Brian’s layout pics

“Hi Al.

may like this one. a cctv camera made from one piece of just snap it down in place add a tiny dot of instant glue and presto cctv camera for traffic.

just paint it add a lens and black cable and looks real anough.

this first pic is of a one piece plastic.the white cctv camera is made from two piece of aluminum from a food container and was a bugger to build.stick to the plastic.

Al I have a slide rule but don’t understand the numbers it’s giving me.Have any idea what 0.1.0 can build anything but cant understand a bloody slide rule.


“Hi Alastair,

A few photos of areas around my layout.



(Images are clickable)

“This is a video of my train. I make all my buildings with “foam board”. I make the images for the buildings on my computer. The current layout is on plywood in an ” E” format.



That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day when inspiration grabs you, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

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  1. Both Brian and Wayne have great layouts

  2. mike says:

    really great pics, &advice! thx. awesome layout, so close , tight turns, with short loco’s. over the top.

  3. John Bos says:

    Consider letting your trains make their moves by not moving your video camera so much – the movement of your great collection of trains combined with the constantly moving video isi difficult to watch. And when you do pan your camera do so very slowly…I think you will get better results. That said, I enjoyed seeing your layout.

  4. Richard Dietrich says:

    Well done, I really enjoyed seeing an 027 layout. Keep up the good work.

  5. Tom says:

    Wow, Wayne. Great layout!!
    What is the total dimensions?
    How many trains are you running all at once?

  6. Roland, in Nashville says:

    Great job Brian and Wayne. Excellent ideas from both of you.

  7. Rob says:

    Amazing details Brian. The scene at the dock really intrigues me. All you scenes are fabulous.

    Wayne, wow. Really fun layout.

    Thanks to you both for sharing.

  8. PETER BENSON says:

    great photos and a very busy lay out well done. peter norfolk uk.

  9. Mark says:

    How did u make it look like wood inserts in the shed as looking to try and do concrete new to model railway building and now really hooked can anyone help many thanks

  10. Jim Sarosi says:

    WOW so busy! I love it.

  11. Chris says:

    love the photos, especially the interior view of the engine shed, please keep them coming, a great inspiration for us all

  12. paul Otway says:

    neat harbour

  13. Paul Johnston (Ireland ) says:

    Bloody hell, what a layout, fantastic, as for counting the number of trains, forget it, I got dizzy trying to count them, well done, both layouts are just super,

  14. Charlie says:

    That is tremendous.Couldn’t figure if there were a couple of different layouts in there.Were the elevated tracks totally seperate from the main level? Regardless a lot of work involved in running that or have you used DCC?

  15. Charlie says:

    The detail in Wayne’s World was fantastic, that is a life’s work for sure – great job

  16. David says:

    Addressed to Kim:
    You have a very nice touch for delicate work.
    A slide rule is used to calculate numbers, equations, etc. It is useless as a measuring tool.


  17. frank says:

    does anyone know what you buy to make fake water???

  18. Bob Bouskill says:

    Chaotic – but loveable

  19. Ian says:

    What an amazing fun layout…! I was wondering if anyone in UK was making this scale track and uk rolling stock? Ian

  20. Eugene & Doreen says:

    Hi Wayne
    Very nice layout
    what scale is your train.
    How many trains do you have running in your lay out!
    Keep the good layout (work !)

  21. Mike says:

    The best and busiest layout I have ever seen! I love this gauge or scale Wayne. You my friend are a real train man. Please continue and show more of your work! The best I have seen here. Thanks, Mike

  22. steven stclair says:

    Thanks, I enjoyed both items.


  23. Wayne:
    You must have used “P” for plenty as you designed your multi-train layout. Controlling that many trains is a task I do NOT want, but enjoy the work of others showing it can be done without crashes/wrecks. Keep up the great works and remember what makes YOU happy. Running trains is FUN-for others it may be background or layout scenario’s and ground -works. Thx for sharing what you have as is. Continue your wonderful work. I personally enjoyed your layout. Harold Jr.

