John’s print out scenery ‘how to’

Some of you will remember John – he did the video ‘how to’ on this embankment stone wall.

Well, he’s been busy again with the latest addition to the printout scenery, which is another embankment wall, an engine shed and some brick sheds.

As you’ll see he was on form… I hope you find it as entertaining as I did.

There’s good news about these latest additions too.

You can get the new stone wall embankment, the brick sheds (manager’s sheds as John calls them) and the latest engine shed, all for just $9.97 (until I get them properly on the site – I’ve been dragging my heels somewhat recently).

So that’s all four buildings for just $9.97:










You can grab the new embankment wall and engine shed here.

I do love the new engine shed and embankment wall – both have bags of character! I really can’t wait to see them on one of your layouts. I’ve had some nice pics sent in of the engine sheds.

The first engine shed is here – and then when John saw the third engine shed, that’s when he got busy with camera. And I’m glad he did…

That’s all this time folks. Don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here if you want to get going.

Please do keep ’em coming.



PS If you’re looking for the very latest ebay cheat sheet, it’s here.

56 Responses to John’s print out scenery ‘how to’

  1. Andrew Moynihan says:

    Great Talent need not say more. Thanks

  2. Rodger Williamson says:

    very nice bit of bodging, makes it the only one in the world, well worth the extra effort.

  3. NJ Mark says:

    John is a true artist. He is informative, enthusiastically creative and thoroughly entertaining! I’d love to see more. NJ Mark

  4. Gary S says:

    John’s ideas are very helpful and his enthusiasm is infectious. I, within minutes
    of watching his video I started on my own modification to a building I was working
    on. Big Kudos to John

  5. mark Allen says:

    VERY nice John, and entertaining !

  6. Love your videos! Great craftmanship! Suggestion: switch to decafe!

  7. Stephen Hudacko says:

    I don’t see you suffering from self esteem. Your enthusiasm is contagious and your imagination is fantastic. I like to think I can use my imagination much like you and I know how excited I get when, I create something that just lights me up. You want to show it to others who understand and appreciate your creation. Half the fun is watching their reactions. Unfortunately using a video you don’t get the feedback. Thanks to Al we all get to see your work and give you the feedback you need.
    I have made a few of Al’s buildings and they look good but I work in O scale and it is hard to up size the buildings. O is twice HO but not quite. So you have to play around with it.
    Thank you John for all the great tips and please keep them coming
    Steve from Toms River

  8. steven hooten says:

    Very nice work

  9. Dave Fairfull says:

    Well done John! Also very entertaining. Love the comment about the man on the fast horse. I will borrow the saying. Thanks for the enthusiastic video.
    Dave F. Canada

  10. Robert Mahon says:

    What great ideas you have!
    Do you have any low relief buildings for sale?
    I am looking for a bank.

    Robert Mahon
    Healdsburg, Ca

  11. Terry Clark says:

    Very nice video. Great ideas, Both informative & entertaining. My wife (not a modeler) was very entertained by both the artistry and presentation.

  12. Peter P says:

    Ah John, you are a breath of fresh air! I love your infectious enthusiasm. Thank you for a great presentation.
    Albany Western Australia

  13. John says:

    A boost to poor Johns low esteem. Hugely informative and entertaining as always. Many thanks for doing these presentations. Please keep em coming.

  14. Arthur Romano says:

    Hello John,
    Just as an aside. We like to use the term ‘can’t see it from my house’ or ‘good enough for government work’. I do however like, ‘ a man on a fast horse won’t be able to see it’.
    Your creations are worthy of accolades, as are you sir.
    I’ll be off now.

  15. Don says:

    Before your first video I thought the kits were only good for far background flats. Now I know better. Keep showing new ideas.
    I do wish Al would make some kits with less aging. I don’t want a whole town to be of old buildings.

