Kevin’s backdrop

“Hi Alastair,

Here is a few photos of Amberton town scene under construction,the back scenes are scratch built using Plastikard and the viaduct is also scratch built which goes through the town.

The two blocks of flats have been raised from ten floors to fourteen floors they stand at 2 feet tall,the football stadium is made from the same materials has the rest of the model.


“Hi Al

I have a couple of photos of my layout not finished, is it ever,.



That’s all this time, folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

Thanks for your comments on the ebay cheat sheet – latest one is here.



18 Responses to Kevin’s backdrop

  1. Charlie says:

    That is awsome! What would be really good – details of how you designed and constructed your viaduct and buildings and size of your layout. I am always interested in how people design and build their models so what are the dimensions and methods used, that sort of ting.Thanks for sharing this.

  2. paul starr says:

    really impressive especially the block of flats,like charlie says details of how you designed and constructed it would be good.

  3. Isadore says:

    Great stuff, would like to see more of Neil’s layout if
    possible. Looking great 🙂

  4. Roland Burch says:

    Great photos!

  5. paul Otway says:

    I like your back drop

  6. THOMAS says:


  7. DonJ says:

    I like the switching layout with the freight and passenger tracks in the rear of the layout.
    This makes the switching of the industries easier.

  8. Rod Mackay says:

    Beautiful work, well done!

  9. Rob McCrain says:

    Kevin and Neil have both done outstanding work. I especially like Kevin’s residence high rise buildings. Neil, you have done an outstanding job on your service station. Well done to you both.

  10. Steven StClair says:

    I really like the track layout on the second last photo thanks.


  11. joe says:

    Excellent looking high rises…….gorgeous…nice job

  12. Jim says:

    Great work by both of you. Hope to see more down the line.


  13. Kevin McArdle says:

    I think to finish the stadium scene, you need a bunch of miniature “lager louts” and ‘blokey’ hooligans. Scatter them onto the tracks.for added realism. Great layout, and gmreat work on the buildings.

  14. Terry Miller says:

    Well I’ll be damn!
    After 50+ years of model railroading I never thought of using a track Wye for access to a two track building or engine house as Neil apparently has done in the overhead picture #3. That sure solves a few problem.
    Thanks Neil!

  15. Cal says:

    As usual Al’s posts never leave me disappointed. The tips have been very instrumental in the construction of my layout. My thanks go out to Alastair, Dave and others that continue to bring excitement into this great hobby. Keep up the good work. Backdrops are so very important to finish off a great layout.
    Thanks everyone.
    Cal from Oregon.

  16. steve Joyce says:

    I need those high rise for my layout….lol Looking at some kitbashing but maybe cardstock will suffice

  17. Personally…I’m greedy and want to see more of both.

  18. Robert Brady says:

    beautiful layout ! Isn’t your ballast a bit coarse?

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