John shows us how to make a tunnel

I do love it when John posts a video.

His enthusiasm is infectious – and it’s fantastic to see all his little tricks that bring these print out scenery buildings to life.

John was kind enough to be the guinea pig the latest in the range – the tunnels.

And of course, I’m baised, but I think he really shows what can be done with them:

Here’s some pics too:

print out scenery

This can be a bridge or a tunnel – make it as long as you want for a tunnel…

printable scenery

You can use the prints for any scenery… here John’s added a wall.

print out bridge

print out tunnel

And can’t forget the grain elevator too – which also comes with the tunnels:

And here’s what John has scratch built with the same prints:

model railway print out scenery

model railroad print out scenery

printable scenery

Print the tunnels out and they are HO scale, for N scale, just reduce the print size by 50%.

The tunnels – which are brand new – are in the store for $19.97.

But for today, for a few days only, you can grab them both (and the grain elevator) for just $6.

That’s both tunnels (or bridges, depending on what you do with them), and the grain elevator – everything you see in John’s video, for $9.97.

Click here to buy both tunnels for just $9.97

I’m really looking forward to seeing your pics of these. After all, who doesn’t want a tunnel on their layout.

And of course, a huge thank to John. He really is a star (if you missed his embankment-how-to, it’s here).

That’s all this time folks. Please do keep ’em coming.

Don’t forget, the launch price ends tomorrow, so if you fancy the tunnels, please grab ’em soon.



21 Responses to John shows us how to make a tunnel

  1. Edmund O Kelly says:

    John is really a fun guy to watch and very talented as well.I am going to purchase the tunnels just to get started as I think this could be a hobby in itself.Regards Edmund Dublin Ireland

  2. NJ Mark says:

    Having a rough start to the day but John’s video has changed all that. Thanks for your inspiring instructional. I can’t wait for the next one! Cheers! NJ Mark

  3. David Hannan says:

    John, you are so enthusiastic and very entertaining! Keep up the good work young man! Thank you, you are a real inspiration when the going gets tough.

  4. Chuck Bartunek says:

    Great buildsand very innovative,like the video too

  5. Ronald barr says:


  6. Gerry says:

    John is truly an artist and I love his enthusiastic approach and the humorous way he presents things.

  7. Peter Stilts says:

    Hi Al, can you give the price for your launch price of the both tunnels, and the grain elevator in UK sterling please. Peter

  8. Rod Mackay says:

    Nice video, great fun, but those “tunnels” are actually bridges. The vertical sidewalls of the abutments and the shallow arch are dead giveaways. Most tunnels by far are round or oval section, the odd exception being cut-and-cover work such as the Metropolitan in London, where they dug out a cutting in the street, built what was effectively a long continuous bridge and filled in round it. Best way to get the right look for the job is to go and look at the real thing and model that. Oh, and the conversion to the flat-topped bridge, the keystone is only of use locking the two sides of an arch, a flat bridge would have to be on girders or concrete beams across the tops of the sidewalls. As for materials, more likely meant to be brick than granite or limestone I think, the bluish grey ones are probably Staffordshires, which are engineering bricks mostly used for load-bearing work or accurate corners, plain brick walls are usually ordinary red or yellow brick with blues only used for corners, archwork etc. There is a word for that thing where the face of a brick pops out, it’s spalling, usually caused by frost or pressure from unsuitable pointing.

  9. Marklin Ed. says:

    John whom is your hair dresser? Love you videos, I mean, love your videos. Thanks again your the breath of fresh air. What do you paint, I ‘m also an artist, I do love model trains too.

  10. John Sims Jeter says:

    To print the tunnels and grain elevator in S -scale (1/64) requires about a 1.375 scale up from HO scale [ 1/87], I believe. Can than enlargement be fitted onto
    8 1/2″ x 11″ paper stock? Thanks.

  11. Jim says:

    Having a tough time getting started with my layout. I’m working with N scale, but my computer won’t let be reduce the print outs at 50%.
    After seeing John’s video I’m ready to give it a try again.
    Great job John! Jim NJ

  12. Realy love the vid you make it so much fun keep up the great work and great tips
    thanks Anthoney

  13. Jim Sherman says:

    Realy, Realy nice.

  14. R. Olivarez says:

    John, You are a trip to watch but very informative. Thank you for your how-to videos. Please keep producing them.

    Al, thank you for youw web site and services.

  15. Thomas Murphy says:

    John adds a whole new dimension to model railroading. His enthusiasm is contagious, each time that I view one of his videos; it amazes me how well that I enjoy his presentation. He inspires as well as entertains myself, my family and my friends who watch his performances at his work table. Thank you so much John and Al for sharing.
    Sincere regards, Tom (USA)

  16. Ron S says:

    How does John get the items to print out on cardboard stock or is he gluing the paper print out on to cardboard?

  17. Linda says:

    John, Love your creative thinking and talents. Your presentations are informative yet so entertaining. I wish I had found this website and build from scratch patterns long ago. We have been purchasing and collecting for our O scale layout for the past six years and have invested quite a bit.
    Al, this website is wonderful. All the talented contributions and your tireless efforts to put them all together for presentations is so appreciated.
    Thank you so much.

  18. David says:

    Well done John i enjoy building your products and watching your videos.
    Keep them coming.My wife has no interest in train modeling but she likes watching your videos.

  19. Robert LaGoe says:

    Very creative

  20. Al Lyons says:

    What do you use to glue prints to. What thick n ess is card stock

  21. Thomas Hill says:

    Great video John, wish I had found this site two / three years ago. When I started building my railway.

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