Print out scenery town layout

John sent these – can’t wait to his layout!

“Hi Al,

Here are some photos of the town I’m putting together from the ‘print out’ scenery. I’ll send you some more pictures when I’ve added them to my layout.


I think they look great – but of course, I’m biased, because they were all made from the ‘print out’ scenery here.

Nice one John!

And don’t forget to save your pennies with the ebay cheat sheet.



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  1. Richard says:

    Just remarkable from Print Out Scenery. Where do you get it? Like the way sections are mounted on pieces of plywood and then assembled into a street. Just great modeling, thanks for sharing. Richard Palm Coast, Florida

  2. dave says:

    John has made a good job of the cut out `s , pity there are not many uk style , should sell well Al.

  3. Carlton says:

    Very impressive work. Everything looks fantastic. Does “print out scenery” work for all scales? I’m interested in O scale. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Scooter says:

    WOW, and I mean that with the utmost sincerity.
    pardon me for repeating myself but …WOW
    Gopher Ridge, FL

  5. Nevair says:

    They are great, and they are a very intelligent solution, in all scales. Maybe it would be nice to have more options of constructions to print.

  6. Pat Taylor says:

    Now that is well done…Congratulations. Looks Great!!!

  7. Tom says:


    simply … Awesome!

    Thank you both (Al: John) for sharing.

    Best regards,


  8. Kiong says:

    Hi Al,

    I must say it looks really nice, i am Impressed.

    Can I ask, how did you make 2D print out so 3D like a styrene kit. Did you use thIn blue foam to create some form of relief on the building?

  9. Ervin S, Jackman says:

    that is a great job i like it

  10. Alan Shelton says:

    I love the buildings and the details in the scenery. Nice work. I strive for such craftsmanship in my own layout.

    I do have one suggestion for added realism: At the corners I would not expect to see the grass growing perfectly as though all the pedestrians stepped carefully over the grass from the sidewalk to the curb as they crossed the street. I know this sounds “picky” and I don’t me it to distract from the wonderful work you have done (far better than mine). I only would suggest it for added realism.

    Keep submitting. I love seeing what you do.

    Alan Shelton
    Eastvale, California

  11. George Warchol says:


  12. Don says:

    Wow, that looks great. What are the picket fences and sidewalks made from?

  13. Bonny aka Granny Toot says:

    John: Not only a great job on the buildings, but your landscaping skills are extra nice…I’ll copy your set-ups for my idea binder…my lay-out isn’t to that stage yet.

  14. Rob says:

    The photo’s look very good, i may have missed it at some point, what is the scale.? Regards. Rob

  15. Glenn McFarlane says:

    I’m a Kitchen Designer and details are very important to me. Plus the fact I’m a Detail Freek. I had a layout as a child. I don’t have one now but looking forward to starting on one in my retirement in September. I hope I can get such detail. We can all learn a lot from you
    Thanks for sharing the pictures

  16. Glenn McFarlane says:

    Perhaps you have all ready. Can you share with us where you got your trees or how did you make them.


  17. Dave Robbo says:

    They look great, I am realy impressed, I will be buying the whole set you have up to date. What would do you charge for the whole set!.


  18. TOM says:


  19. Ralph says:

    Very inspiring, I will have to stop messing about reworking locos and do some landscaping, if it looks half as good as this I will be well pleased..

  20. chris says:

    Hadn’t had chance to look at this before,very impressed with detail and setup

  21. Michael Brookman says:

    Nice looking models!

  22. Joe says:

    What scale buildings ar available? ? O-scale?

  23. Tom says:

    Great job John, loved the church yard. The whole scene has great detail,what scale?

  24. Bobby says:

    Nice work John. Not only is the detail spot on with realism but the craftmanship is aces. I was a builder for close to 40 years until a back surgery forced my retirement into the world of social security/disability. i am one of those lucky ones who made a good deal of money doing what I loved. For the last 1 plus years I’ve been taking my love of building to the miniture level of ho trains with a sizable 15 x 15 layout. It surely has helped me get over the “i miss work blues.” May I ask what you used for sidewalks, curbs and the base beneath the structures? Thanks

  25. Kevin says:

    Wow nice job !!

  26. Dennis says:

    They look great. Very realistic.

  27. john w says:

    were can I purchase these

  28. john w says:

    can I buy pagage deals of different buildings

  29. Rob James says:

    Very nice, excellent detail, and easy to make with minimal craft tools and work space. Is there any chance that there will be any British profile offerings in OO gauge. That is the gauge I am working in, with the setting being the Midlands/west coast (LMS) just prior to nationalization.

  30. Mark W says:

    Great workmanship. I too use some print out for buildings and always use thin balsa wood as a backing for the buildings. Easy to work with, glues easily, and holds up. Recently did a HO scale western town with hptel, livery stable, and saloon. Was able to make working doors, sodewalks and roof from printed material on the wood. Balsa makes excellend “siding” panels as it can be easily etched to similate the lap siding found on many homes. Also paints easily.

  31. Rey says:

    Amazing work. The attention to detail and the deliberate imperfections make your work the envy of most of us and a template to follow. Well done.

  32. Keith Carey says:

    I am really impressed with how the print-outs really worked. Did you use balsa wood or very thin laminate for the structures. Maybe I missed some of the articles on the print-outs. This probably cost you a couple ink cartridges. John, I like the added detail of the skylight. And, the uneven road joint making a terrific blacktop patch. And, the broken curb that cities let stay there. But, the church is magnificent. Would be nice to add the three crosses to the scenery. And, that’s a huge coffee cup. 🙂

  33. Colin Smith says:

    Hi Al,
    Congratulations to John for doing such a fine job with the houses. They would look great on an American or Australian layout. Like a few others I would like to see some English houses. Terraces and semis from the 40’s 50’s and 60’s would be great. I’ve been in Australia 40 years but still build LNER layouts.
    Thanks in advance,

  34. Roger Deacon says:

    Hi Guys. The paper houses are great. I treid to purchase the from the web site, but I live in South Africa and the site does not accept any of my credit cards. Is there another way of getting these. Roger.

  35. Ernie Stammers says:

    Hi Al
    It looks great and as from April I will be building my layout in my new shed, but like everyone else that has asked are what scale are these? and can they be O scale??

    great ideas keep them coming

  36. John Ortis says:

    Nice house’s look’s like old home’s on the upper East side of Milwaukee Wisconsin back in the 1940’s to about 1960’s. John from Milwaukee Wisconsin

  37. George sedlock says:

    fantastic work! I especially like the dirt/ally between the homes very realistic!Great weathering! I’d also like to thank Al for this site it is a help and inspiration for all! Geo in Tx.

  38. kevi says:

    Excellent job!!!!!!!…….You should be a Hollywood set decorator, well done……

  39. kevin says:

    Love the age period you chose…..

  40. Ken Anderson says:

    Where Can you buy the roads and sidewalks??

  41. Excellent work Gentlemen cannot wait to use on my layout thanks for the idea’s.

  42. Dave Karper says:

    My observation in several cities from New Mexico, Florida,Maryland, Pennsylvania,Delaware, and Connecticut I’ve never seen grass follow the curb line.The sidewalk has always continued to the curb.

  43. Bob Schultz says:

    I think these models look great, in fact some of the best card buildings I have seen yet – Bob

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