  24. Ray Ehlert says:

    FINALLY !! —an 0/027 layout we are seeing here. I couldn’t begin to draw the layout but I can see that it is a FUN layout.. I like the multilevel effect…just like the 50’s in the department stores. Show us more !

  25. Ray Ehlert says:

    Is the layout 16feet across the back and 12feet on the outside edges or less ?

  26. Terry says:

    I’m becoming a bit disenchanted with minimum radius bends and over-cramming of layouts to get everything in. Sometimes, if you have limited space, less is more! …and it looks so much better!

    Wayne has a great collection of rolling stock and engines, but nothing looks real when it’s moving at a frantic speed, or operating on track that has overly tight bends – but whatever floats your boat is OK I guess. His scenery is pretty minimalist as well, and I’m guessing he’s more interested in running trains than in modelling scenery.

    I prefer the “talented Dave” approach, where the compromise between realism and space, and running trains, seems to be much better.

  27. keith grobe says:

    nice layout how old are those lionel trains??

  28. Wayne’s layout looks extremely busy. A lot of thought & work has gone into this

  29. Peter says:

    Looks like a lot of fun is being had. Ignore the negative comments!

  30. Jim Richards says:


    Such a vintage look. Reminds me of a Lionel Model Train display at Christmas. All those trains moving around the layout in different directions including the trolly that automatically runs back and forth. Brings back fond memories. Thanks


  31. Gerry says:


    So it appears that all of your trains are running on separate/designated tracks (i.e. they never share the same track), am I correct in assuming this? How many transformers are you using to run all of this and are they simply running conventional or are you running them using DCS or something like that?

  32. Jimail says:

    Ya gotta love the interior detail of Brian’s engine house. Fantastic!!!!!


  33. Cary says:

    Brian, love the details!! Especially the dock side scenes and the engine houses. Wayne, man you’ve got lots going on this layout, great collection of vintage items- a real joy to watch all the action. Thanks to both for sharing. Cary in Kentucky

  34. Fred Svoboda says:

    O-27 pretty much guarantees a “busy” and toy-like layout, but that is not a negative .It’s just fun, and particularly if you’ve got kids they will respond very positively to the energy of it all.

  35. Frank Goessler says:

    Love the layout. In the first place it’s o gauge, something you just don’t see that often. Second, l personally love all the trains going at the same time. Someone made the comment that it reminded them of the department store Christmas time layouts you used to see when I was growing up in the dark ages. Sorry but I think you can’t have too much going on. Keep up the great work.


  36. Dennis says:

    Well done! Just gave me more incentive to keep moving on my “O” gauge layout.

    You do not see many larger scale layouts there days.


    Lots of activity going on. Even noticed some engines I once had.

    Brian it boggled the mind the detail you manage to put into all your models.

  38. Perry says:

    Wayne, I agree with the person who said you jump around too much. Put the camera on a tripod and follow one train at a time. Also by jumping around so much it was often out of focus.

  39. Kevin McArdle says:

    There is no right or wrong way to run trains. Some of us, are craftsman modelers and strive for realism, like George Sellios, and his Franklin and South Manchester, and some of us like less degrees of realism, but it’s the simple joy of seeing toy trains run in a miniature world we have created, and harkens back to our childhood and the amazement we felt seeing electric trains. I remember it was 1955, and I got my first set of Lionel, and my brother saying he had to fix them, when by fixing he meant using up all my smoke pellets, before I got to play with my trains that Christmas.

