Bob’s train platform

Really short and sweet today.

Didn’t think I’d have time to post, but when this came in from Bob, it made me smile.

Just goes to show, if you’re short on space, don’t worry. Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

Folk have sent pictures of these before, but this is the first video:

Big thanks to Bob.

And don’t forget the ebay cheat sheet. Have a quick look if you haven’t been on it for a while.



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  1. Very clever, Bob!!

  2. What a neat idea! are those winches you’re using to pull the layout up and down? I used the same idea for my RR in High School to keep my layout out of the way in the garage, and I’m thinking of doing the same thing when I start resurrecting the RR again!

  3. Great spacesaver! We are planning on moving to a smaller retirement house. Your idea would solve the problem of not cluttering the guest bedroom. It would be great putting in our garage. Would like to see more details of your layout too.

  4. Hi Bob,
    Like you I am short on space, can you share more details of what you used to raise and lower your train table. Details like motor, cables, pulleys, synchronizing the raising and lowering, etc. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

  5. Had this idea decades ago but never followed through.Great to see it in operation,wiring diagnosis and repair must be a breeze.You get to put your trains away after the day! “Your trains take up the whole room”……..What trains?

  6. Take model railways to whole new level!

  7. Love it!!! I’m planning a smaller version…I have a 10×10 guest bedroom….I want to do a 10x 5 foot layout that goes up and down. I’m going to use two garage door openers, the screw type, one on each end, and have it rest on decorative ledges on each end and the back wall.
    I want to finish the bottom to be enclosed, with reading lights, since there is a sofa bed under it. Now I just have to reorganize my garage to get my woodworking stuff out where I can use it…..all the while drooling over a third motorcycle…..which will take up more space!!!!

  8. Well done Bob looking good.

  9. Bob, love it, brilliant piece of work.

  10. Excellent idea Bob , nice layout also

  11. That is simply tremendous!!

  12. Good idea but I do not see the pictures.

    Thank you and have a nice day

  13. That is a great idea!

  14. OH!!! I love this table! I the gears in my head turning now. I’m gonna look in my garage and see where this can go

  15. Bob I think you have a great idea with your table going up like that. That’s killing two birds with one stone. Great job.

  16. Bob:
    I had done it, in my apartment early 1980, yes you’re right it was saving a big place in my son’s room.
    Thanks and good job.

  17. Re; Bob’s layout. Very slick indeed! I know that my basement is too low for that…Just a thought, have you thought of suspending a subway line from the bottom side?

  18. can you find out from Bob the manufacturer of the equipment he has installed to raise and lower his platform? I have a similar requirement and am also tight on space
    Thanks – Patrick

  19. This had got my think tank rolling again! Thanks Bob!!!!

  20. ….HAS got……..

  21. What a superb idea. I hope you have a ‘stop’ sensor so you don’t take it too high. That would be disastrous. Is it ‘O’ gauge?.

  22. Bravo, Bob. Proves, again, that model railroaders are
    clever, creative, resourceful, people.

  23. Truely Awesome!

  24. For Larry Vogt and Patrick S.: the items that Bob used are four winches, one for each corner. If you are in the U.S.of A., Harbor Freight has inexpensive winches starting at about $60 to $400, depending on pulling power.

    If your layout is not too heavy, a 2500 lb. Electric ATV/Utility Winch with Wireless Remote Control should work, you will need a power supply to run it with, (which may be the most cost for the set-up).

  25. great work certainly opens up the theory you can put a layout any where.

  26. Wow that is great. You would not need to permanently give up the space for your railway. Very clever. It seems quite stiff. You would think it would be all bendy and flexing, but it is not. Its great. Rob

  27. What do you do when one or two of the motors quit working? Hope you have a back up plan.

  28. Hi Bob,
    I have been trying to find a company that will do this, can you please help with a tel number or address for me, I live in Geelong in Vic.


  29. That is so cool. It looks like he used 4 electric winches for an off-road Jeep or truck. Don’t know how he syncronized them to work together though. Maybe a 12-volt convertor??? and a custom remote ??? I would love to do that in my basement but with a 7 foot ceiling it would be too low with my 12″ mountains and overpasses that I’m building plus the 4 inches of table bracing on the bottom too. Everyone would be banging their heads on the bottom of it if they walked underneath. . An 8 to 9 foot ceiling would be perfect for this. Most garages have an 8 ” clearance as mine does but my 4×4 truck wouldn’t fit under it so I would have to leave the truck outside in the snow and cold, plus no heat in the garage either so 6 months out of the year it would be too cold to go out there. Maybe at my new house when I sell this one someday. OH Well, Good idea though if you have the height clearance..

  30. Great Bob, but a couple of ideas, please don’t think I’m a killjoy but having worked in a job working with “braces and belts” circuitry for over 35 years, but what happens if one of the motors fails? I also think I would put a barrier on the outside of the table – only needs to be 40mm high to save all those precious trains, believe me this comes from bitter experience.
    A great layout and thanks for showing us all.

  31. I have been working on same concept for 4′ x 8′ layout in garage.
    Use one winch with cables and pulleys linked to winch. Layout is blue insulation board. Very light weight.

  32. Curious about what the object is in the lower right of the video is at about 49 seconds.

  33. Harbor Freight: be careful buying anything electrical or mechanical at this place. They have major durability problems.

  34. I’ve seen this done using just washing line and pulleys, not much to go wrong with them! The problem in a garage seems to be dust though.


  35. Bob –
    Great idea and well designed. But no one has asked the most important question “How did you get the wife to go along?? 🙂


  36. Just the right thing to do. I see that you have 4 winches. How do you manage the balance? I have just one winch, so 4 cables are connected to one which is pulled by the winch.

  37. Power supply: I use a battery charger for which the electronics blew – and a winch a member posted about. It’s now just running on the rectifier bridge which can handle up to 55 amps on about 12V for enough time to lift it. The platform is 13×4 feet full of Marklin M(etal) tracks…

  38. Awesome! By the way..was that a Sounder Train I saw? Very clever what you did with the hide a way table.

  39. As great idea for space savers. Love to create something like this in my layout. Let’s see!!!!
    GOPAL Daga

  40. That’s a great idea for a small spot, good work.

  41. This is great. In the US, folks might want to check out a product called “Garage Gator”. It’s a two point lift system powered by one motor. Made for overhead storage, but I installed one in my garage last year to suspend my n- gage layout which I haven’t started yet.

  42. I envisioned something like this for my G scale and putting in my garage. The whole thing seemed very complicated and eventually decided to do an outdoor layout. Great to see someone who followed through on it, especially with such a great design. Nice work Bob!
    Cary in KY

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