Steve’s 5 x 7 N scale layout update

“Alastair, It’s been quite a few months since my first post about the Ohio Western & Louisville Short-line (OWLS).

Slowly making progress, but still a long way to go!

Recall, the OWLS RR is set in the late-1940s-early 1950s and LOOSLEY modelled after my hometown – during a simpler way of life.

The photos were taken on a late Friday afternoon with the logging camp, sawmill, brick factory and lumber yard winding down for the weekend.

In downtown Mt. Healthy some folks are getting in last minute shopping, while other are lining up for the latest Disney movies at the Main theater.


A huge thanks to Steve – really nice pics. If you missed his last post, it’s here.

That’s all for today, folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if want to start having your own fun.



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42 Responses to Steve’s 5 x 7 N scale layout update

  1. Super scenery! Very impressive!
    Dirty Dave

  2. Very nice layout. Lot of work.

  3. WOW very nice layout Steve

  4. Beautiful layout, really holds to the history.

  5. Impressed especially with the lighting effects.

  6. Nice, well excecuted layout this, I wish I had the skill to make a layout this good.

  7. Outstanding and great attention to detail! Cheers! NJ Mark

  8. Great, wonderful use of 7 x 5 space.

  9. Really cool layout and I thought you did a great job on your scenery. Good work Steve !

  10. Great looking layout. I am amazed at you railroaders who are able to work within the N gauge world. Sorry, too small for these old fingers to handle. Keep up the good work.

    O gauge Frank

  11. Fantastisch , knappe lay-out zeer goed gedaan.

  12. Nice work, great detail, good camera work too!

  13. Really nice Steve. Keep the pictures coming.

  14. Real nice how do I get the plans?

  15. I”M impressed, Just starting up again after 43 years off,got my plans for track,ordered lots of goodies,,just waiting to get stuff here

  16. Excellent stuff!

  17. A simpler time? WW2, Korea war; new technology all over the place including the Avro Aero, first airplane to carry a computer? Maybe better but not simpler.

  18. Very nice work. I am also into n scale so it is encouraging to see what other folks have done. Great detail work.

  19. Very nice. A lot of detail
    Cal from Oregon

  20. excellent work and photography!

  21. Totally awesomeness..I’m just starting an N oval ..

  22. I like the theme from the forest to the saw mill and then to the lumber yard.

  23. You have a great looking layout. Really appreciate your attention to detail and scene settings. Very realistic.

    Jim AZ

  24. nice layout

  25. nice looking layout shows careful thought

  26. Love it! I need more building and my coffee table will be good to go!

  27. WOWWW Steve …. superbe layout
    the detail is terrific
    keep em runnin’ fellas
    stjohn in long beach calif

  28. A tribute to excellent planning and execution. Very nice presentation, I went back and reviewed your previous presentation. An inspiration to all of new beys, I’m now 80 and started my layout last year in HO. Need to sent photos. My thanks to Alistair and to contributors like Steve and Dangerous Dave!
    Phil in Tulsa, OK, USA

  29. Your layout illustrates incredible creativity, patience, attention to the last detail, and also storytelling. The logs from forest to mill to yard is exceptional sequence. You have maximized your allotted space . The scenery work and buildings are wonderful. Also the photography is creative and composed beautifully. The ONLY thing you need is back-wall painting and lighting to give even more depth to the layout by letting it “fill” the room. Even the ceiling could be utilized. But perhaps you already have that planned. You have created a real model railroad from which others can learn and aspire to as well as fine example of N-scale craftsmanship. You are to be congratulated.

  30. Adding my accolades to those who have responded! I have a 9X11 HO layout which is far from being as scenicked as yours! In fact, watching your videos have changed my mind on a couple of ideas I was playing with (all for the better)! At age 71 I’m in no hurry! Thanks for sharing.

  31. Hi Steve, You have a lot going on in a small space and it works very well. Great job integrating the town and rail portions along with the excellent detail and story telling. Really first class! Thanks for sharing. Cary in KY

  32. OMG! What fantastic work! Superbly done. An inspiration to us all, whatever scale we are in. My 6 x 6 L shaped, N scale layout is just in the beginning stages, but this gives me hope I can do something that won’t look too toy like. Thanks for sharing. I do agree with one critique, clean up your background for your pics, ok? Lee. PS … where do you get your vehicles?

  33. Hi Well done nice track design and layout. Like the lighting and the town and site buildings. The rock formations in the cuttings etc. look very good and the marshalling yard very good ground cover etc. The only comment is the boulders in the first photo. They look way over scale even if trying to depict large boulder formations. They would weigh hundreds of tons each and would no have been moved by the railway company to their current position. They are just way over scale. See the size of the train in the picture as a size guide.
    Please keep your updates coming

  34. Excellent work Steve. I have enjoyed both your articles. I would hope you would send a video of your railway in operating mode. Cheers Rossco, Adelaide, Austyralia

  35. Beautiful layout Steve. Keep on truckin’.

  36. a very soothing to look at layout the pictures seem to show easy going township well presented thanks for sharing

  37. Very nice.The scenery is well done and gives it an interesting look.Love it.

  38. Very nice layout , love it fine detail, keep up the great work.

  39. Great looking layout! Very cool!

  40. Nice scenery detail and great train details but missing some traffic details?

  41. Wow, it is really nice. I want to start a layout but just can not currently find the time. I hope to sometime soon. JLH

  42. Hello,

    Just a thought to pass along. When starting out with your layout, it may be best to design it first before doing any benchwork. I built my bench work 30 inches wide against outside walls, and then decided later it should be 36 inches. This meant the spars had to be extended 6 inches out, with the legs recessed the same. this puts the rails and drop feeders outside the 1×4 rails of the benchwork and also leaves a hangover you do not want to climb onto.

    I highly recommend a CAD program called AnyRail. You can design your entire layout, with elevations and helixs very easily over a “surface” you lay down ( your benchwork top, Get the layout designed, figure out the surface required to hold it, and THEN build your benchwork under it. Easy to lay out out the girders under the surface and get your bench work design just right. my bench surface is 39 inches off the floor, just right. Puts you right in the action when seated.

    Point 2 – When designing a helix to an upper level – do NOT build your shelf and then build the helilx. Very tough to align the shelf. Rather, build the helix to a level, and then extend your shelf out from that point.

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