  16. David Murray says:

    Dirty, scruffy, run-down, shabby, all describe the sort of buildings that are far, far more difficult to get right than thatched cottages with roses around the door. Yet, for most suburban or industrial railways, the dirt, grime and decay was an altogether regular state of affairs.

  17. Pete "The Mackem" Jones says:

    \hi \john, great video you have put together here. A great effect for the roof like all good tips it is simple and looks great. I will give it a go. Keep thetips and the vids coming

  18. R. Olivarez says:

    First off, I really do enjoy your how-to videos. They are so entertaining and yet extremely informative to watch. Please keep them coming. I do have a tip or two for you. SLOWDOWN a bit and and lay off that coffee and high dose of sugar, maybe do as another suggested and switch to decaf coffee. It is a bit hard for some of us older folks to keep up with how fast you are speaking.

    Otherwise please keep more of those informative videos coming. Thank you.

  19. Allan says:

    Most excellent and entertaining!

  20. Joe Wright says:

    I really wish I had the creativity that people like John have. I really love seeing what they come up with. I find what you put on this site quite fascinating.Keep up the great work guys.

  21. Tom Oliver says:

    Great ideas and video thanks. Makes fair looking card buildings look great. Thanks again.

  22. Steve Joy says:

    A fantastic tip! Thanks and please keep them coming.

  23. John Reynolds says:

    Excellent ideas… It would be wonderful to collect these videos in a single download…. Helpful

  24. Herbert Sussman says:

    John’s technique is brilliant! And it makes building in relief with printed stock almost easy to undertake. I am in the process of building my first layout and not yet at the scenery stage, but the continued information that I get on this site makes we ant to keep going. Thanks Al for giving us this gift!
    Herb in North Carolina

  25. Kevin Duffy says:

    a most excellent little model
    I must try this Thanks

  26. Kevin Duffy says:

    A most excellent model
    I will be trying it myself

  27. John,
    you have an incredible eye for subtle details and are tremendously entertaining;
    Your presentations and creativity are astounding! Please Keep Up Your GREAT WORK and Thank You For Sharing your Bottomless Well of KNOWLEDGE!

  28. Roy K. says:

    Big thanks and many claps of the hands to you for your wonderful idea and for making it a reality. Big help and inspiration. Would it be possible for you or John to put all of his video how to’s in a single format? Maybe for download or at least to stream one after the other. I would pay a nominal fee just to see all of his vid’s in one place. Thanks again for wonderful content.
    Roy K. in Penn.

  29. Al says:

    Excellent teaching skills. I laughed and learned at the same time. Keep them coming.

  30. Andrew says:

    Very helpful as always Thanks

  31. John, what a pleasure to listen to you. Your talent is obvious but your personal approach is great. I can no longer tolerate the blah, blah, blah monotone of most instructional sites. Keep up your enthusiasm and may I say, “quirkiness.”

  32. Pete Evangel says:

    What a great how to video. Thank you John for taking the time, not only to experiment, but shoot a video for those of us who rely on visual teaching!! Love your enthusiasm. My first thought was “John, try decaf” but I love it!!! Very inspirational.

    Pete-Sunny Silicon Valley Calif.

  33. Tom says:

    Nice work. I have done similar stuff using photos of brick, shingle and decking from photos downloaded from home depot and such places. This because I can’t draw as well as you. My 1st project was a N scale model of my own house which turned out well and wowed friends. Your Ideas are great and help me a lot keep up the good work.

  34. Allan says:

    Hi John, What can I say that has not already been said,
    You are a total inspiration to anyone who watches your amazing video’s.
    The only tip I can give you is to lay off the coffee altogether and stick to a nice glass of the wine.
    Keep up the great work you are doing with lots more video’s.
    Adelaide, down under.

  35. John Reynolds says:

    Each build gives new ideas.. The videos add a lot
    For a long time I looked at paper cutout buildings as “‘posed to be” fill in models. Like one of the other commentators here, I saw them as best for back drop (back scene) flats. As I have seen what can be done with Al’s models (by modelers like the talented John (not me) and others) I have a better vision about the possibilities these kits offer.

