there, I may want to move.

    Well back to the more mundane topics of preparing a meeting agenda.

    Your model railroad storefront reminded me of a place in S central PA, and it’s name was the owner’s name, but just can’t put my mind on it.

    As Al might say, “Cheers”

  86. John Richmond says:

    A truly remarkable layout and video. Please send some aerial views so we can see the whole layout. Your scenery was absolutely beautiful and very realistic.


  87. Brad says:

    Scenery placed to perfection,the attention to detail has me speechless.This is an award winning layout.The water modeling is stunning alone and the rock formations looks so realistic.In town you didn’t clutter it up too much and I like that.Busy does not mean cluttered and you have succeeded in achieving that end.Al’s word stunning is not enough,but I can’t come up with another word for this,so I will just say 1 word-WOW!!!

  88. Brad says:

    PS-also love the trains running at scale speeds,just awesome in every way

  89. Franco428 says:

    Excellent all the way!!!

    I did notice your Right Side Drive bus with the entrance doors in the middle of the street. Very dangerous for plastic people if the get hit by anything moving fast. 🙂

    Your Habitat areas are an exceptional idea and the construction is flawless.

    A true masterpiece!!!

  90. Franco428 says:

    I had to watch it twice. The more I looked, the more I saw. What a fantastic creation.

  91. ARNIE, What a GREAT presentation. My hat is “OFF” to you. A History lesson worthly of being a “SHORT SUBJECT’ at the a MOVIE THEATER
    I.m saving this , and Passing it on to others as well . I’ll be viewing IT over and over again . too. The realism and of the sights and sounds is OUTSTANDING. > BEST WISHES TO YOU and THANKS FOR SHARING.

  92. george zaky says:

    beyond awesome
    Fabulous layout, outstanding scenery and detail, wonderful trains.
    So enjoyed a morning at the movies and appreciate the time and talent required to put this together.
    I am humbled.
    Thank you
    George from NY

  93. Fantastic layout, excellent video!! Well done and thanks for sharing!

  94. Norman Rosen says:

    I can’t say anything that has not already been said. The attention to detail varies from outstanding to amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  95. Warner says:

    Absolutely amazing. I haven’t seen a nicer realistic layout like this one. The video and narrative were superb. I’m speechless. One supper all around job and the envy of all railroaders. Thanks for sharing.

  96. Al, Thanks for what you do !!!!!…..RE: Arnies video and layout. As a retired Conrail
    locomotive electrician (75-93) ,what Arnie has is AWESOME!!!!! The level of
    tech expertise, in all ares , Is above professional. Thank him for sharing. RJL

  97. Walter McGrath says:

    Beyond fantastic. I model the Poconos and Lehigh Valley, though not close to as well as you do. Loved the video.
    One niggling point. Thank God the bears in our area (and yours) are fun loving black bears, not those nasty brown killers.
    I look forward to more.

  98. Walter McGrath says:

    Superb film and totally awesome layout. I look forward to more.

    A small point. Thank God in PA we have quiet black bears, not the aggressive brown ones.

  99. Allen Wortman says:


    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

    Is the SV originally an Atlas track HO layout? What size is your layout?

    I modeled the Atlas SV about 35 years ago. No way would it compare to your layout, I was mainly interested in running trains. I loved it when I had all 4 main lines running at the same time.

  100. Jim Snoke says:

    Remarkable scenic detail.

  101. Gary Mitchell says:

    Great video Arnie, well done.

  102. Hi Al – Thanks for the re-posting of my N scale SV&GS layout and the choice of the “Life on the SV&GS” video in particular. I am always so grateful for the opportunity to have others view this video. And I feel honored and humbled by the flood of comments from other modelers and subscribers to your website. It continues to be a great forum for all and I hope it continues its well-earned longevity.

    My wishes to all for continued good health in this frightening time of global pandemic. Stay well. Stay safe. Stay happy. — Arnie

  103. Dave M., Whitby, ON. says:

    It was long, but well worth the time watching. What size is your layout? It has so much detail and includes many, many scenes. I love the waterfall and streams, then the wildlife and fishermen. All over there are people taking part in various activities, making the complete layout come to life. Excellent job all around!