  40. Joe Cavilla says:

    Wow, very interesting and fun. I really like the details. Great harbor scene and engine house. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Terry Miller says:

    At the back end of Wayne’s layout you can see a trolley car moving back and forth. I assume it hits a bumper at each end to reverse the polarity. I haven’t seen such an item in HO scale and was wondering if anyone had any idea of how to BUILD one? Obviously you’d need a dpdt switch at each end or somehow install the dpdt in the car itself. but I can’t figure out how to activate it when the car reaches the bumper and how to wire the two bumpers together.. Any ideas/help would be appreciated

  42. jml says:

    There are several auto-reverse circuits available that will do the back-and-forth control for you (for example, the Digitrax AR-1); the one I use relies on a pair of photocells and kicks a relay to reverse the DC polarity. That’s probably less damaging then hitting something with a physical stop at each end of travel.

  43. Allan Blossom says:

    Would love to see track layout plan , and some wide angle shots to see how to comingle different heights of tracks . you’ve given me some ideas but I’m not a track engineer , have to have a visual to figure it out . this is for Wayne .

  44. bob Schardt says:

    A question about Marklin track. Is there a way to convert the 3 rail Marklin track to DC

  45. Robert Brady says:

    Alot of time ,effort, and money but a bit too many trains going at once unless ur just showing your collection.

  46. Franco says:

    Outstanding!!! These High Resolution images show more detail than most other folks take the time to share. Other work is noteworthy and professional, however, with hi-res images that you can magnify and still see the quality, now that is a great share! The dockside shipping set was a super idea and well laid out. Great job!

  47. Great layout!!! Bad camera work. Slow down your panning.

  48. Wayne, congrats – i’m going to be building an 027 gage layout on a 12×13 platform – and want to definitely want multi levels. Please film again from a distance so that we can see at least 1/2 the layout or more at one time. Also hold camera for a couple of moments so we can focus on everything from a distance, please????

    And FYI – I love all the trains, I’m not going to be spending a lot of time initially up front on secnery but rather on getting at ease 6 or 7 trains, multi level, may even have a third level. thanks again Great Job

  49. Randy Geisick says:

    Loved the O27 video. Really does take me back the beginning. The department stores always had an over-the-top layout in their window at Christmas time. That is what I had asked Santa for. It was a bit disappointing on Christmas morning to open the MARX box (poor man’s Lionel), only to find an 0-6-0 with tender, a flatcar, boxcar, gondola and caboose. With enough track to build a small oval. But that toy train did get me started in model railroading. I am now in the process of building an N-Gauge empire of just over 32 square foot. I also belong to a model railroad club where we have four layouts is process; N, HO, O, and G. Thanks for the flash from the past.

    Randy, Kimberly Idaho

  50. Bob P Fair Lawn NJ says:

    Someone needs to get a tranquilizer to Wayne before his frenetic layout kills him.
    I was astounded by all the activity going on at the same time, how many trains were running?

  51. William says:

    what are the tresels – do you make them or are they made by lionel?

  52. Dannofive0 says:

    WOW! Very nice.

  53. Craig Persons says:

    nice photos. A slide rule is a hand calculator not for measuring. The C and D scales multiply and divide. We sent our first rocket ships into orbit using slide rules.

  54. Wayne’s layout reminded me of my Christmas visits to my grandfather’s attic which was covered with a huge layout, at least to a 3-year old. Is there a chance to see a layout diagram of this setup?

  55. Calvin says:

    I loved both! The engine shed detail is outstanding! Also, I enjoyed the 027 layout with all of the trains in operation. I think that this is a hobby for anyone to enjoy.

  56. George M. Kuchek says:

    Very nice! As an architect I have one comment and that is you need diagonal bracing on your bridge in the direction parallel to the tracks to make it a bit more convincing and structurally correct. Besides that, AWESOME!

  57. jacin mueller says:

    photos were great ,nice detail as for the 0/27 video just how many trains ? wow, that is a lot, all going on at once, all over the lay out, have to watch it over and over just to catch it all, thx

  58. Stephen Hill Woodstock GA says:

    Brian , all I can say is your shop is a lot cleaner than mine .
    Superb display , magnificent detail , simply amazing .

  59. Tom says:

    love to know how you make your buildings using your computer. my email is cwbytown

  60. william james palmer says:


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