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Had a blizzard of comments on Marcus’ layout.

If you missed it, it’s here.

Here is Marcus’ reply:

“Hi Al, and all who have commented on my layout.

I have been really stunned by your kind observations and encouragement. In fact, I feel very humbled. I really did not expect it. So thank you all so much.

As I have been a bit time (and cash) poor recently I haven’t had much time to add further to the layout. It’s also summer here and a bit hot to be working on the layout. However, I will try to answer a few of your questions. Regarding the lights in the buildings, as someone mentioned, I think this is just my camera (iPhone).

Denny, I created the backdrops in photoshop using images off the web. These were then just printed out with my printer and mounted on board. These will be updated at sometime.

Neil, I’m pleased this brought back memories! the station building is a bachmann one Based exactly on The Harrow-on-the hill station buildings.The back wall is made from ‘scalescenes’ brick sheets (highly recommended). luckily, this station building and the signal box also don’t look too out of place when running my German trains.

I’ll try to post some more pics when I have time and also possibly setup a youtube channel as well to show some running of the layout.

Also, for those interested, the overhead catenary is made from scratch (using parts from dapol masts etc. The wire is fishing line, which is actually under tension. It was very, very fiddly! and time consuming to construct, I have to say. I looked into using Viessmann catenary, but it was too expensive!

Many thanks again for all your feedback.



“Hello mr Alastair

my name is michael jensen from Denmark i send this today becors, i well to tell you about my modeltrain i have i gat it from my grandfather when i was 5 y/o and from that time of and to when i was 25 y/o it was in boxes then i startet to put it up that was allways my dream to get my modeltrain up and runing.

so now it has taking me about 20 years on and of i have 3 rooms for now in my moms old home but when i get the house i have plans to take the last room to my modeltrain to, i know it may not bee a prisvinder but i like my laout i have alot of fun and good time whet my modeltrain

i have about 48 locmotives to run on it i know that is alot but you know when you get some trains from you gardfather and you put it up you go and get more trains i do i have about 150 meters of track on my laout my laout it is made to look like Germany from 1920 to 1950 and i like that time when it comes to trains it looks so good when you put a model on the look like it is taking out of time from 1930

i well say i like so much what you put on your mails the come i like them and when i was in the us just been the for the last 3 years and now home i love to see what you put on it made me fill good so i din`t miss my modeltrain so much ok i well go now can you have a nice day and thanks for very good mails i gat from you by.

michael bo jensen.”

A big thanks to Marcus

That’s all for today folks. Until tomorrow.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you decide you’re missing out on a lot of fun, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



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36 Responses to Marcus’ reply

  1. Interesting Layout you have built there Michael , look forward to seeing more

  2. Albert Weir says:

    That is a great job youve done there i love all those little houses etc keep up the good work

  3. Mike Wilson says:

    Hello Michael, I quite enjoyed seeing the results of a many year old passion. I think your grandfather was a wise man to know that you would grow up loving trains. I think the work you have done is brilliant, it’s what YOU like but I think the truck / tractor might just be a little out of scale …lol. The only thing that I was disappointed about was the Nazi flag flying. Apart from that I quite enjoyed looking at your labor of love. Keep up the good work

  4. PETER says:

    in the proses of installing a roud house to my layout gave me lots of food for thought

  5. Pete says:

    I am a youngster of 70 and am thinking of starting a layout. If I could have one just half as nice as yours I would be the happiest 70 year old kid around. my prodlem is that I have the plans in my head but don’t have a clue how to put them to use. Do you have any sugestions on
    books that would help me. thank you a future railroader

  6. Dale says:

    I submit the most important part of you post is “… i like my laout i have alot of fun and good time whet my model train.” Too often, we allow other people’s ideas get into our heads and affect our enjoyment our model railroad. Congratulations on reaching the point we all strive for: satisfaction with what is mine.

  7. Dale says:

    I am 73 and am 3 weeks into the ‘build’ phase after a 45 years absence from the hobby. Pete, I have 2 suggestions for you. 1) Get your plan on paper as soon as possible and as accurate as possible (I use “Empire Express” software).
    2) As soon as possible – START – I wasted several years over thinking. Once I started, motivation abounds!

  8. Tom says:

    Marcus you have a greatg layout … be proud of it you deserve it.

    Michael thanks for the pictures … I like the way the layout wraps around the corners and into th next room. Your background is beautiful.

    Thank you both for sharing.

    Thank you Al for bringing it to us all to enjoy.
    I sure did!



  9. mike says:

    Good pictures ,i like your layout are your scenes.

  10. kimo says:

    The main thing is that you enjoy what you have done, and what your plans for the future are, please keep us posted .

  11. Ed Dunaway says:

    Amazing work of ART. It is truly Germany in the 1930’s.
    I was overseas in the 1960’s and it reminds me of the country side I saw while I was there at Tempelhoff.
    Again would love to see more shots of your layout.
    Maybe this is the inspiration need to get my layout a new lease on life.


  12. StJohn says:

    terrific layout Marcus…quite an accomplishment!! Grampa would be exstatic!!!….