  36. Thomas Murphy says:

    Thank you John. Watching you has been such a pleasure and very rewarding. Yes, Your coffee habit has brought me back to a cup of java in hand while I fiddle with my lay-out. I appreciate your remarkable work and the way you share your talent with folks like me. Am looking forward to viewing all your programs.
    Tom, Maryland, U.S.A.

  37. Jim Sulkosky says:

    That looks great well done

  38. EB says:

    FANTASTIC ideas and execution John !

    You really do belong on the ‘tele’, so entertaining to watch !


  39. Michael Lane says:

    Your how to videos are magical and so entertaining. You are an inspiration to us all so do please keep up the good work and do not worry too much about the coffee or wine as in moderation, they both keep us young, so that we can continue to enjoy our hobby. Well done and many thanks.
    Mike, Andover UK

  40. Marklin ed says:

    John your wonderful and your videos are great. I look forward to your next one


  41. Stephen says:

    Hey John,

    These are fantastic, such attention to detail. Super!!!

  42. Raymond Appenzeller says:

    John, I thoroughly enjoyed your video. I was quite amused of your enthusiasm and comedic approach of making these buildings. Yes, these buildings are very good and can be detailed by creative thought and approach. Well done! Thank you for your expertise and the video! Regards, Ray A

  43. Alan Logan says:

    Absolutely fantastic info and ideas. Are the engine sheds etc available in 00 scale?

  44. David Rogers says:

    Hi John.
    Fantastic keep them coming.
    Thanks. ( Dave ) uk Taunton.

  45. Jim says:

    I’m in the final planning stages of my layout, looking at the various laser cut and plastic kits and such to get an idea of how I will scenic the pike. Had been planning on possibly using Al’s buildings in the background. After seeing two of Johns videos on what can be done with them I am reprioritizing and use several of Al’s builidings as focal points, using Johns videos as my inspiration.

    Some of the best quality and by far the most enthusiastic and inspirational how-to videos that I have ever viewed! Thanks John for the inspiration and thanks Al for making it all possible!

    Seattle, WA

  46. James Chesky says:

    I love your work

  47. Andrew says:

    John’s tips are very simple but absolutely brilliant!

  48. Mike Childs says:

    John, Your vids are truly enjoyable and informative. I love your attitude and delivery. Please keep them coming. Cheers. Mike in Minnesota

  49. Mario S. says:

    Very informative and thought provoking. I always enjoy John’s humorous personality, he’s truly an artist who’s imagination is limitless. I was just wondering what type of printer and what type of paper will give the best results? I’m impressed by the high quality of the images and would like to reproduce the resolution. Keep up the great work. Thanks

  50. greg says:

    this guy is wack, but i love it. always has great ideas.makes plain jane extraordinary

  51. Paul Schwartz says:

    Love watching you and listening to your banter. You’re both entertaining and informative. Thanks for sharing you talent and you ideas!

  52. Mal says:

    Cheer up!! Don’t be so down……

    Who’d have thought I would be laughing along with a video on how to make a card building?

    Strange old life isn’t it?

    Thanks for a great series of videos. Inspirational and beautifully presented.

  53. Jim says:

    John is an amazing talent. He has such a great approach to building these seemingly flat buildings and changing them into fantastic dimensional pieces of art. Even better he takes them and actually redesigns them. We are very fortunate to have him sharing his creativity here. A joy to watch, and a font of wonderful creations. Thanks

  54. Ronald Sheppard says:

    I love John’s videos. He is so entertaining and has made me think outside the box when using the printouts. I have watched them over and over again. He still makes me laugh out loud even after watching them 3-4 times.

  55. Timothy Crump says:

    So nice to see realistic buildings….so many great layouts are detracted from by buildings that look like Lego buildings in bright colors…

    Keep the videos coming, please….

  56. Jim McQuillen says:

    Really appreciate your “property manager’s” work

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