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More from Brian today (and if you missed Brian’s previous posts, it’s here).

“Hi Al, as promised, a few photos of my double header logging Heislers pushing a wedge snow plow over a wooden trestle crossing a (mostly) finished portion of my scenery.

Will send a video of the above later.

Al the best.


photo 1

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

Big thanks to Brian for sharing – I do love seeing how his layout progresses.

And don’t forget to let me know your comments on the ebay cheat sheet. Latest one is here.



16 Responses to The latest from Brian

  1. Gwyn Lewis says:

    Very realistic. The scenery looks great

  2. Robert Coe says:


  3. a r murrell says:

    Super, very impressive.

  4. Larry says:

    Were the bridges and trestles kits, kit bashed or scratch built. They are awesome. Very inspiring layout.

  5. Arnie Steiner says:

    Hi Brian — Very nicely done video of the early logging days. The layout scenicking is impressive with the extensive vistas of rugged rocky terrain and and trestles…


  6. John Graves says:

    Where do you find the very tall tress, 8 thru 10 or 12″ tracks, I need them for my Ho- EZ and O-EZ scale tracks??
    John Graves

  7. Brian Messenger says:

    Hi all, my wood trestles are scratch built on a generic jig that I drew up and use on my workbench, making either long trestle bents or shorter ones as needed. I have drawn the “bents” and add squares of 1/8″ wood as guides on a sheet of card making the ‘jig’. The trestle bent drawing is to a height of 15 inches and then make the trestle bent according to height that I need. The “steel” bridges are kits from Micro Engineering in the USA.

  8. Tom says:

    The detail is stunning Nicely done Brian. Thanks for sharing. Liked the video!!
    Thanks for sharing Al.



  9. Christine says:

    Very nice layout. Looks so good.

  10. Bonny McDaniel aka Grannytoot says:

    I love the rock formations…were they made with insulation (blue/pink) foam? I’m keeping this post for reference for my HO and my N scale layouts. I especially need the rock formations for mine. And, your background scene really looks like my beloved Sierra Nevada range (I was born in those mountains almost 78 years ago).

  11. nice layout the bridges are unbelievable i love the video. will enjoy more videos.

  12. paul Otway says:

    So realistic.

  13. Thomas says:

    Love the steel bridge, So, so on the wooden bridge, unless it’s a replica of the real bridge… from somewhere?

  14. John says:

    Another superb layout.
    Love it. Detail is great. Would like to see it for real.

  15. THOMAS says:


  16. NJ Mark says:

    Beautiful work! Cheers! NJ Mark

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