  13. Hi Micheal,

    First of all what some of us wouldn’t do for so much room, Ha! Ha! Ha! You have chosen a very interesting time, or period to base your layout on. You can never have to much motive power or rolling stock as it eventually all gets used anyway I look forward to seeing the progrese you make as time goes by and it’s good to see your making use of something your Grandfarther passed onto you it must be very excitting for you, also you seem tobe enjoying it very much so I hope you continue for many years to come and hopefully you’ll beable to pass it onto your Son or Grand Son when the times right! Congratulation and good luck.

    Stemar, (Downunder)

  14. John says:

    I definitely had a Bavarian theme running through my mind while looking at the pictures of your layout. I think you have captured 1920-1950’s Germany very well. Good luck and good modeling Michael!

  15. Peter the Mackem Jones says:

    Nice layout Michael glad you are having fun with it and you should be proud of your work, keep it up and look forward to seeing more.

  16. Phil says:

    Hi Micheal, love your layout and the way you use the rooms in the house. Not sure about the nazi flag. great to see a marklin layout on this site.

  17. Bill Fitzpatrick says:

    I too know about storing them for years and years. This is the year that mine come out of the boxes. Don’t forget that they are your trains and run them any way that you like! Have fun!

  18. Ray Appenzeller says:

    Michael you have built a very appealing layout, which is mirroring my desire to build a Swiss or Bavarian type layout. Thus to include mountain passages, chalets and waterfalls. I been to Denmark in 1986 while I was in the US Air Force stationed at Karup AB for a year. I spent a considerable amount of time there, wandering around taking pictures off base, looking at all the marvelous buildings, architecture, farms, sea ports and the railroads. I love your touch of the windmill and the lovely quaint houses. I loved the Baltic Sea areas as well. I loved your food and your country is so very nice! Love the people!

  19. Eugene says:

    5 stars sez in all!

  20. THOMAS says:


  21. Ross says:

    Hi Michaael1 I liked your layout and you obviously have worked on it for a while. Great photos! Thanks for sharing it with us. Cheers Rossco

  22. Norm Lawrence says:

    Enjoyed the pictures. We cannot ignore the past history of any country lest we repeat the same mistakes. If we chose to ignore the fact that we in the US had our un-Civil War and the fact that there were Confederate flags around if we were so inclined to try to model a 1860’s era railroad scene then something would be missing. The fact that he has ONE small nazi flag on a pole does not take away from the fact that he’s made a very nice layout that he enjoys. That is what this hobby is supposed to be about. ENJOYMENT!
    I’ve been slowly going at my own layout for just over 5 years and am finally getting to the point where I can start doing more with the scenery now that the track is ALMOST perfect with no derailments. I am enjoying all the scenery tips being posted.

  23. Roland Burch says:

    Michael, I like your layout. You did a good job on it.
    Thank you for the pictures.

  24. Andreas Kilian says:

    Hi Michael,

    Finally someone who is working with what I consider the cream of the crop when it comes to Model Railroding: Märklin (or Marklin as is more common amongst English speaking people). I, myself, just got rid of most of my old M tracks and switched to K Track as I found the conductivity for digital operation to be better. Unlike yours. my layout is still very much in the making. I like what you have done. Very good job.
    By the way, how does one add pics to these posts?

  25. Desert Rat PHX AZ Tom says:

    mike give your grandmaw a hug She deserves a lot of credit, great job, I love the room to room thats cool.

  26. Gary P. Dettl says:

    Dear Michael
    HIMMEL vat a great layout.. Currently my H.O. is packed away, but I hope to start re-building within 6 months. It will only be a 6×10 ft. (about 2 meters by 3 meters) on foam insulation board. You have provided me with much inspiration as has the other modeler, like Dangerous Dave.

  27. Hemi says:


  28. Vic says:

    What track layout software is good for a windows PC?

  29. Robert says:

    Nazi Flag. In fairness to Michael he did say he was modelling Germany 1920-1950, and if memory serves correctly, for too many years the country was under Nazi rule. Accordingly, it seems historically accurate even if discomfiting. It is a model after all, not a propaganda piece. Perhaps one could equally question the Stars and Stripes flying, in that context. Well done, Michael.

  30. Mike Wilson and Robert, what picture shows the Nazi flag flying? I see the one with the US flag. Maybe he’s depicting the WW2 era? Maybe one area is under Nazi occupation and the other is under US? That would be my guess.

  31. Robert says:

    Hi James. Thanks for your response which I agree it’s a reasonable one. The Nazi flag is in photo 7, the one with the prominent windmill just right if centre (as we spell it here in New Zealand). The flagpole is in front of the red building and I confess I didn’t notice it either until it was commented on. I don’t see that it’s an endorsement if nazism; just a reflection of a past reality in the time in German history, or aspects of different periods within those decades. Still admire and respect Michael’s great effort.

  32. Paul says:

    Nice layout

  33. Walt says:

    That is an awesome layout.
    I LOVE your attention to detail with your scenery and backdrops.
    Can’t wait to see where the two rails through the doorway go to.
    Thanks for sharing!

  34. Frank R Juhasz says:

    I understand that years ago you sold backdrops. If you still have any I could use 18 feet. Thanks!

  35. Fine Layout Marcus. Hope you can provide a full layout overview in the future. Don’t let the sour words stop your display of the Nazi Flag. WE NEED TO REMEMBER our History so we don’t repeat it.

  36. Jim Cox says:

    Michael’s primary backdrop is made by Faller and is called “Lowenstein”. It is very exciting to see a layout extending throughout a house. Good work, Michael!

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