Tracy’s remarkable leftovers layout

“This was built for a friend who has shown great interest in my layout
Have a look it was made using leftovers from my layout


A wonderful layout – and made from leftovers too!

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Please do keep ’em coming.



7 Responses to Tracy’s remarkable leftovers layout

  1. Hello Tracy. That is really quite nice. I liked the “step by step” pictures. There is still plenty of open space left to add to or modify the layout.
    . Fitz

  2. “Never discard anything”. Great, Tracy. You’re a great
    “perspiration” to us all.
    j s (founder and president of “Paqratz Unanimous”)

  3. Thanks Tracy. This train is like my birthday present. I love it!!!

  4. K.I.S.S applied very well. SSUperb scenery and nothing overdone. A real sense of space. Thanks for sharing. D/

  5. wow ole boy said you did an excellent job and i agree.

  6. Judging by the size, it would make a nice coffee table, glass top and sides, nice to watch the trains go round


  7. I love creating a project from leftovers, especially when they turn out as well as this one did, nice job Tracy. What a great way to share the hobby. Cary in KY

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