John’s railroad scenery video

John’s scenery are not bought models. You print the plans out and make them yourself.

You can get the scenery that John has printed out and made here.

John has kindly sent in a video afer all your comments on his pictures.

John made all this scenery from these plans. You can get them here.

Thanks John!

And don’t forget to save yourself a fortune with the ebay cheat sheet.

Keep those tips, video and pics coming!



PS Don’t forget my favourite modeling resource here.

12 Responses to John’s railroad scenery video

  1. Klaus Göllnitz says:

    Great & realistic scenery.
    What would complete it are vehicles and people.
    Well done!

  2. dave says:

    Well done John

  3. Thomas Meleck says:

    Fantastic detail. More like a neighborhood than a town, but very cool. All cardboard too. Terrific video. Thanks.

  4. Glenn McFarlane says:

    What did you make the streets from?


  5. Kiong says:

    Impressive! How did he make 2D paper print into 3D like styrene kit? Please advise…


  6. Al says:

    He just printed the plans out, stuck them thin card, and then glued them together!

  7. Tom says:


    I have one thing to say. John has a gold mine here.

    Geat work

  8. Len Lainsbury says:

    As per all of Johns` efforts, absolutely brilliant!, but for once a small complaint, the camera work was not up to his fabulous standard and I got quite dizzy watching it, especially at the start. Nit picking? maybe, but I am so used to perfection where John is concerned.

  9. charles says:

    wish i could do half as good great jop

  10. dave says:

    i do not understand the e-bay cheat sheet please help a handicapped railroader thanx Dave

  11. Jaycee says:

    I am a 77year old and just restarting in model Railways and am delving into N Gauge/Scale
    and would just like to say that John is an inspiration to keep going all of my buildings are from downloaded kits apart from one Metcalf kit from my local model shop as it was cheaper than anything on ebay

  12. Larry Baucom says:

    Where can I find a way to run lights in my 4 passenger cars on my old time logging camp, I had no trouble lights in the buildings,and street light but I’ve spent over $80 buying commercial light sets all supposed to run electric from the track buy laying on the cars axels no luck. Any help from all you guys who have been doing this for years greatly appreciated.

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