Andrey’s oil condenser


Another thing of my friend.

Here is fuel tank from two condensers. Diameter is 32 mm, suitable for 60 m3 capasity tank (H0 scale).

Ladder is made from copper wire. Wire was rolled to square shape, after that it was soldered.

Tank was made in a uniform rush, so my friend did not any photos of process, only ready product. Fuel tank equiped with breather, full size steps – as in original tank. Stand are close to original. Welding seems is made with string and glue.

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“Hi Alastair.

I have a few pictures for you. We are new to railroading I am doing the scenery and my DH is doing the railways, I have almost finished the beach scene and that is where I have put the buildings.

I hope you like what we are doing it is a huge layout it is in a room that is 24ft + 24ft and there is only enough room to walk around it. It is a work in progress as you can see from the pictures. We have a mountain that spans the back wall with a cutting near the middle. We also have some N gauge that we will run across the top of the mountain adding depth.


Loved Andrey’s friend’s oil condenser.

A great start from Litacats too – that’s going to be a huge layout.

Please do keep ’em coming!

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if you want to get started on your layout.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

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  1. Kenneth Tiedeman says:

    Ah! found the oil condenser! Thanks

  2. Love what’s being done. Can anyone tell me what is being used for roadway? I’d love to have curing roads without fighting the little wrinkles that always show up on the inside of the curves. These roads aren’t painted are they?


  3. fred says:

    It is really great when the submissions include the scale and sizes or measurements. I am an “N” scaler amd sometimes the ideas from “HO” may be useful and sometimes not. Photos alone are confusing and some great tips may be left trackside. Thanks for letting me sign on to the “Golden Key”.

  4. builder Kim says:

    Andrey thanks for the idea.Hope you don’t mind if I copy it a few times.Im going to use used Co2 air rifle canister’s.thanks.

  5. Mike Wilson says:

    Litacats, would it be possible for you to send a picture of your track layout, both the HO and N scales? I am just starting the frame work that I want to use for both HO and N as I have both scales. I want to use the HO for a traveling carnival and military vehicles.
    Any ideas that you could let this newbie know would be appreciated.
    Love the size you are doing, I will be using (hopefully) 30 feet x 20 feet of a 50 foot x 25 foot shed.

  6. Austin Wilson says:

    Love the oil tank, great idea. You are right Al, from the awesome pictures sent in, that is a very nice layout but also very big. Biggest layout I had in my basement was 22 feet long and 4 feet wide, then the railcard was 10 feet long and 3 feet wide. The layout was a very large “U” shape. My next one will be a large hollow square.

  7. D.B. Lewis says:

    Alastair, I want to sincerely thank you for this wonderful service to us, the public, that you have provided for so long … Even if the emails must stop, I hope there will still be an easy way to find your son’s downloadable structures for when I start wanting them late this year … It’s perfectly okay for you to email me any time for any reason you wish!

  8. Randy says:

    Have been reading your posts for some time now. I began building an O-gauge post war Lionel layout in my 2 car garage about 30 months ago. I have completed all the track work using 1/4″ thick cork for roadbeds, completed all the wiring including lighting for about 50 buildings, built a control panel with controls for 13 switches, 3 independent sets of lights, and 5 sidings, and erected a mountain with the help of my granddaughters ages 5 and 8. Roads have been painted and we are just starting to add scenic details. The 5 year old sat down at the workbench the other day, picked up an old locomotive I was working on, picked up a screwdriver and said, I’ll fix this one grandpa — great hobby!

  9. Paco Gayon says:

    is it possible that you can set a mondly or yearly fee to continue with your wonderful work?
    Greetings, Paco

  10. Chris says:

    Thanks again for the update.keep up the good work.

  11. THOMAS says:


  12. Ron Reutzel says:

    Thank You For All You DO For All Of Us.
    God Bless Ron

  13. Terry Shrader says:

    Can I subscribe to Golden Key and how and how much
    Thanks for all the info that you have provided. I Understand complete.

  14. John Reynolds says:

    That oil tank is amazing…
    What kind of condenser did you use?

    Happy Boxing Day Al, may you celebrate many blessings!

  15. Fred says:

    Superb oil thingy …


  16. Robert Brady says:

    The tank looks like shell casings 357 mag??

  17. Robert Brady says:

    About that fuel tank i see a seam running length wise so how is the tank made out of shell casings? Or am I misunderstanding the whole process?

  18. john thorogood says:

    I save the capacitors out of old computers. microwave ovens etc. and use them as either junk for the gondolas or the larger ones as cargo

  19. Robert Brady says:

    great job on tank ! I would’ve liked to have seen it white or black though,Just say n

  20. Larry Arendas says:

    Hi Al– Been away from my computer for a spell and noticed D.B. Hill mentioned something about the emails might be stoping. Can you bring me up to speed on “what’s happening”?
    Secondly, my memory ain’t what it used to be, so could you remind me what type of service I have paid you for?
    Pastor Larry Arendas

  21. Marklin ed says:

    AL. What do I need to do to get the gold key??? Are you charging for your email I’ll gladly pay. LET ME KNOW..

  22. Bill Wick says:

    What is the golden Key? is it an extra or replacing the current email

  23. Steve Alaburda says:

    Hi Al…..In the last post Randy spoke of his O gauge and it sounds like something we all would enjoy to have a look at,how about some pictures Randy when you get the chance.I for one would surely liike to see your work.Thanks Steve from Hollywood,Florida

  24. gabriel de souza says:

    good!!!!!! and also good with a coupleof bogies and you have a tanker

  25. Joseph says:

    What a cool idea. Great job.

  26. Malcolm says:

    Alastair, Missed the info about “Gold Key”. What’s going on? I’d have no problem with some sort of subscription because I find these posts inspiring.

  27. Kevin says:

    Very clean work and nice scratch-build! Keep with it!

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