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“Hi Alastair, when I need to make, dams , walls ,grades or the likes I use zonolite mixed with wallpaperpaste. Make a nice paste out of it, almost like a cake dough and apply it with a puttyknife. Also colour could be mixed in already. Works well and can be reused.Do nto forget to add water to it either to make the mix . Also when recycling the dry stuff after taking structure apart.

Regards Hans”

“Hi Al. Best tip I can give anyone – If your track work does not work flawlessly, no amount of electronics. scenery, realism, operations, etc will ever make you want to head for the train room. Take your time on the track work, make if bullet proof, and everything else will be a delight!


“Hi Alastair

A model train tip that will save a lot of frustration: Leave room around your baseboard so you can reach track and rolling stock on top and wiring underneath. In a confined space make an operator hole in the baseboard to achieve the same object. I recently designed a new baseboard and discovered that I would not be able to reach the wiring.

Best wishes


And the latest from Dangerous Dave:

“Hi Al

Back from Scotland now , so decided to go in the loft and test that class 33 on pulling power here is the result



Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

Big thanks Everyone! And of course, Dangerous Dave. Don’t know what it is about his stuff, but it’s always very watchable.



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6 Responses to More layout tips

  1. 17 coaches!? On an incline? I am glad I saw it on video because I would not have believed it otherwise. I gave up on the idea of a gradient on my yet to be built layout because some of my consists of only 4 coaches would just slow down and spin. I used Hornby supports at the shallowest gradient, and cleaned everything. Well thanks Dave for the demo, it has given me the incentive to try harder.

  2. It is fantastic ! How lucky to have such space to develop a layout.
    Paco Gayon

  3. Amen to your post, Mark.

  4. The tip on getting the track work working flawlessly is a really good one. Great also to see another instalment from Dave.

  5. DCC concepts sell some plates and magnets for help on inclines very good

  6. great tips they are filed. thanks for the video on the incline just about ready to put one in.

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