  104. Ron Nelson says:

    Arnie that was wonderful a real joy to watch. Ron from sunny Fla. thanks again

  105. John Bigglestone says:

    Fantastic video with an illustrated history lesson. I almost forgot that this is a model
    Such detail – and in N scale too
    Annie – that’s brilliant. Thank you
    John B

  106. Will in NM says:

    Arnie, I’ve watched several of your other videos but this one is the best yet! It’s hard to believe you’ve crammed so much detail and scenery into a layout the size of a ping-pong table with none of it looking crowded. You’ve obviously invested a lot of time and energy into both the building of the layout and the creation of your videos. You have the eye and the presentation skills of s true artist in N scale. Thank you again for sharing in these troubled times. Be well and stay safe yourself.

  107. Great video thanks for taking me away to great,place
    Something we all need nowadays

  108. Charles in NJ says:

    This is by far the best video layout that I have had the pleasure to view. I’m an HO guy, but this was well done in N gauge. I loved the trees, trails and scenery detail. Wishlist: more weathering of trains, vehicles and houses would easily bring it to an eleven in a scale of one to ten! Fabulous video, and better layout than mist that I’ve seen.

  109. Ray C says:

    Wow! Amazing! The best I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing.

  110. Terry Sipe says:

    Arnie, you have done a terrific job of recreating the Susquehanna Valley area around the PA/NY state line. This has to be the best N scale layout I have had the privilege of seeing. I live in the lower Susquehanna Valley near Harrisburg and York. It makes me want to take the trip over to the Enola Yard and the Rockville bridge to spend the day. Thanks so much for sharing.

  111. Berniedoc says:

    Such a fantastic video,Real train videos pale in comparison.

  112. Arnie you are an artist first the trains are just a part of the canvas. You are a 3D artist and a great one at that.

  113. Pete Stanich says:

    Very impressive….Very real…..Saved for personal viewing and enjoyment……

  114. Gerald Edgar says:

    Best N scale I’ve ever seen PLUS the video shows how Arnie “lives” this mythical road in its entirety. Bravo!

  115. Dave Karper says:

    Minnesota Dan, could that be Tommy Gilbert’s in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania?

  116. jeanne L griffin says:

    Great editing with the sound effects, which inspired me as much as the layout itself. My O scale will never be more than a bunch of buildings and accessories that the grands can set out as they see fit but it’s so much fun to see what others do with their trains. Thanks for the vid.

  117. best layout ever. i wish i could put that video on my 70 inch tv!

  118. roger turner says:

    Fantastic job!! Very realistic, one of the best landscape and scenery jobs I have seen. Attention to detail adds so much. appreciate all your hard work and thanks for sharing.

  119. Frank says:

    It was highly captivating and your layout feels so full of life with each shot feeling as if we were watching the lives of the people in those scenes. Your layout is amazingly clean, but rich with visual interest and the background sounds really made everything come to life.

    In regards to the trains the track is well integrated into the layout although I imagine that the majority of your scenery and buildings came later. You have that balance of lots of track, but with a world thriving around it as in real life.

    I wish I could share this video with friends. I think they’d like it and it would blow people’s minds to see what model railroading is all about.

    Frank in Orlando

  120. Indiana Bill says:

    This is my first post. I just could not sit here and not comment on such a fantastic model RR video. this should be shown at every show and meet for the next 2 years. Inspiring, challenging, and thoroughly entertaining

  121. Neil says:

    WOW! Watched from start to finish. There’s a Twilight Zone episode in there somewhere. Thanks for posting.

  122. Bud Backus says:

    Just Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, etc.

  123. Don Henry says:

    Very nice work. Got a lot of ideas. I need to start commenting more.🏁🇺🇸🏁🇺🇸

  124. Terry Miller says:

    Excellent in all ways including the sound effects of babbling brooks and roaring waterfalls.
    It looks like someone on the county planning committee was paid off by the electric light company and allowed them to post that huge sign in the wilderness area. LOL

  125. THOMAS says:

    Love to see trains running thru a layout … not a fan of all the sounds !
    Thanks for the video .

  126. Ed Zieleniewski says:

    The sound effects really bring the whole thing to life

  127. Erick says:

    Pretty Kool.!!!! I like what i see, I hope mine turns out that good.

