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17 Responses to How to use the Golden Key

  1. Alan Roberts says:

    Hi Al, could not be without your great website, so I had to subscribe.
    Although my layout is based in South Wales, I now live in Dorset.
    I would love to know where you operate from. US or UK?
    Best wishes, and good luck.


    PS. What is ‘pinging’?

  2. Dan Promen says:

    Hey Al

    Keep up the good work. This new venture is a work in progress and a few snags here and there can be expected. Many of us feel this way and I’d suggest listening to us more than the nay sayers. Have a great weekend.

    Dan Promen

  3. Morse Fenner says:

    Thanks for all the interesting data you send. I have used the advice while attempting to complete my layout.
    Keep up the great mailings

  4. What a pleasure to see continuity based on Good-Will. For me, here in Australia, it coneys a sense of global brotherhood as well as a means of keeping in touch with clever solutions which sometimes cause me to pose the question ‘why didn’t I think of this?’ to wit the roll-out layout table and the magic chair. So fellows keep coming the inventive ideas.
    Dr Bruce

  5. John Perry says:

    I’ve been reading from your site for quite some time and wouldn’t think it right if I didn’t have your ideas on the model railroading. I have quit a collection to get started but can’t seem to get it going. I have 3 4’x6′ tables in my aptment in a 12’x6′ long/wide table. Got two circle going around it now. I am handicapped to a wheel chair and stuck in a clueless time with this hobby. So I will continue to look at your site for encouragement… Thank you and your subscribers for such a great read…JP

  6. Maurice Vasin says:

    Hi Al
    I live in Sydney, Australia and have been working on my layout for about a year. I’m an avid reader of your emails and the knowledge contained therein is priceless. I cannot believe for $22.86 AUD that any of your readers would bauk at the price to be part of the Golden Key knowledge bank. Such a SMALL amount to pay to have the wealth of your creative subscribers offer their experiences to enhance our layouts to make “playing with trains” one of the best hobbies in the world. Those who don’t take up your Golden Key offer are missing out on some serious modelling tips etc. Thanks Al. Keep up the emails coming. Maurice

  7. geoff lord says:

    Hi Al
    thanks for all of your emails in the past and I look forward to continuing to receive them in the future.

    I have not yet managed to find the time to start a model layout but I am looking forward to being able to start one as soon as I can find the time in my busy schedule.


  8. Clifford Brannan says:

    I very much enjoy the emails and always look forward to them, that is a very small amount to pay for this much enjoyment. Thanks Cliff

  9. joe says:

    I just purchased the very valued golden key, as I could and would not want to go without your awesome mails with all the great pics and tips for the best hobby on the planet !! I just want to say that 20$ is a bargain for all the knowledge and inspiration I’ve personally received since I have been getting your mails, thank you VERY MUCH for all the work and time you’ve invested in the model railroading brethren !! thanks so much…… Joe Kuhn– usa–

  10. Paul says:

    Al, I have only been receiving your blog for a few months, and though some is not useful for my gauge and railroading, I enjoy seeing others work from around the globe. I love the tips. I am always amazed how simple some are that I have never thought of. Please keep up the good work.

  11. Bob S says:

    As I have been reading you ‘postings’ for a while now, I felt the cost of the search offer was such as being fair for all the information I have gained, and hope to gain from the postings.
    One question though: as you are not based too far away from where I live. how come your son does not produce British buildings. I often browse the buildings but for whatever reason they are themed towards the USA market. ( Nos slight meant there ),
    Enjoy life,
    Bob Sangster

  12. Ian Goddard says:

    Hi Al,
    I’ve been reading your emails and the comments from other enthusiasts now for more than a year and have been blown away by all the ideas and information. I haven’t started my layout build yet but took the plunge by obtaining a copy of the “Beginners Guide” in anticipation of starting next year. This will be a complete new start as my home was broken into at the beginning of the year and my train set, which was in a box and over 50 years old, along with other items, was stolen. It was a Tri-ang/Hornby HO/OO Gauge and I had some locos that operated on overhead wiring, but now I think I’ll venture into N gauge as I have limited space and rent my accommodation, so the layout will need to be readily transportable and as I live in Hobart, Tasmania it will be interesting to do as we don’t have passenger trains here except for a couple of tourist lines.
    I’ve been wanting to subscribe to the ‘Golden Key’ since you introduced it but was never able to afford it ’till now, even though it was such a good price, but I did some online surveys and got paid – BONUS!
    Anyway keep up the good work because I have a lot to learn. Thank you.

  13. Paul Burroughs says:

    Good Morning Al: I served 25 years in the United States Marine Corps and I did a vacation to the tropical paradise know as Vietnam. After retiring from the Marine Corps in Jan 1993 I started working for the the civil service side of the Government. In 2016 I had to have my right leg removed above the knee. I had been riding Harley Davidson motorcycles all my life. I finally was able to pay cash for one thing in my life and that was a brand new 2012 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic. After loosing my leg I knew that I could still ride with some modifications to my bike. Then the idea of getting rid of my bike and pursing one of my dreams came to me, I sold my bike and started reading all the information I could about HO railroad. I saw your website and after reading just a few lines I knew I could get any information I needed from you. Thank you Al for posting your information.

  14. Fred Little says:

    Hi Al just a quick thank you for your emails good stuff.Happy to pay the $9.97 to help with your costs the site is far too good.Thanks again.

    Fred from. Aus.

  15. Stephen D Gispanski says:

    Hello Al, thanks for all of everything that you have on your site. I will hear it later from my wife, might get a lashing and my card taking from me, Lol “but I love her all so very much. Enough of that”. Lol. A huge thank you and can’t wait to start using the site.

  16. Got the golden key, I have to support your web site. It’s is the best. No layout but a large glass case of Marklin Bavarian model trains (1870 to 1910).

    THANKS Al.

  17. Steve Ruple says:

    I’ve been getting your emails for a few years now and have enjoyed reading all of them. They have been packed with a lot of helpful hints and projects. I’m just starting a layout, so I’ve been saving up all of your emails. I have bought all of your bundle deals ever sense I ‘ve started getting your emails and now I just bought the model railroads for complete beginners insider club. After looking thru some of the tips, I don’t know why I waited so long on getting it. Thank you so much for your hard work in producing such a wonderful site. God bless.

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