  128. Bill Glover says:

    I found this to be fascinating! I enjoyed the “still” narrative of what we were about to see and then the action – very well done to say the least! The hours spent landscaping were well worth the effort!

  129. TJK says:

    Great job Arnie! Very impressive….

  130. Question
    Picture 5 = left side = is track bent wrong
    not curved = looks sharp at start of bridge

  131. Sal Leto says:

    Great video! Looks like a very nice place to live.

  132. Jerry says:

    I really like how your backdrop blends with the layout!

  133. Alan Cranford says:

    so real… you can often only tell it is a model by the cars/trucks/people not moving! one of the very best lay-outs i have seen

  134. Frank says:

    He has everything in this layout. Majestic terrain, bridges, waterways, and everything looks so realistic in its design

    What really gets me are the scenes when one looks closely at the figures and they appear to be really engaged in their activities as if they were real people. The ground, the foliage, the angles of paths and the way things were placed and again the design and layout is just amazing.

    Frank in Orlando

  135. John P. Ruetz says:

    WOW! What a trip down memory lane. I remember as a kid going to town and watching the New York Central trains go by. I loved the steam engines and the cattle cars and waving at the hobos. Then getting excited when a new diesel engine would come through and going home a tell my sisters. Then came the time I’d get excited when I’d see a steam engine other then the one they kept for a switcher. And, eventually the switcher was gone too. GREAT layout. LOVE it. Thanks for the memories . You brightened my day. The last train I rode on was the Grand Canyon Railway and then bandits on horseback held up the train and robbed us. If you get a chance take the ride . The dome car is best.

  136. Lou Della Penna says:

    even though I am in O guage lionel I found the show very intresting and well done.
    I realy enjoied it .
    Your layout is impressive. thank you

  137. Howard B. (Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada) says:

    First of all, I have never posted before, but need to thank Mr. Al for all the work you do to maintain this site, and all the amazing info and knowledge passed on over the years! Arnie, as all the comments have said, your workmanship and details are absolutely incredible and this was the most enjoyable video I have ever watched! For the record, there have been hundreds of awesome videos over the years but yours is just so incredible, and your layout is just so amazing, had to just say a few nice words! Thanks again! Thank you again, to Al, for all you do! Howard B. Uxbridge (small town) Ontario, Canada.

  138. Ron says:

    OMG I have watched this video several times and it enjoyed it tremendously. I have just begone my N Scale layout and this is so inspiring. Knowing how small every thing is in this scale, I am overwhelmed by the detail achieved. I keep watching it for inspiration on what can be done. Thanks for the kick in the pants to motivate me to press on.

  139. Warren Bessling says:

    Truly remarkable project, detail left me speechless, i can only hope to approach something this with my layout.

  140. David Gott says:

    Great video and very impressive scenes enjoyed from start to finish

  141. Lots of joy to see the pictures, and to enjoy the video with pleasing sound.
    Congratulations on your excellent, dedicated, hard work.
    For sure an inspiration to many of us in N scale.

    Sergio Alvarez
    South Lyon, Michigan

  142. Gary says:

    Hi from NZ Arnie
    Great video, very entertainging, amazing layout

  143. Amazing work and detail. I would have loved to have seen some of the towns.

  144. Greg Marples says:

    Now that yours is all done would you like to make a trip to Kansas to help me finish mine? Seems like I keep getting interrupted by other things.

  145. Stephen Hill Woodstock GA says:

    Well , they have all pretty much said what there is to say . Truly a dedicated modeler and enthusiast, you’ve created a piece of art sir . Hats off to you indeed , you have accomplished a great deal . Thank you for posting your work … video is awesome … what’s next?

  146. william j plmer says:


  147. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Arnie….. so many modelers responded, and I could not resist. Fabulous. If not the best then one of the best. Great detail, great scenery, great trains.

  148. Pieter D Voigt says:

    Excellent video and layout…. Arnie also lovely to see, with all the transition over the years, the town planners manage to keep nature intact, The bears and deer remain in the region, big 5 to them, not to interfere in nature and scarred wildlife away.

  149. Sam H. Maryland, USA says:

    All I can say is, “Wow!” Very nice setup. I really need to step up my game on the landscaping. Still learning. A new setup is coming this year. Got some great ideas from this. I just hope I can do anywhere near this level.

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