Yet another stunning layout video from Arnie

Arnie’s been in touch again. Not much to say except the obvious: amazing!

“Hi Al,

I’ve been watching the new postings, and I see readers have been more and more getting into videos.

Since my last video I shared with you and the readers, I’ve done a few depicting AMTRAK trains, the primary interstate passenger carrier in the U.S. I just completed one on the Amtrak Amfleet line depicting the F40PH locomotive that was used by Amtrak from 1975 to 1992. I created the video on my N scale layout simulating a run of this train from near sunset into the night in the eastern U.S. I hope you enjoy it and will consider posting it.

Other AMTRAK trains video clips I’ve done are: the E8A locomotive with Phase I paint scheme of the early 1970s; the P42 Genesis Amtrak with Superliner cars of 1992 to 2001 and still currently used in the central and western U.S.; the Amtrak Acela Express the only true high-speed rail in North America begun in 2000 which ran from Boston to Washington D.C. along the Northeast coast.

I am also now considering doing a video on the Amtrak HHP-8 (an 8000 horsepower electric loco) of 1999 to 2001 that was in operation along the Northeast Corridor for a decade. Unfortunately, HHP-8 and Amtrak Acela service were discontinued due to unreliability issues and excessive maintainance costs.

Thanks Al and regards to all the readers,


Latest ‘ebay cheat sheet’ is here.

Thanks to Arnie – a fantastic display of skill. I’m deeply envious!



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  1. Nice one Arnie

  2. excellant transition from day to night; apparently all coaches, no sleepers, as lights continue to stay on? Great layout!

  3. yet another great video from you please keep them coming there great thanks alan

  4. a suberb ;no better than that, video with realistic light and sound, just needed a few people waving and you would think it real; is Arnie in Hollywood ?

  5. Breathtaking.Feels so real.

  6. Arnie and Dave most impressive and remarkable layouts-it’s obvious they heve put a lot of time, effort and skill in creating them. And I’ll wager they have had a ball doing all these years.

  7. Thanks again Arnie for yet another great video! Your the Man!!
    Thanks for sharing Al



  8. Arnie, your layout is very impressive. Your wiring is great.

  9. What a great layout!!! I can only dream.

  10. Well Done!

  11. I am afraid I also fall in the “deeply envious” department. I mean daaammmnn, such attention to detail and the skill level shown. I’m just blown away. Excellent work!!

  12. Outstanding! Those hills filled with fall color remind me of the years I spent in Binghamton, NY. Great piece of work your the best!

  13. Loved the Amtrack video, I noticed the American style cardboard houses, quite nice. If you need English style houses the same as the American ones check out I have made a lot of these and can tell you they are excellent.

  14. Great lay out sounds and looks real. I did enjoy is very much. Happy rail roading.

  15. I enjoyes it a lot, my layout is only half way, and i am going to use your river effect, great stuff Arnie.


  16. great video alot of reality.

  17. I didn’t notice any “flickering” of the passenger coach lighting. Are they battery powered?

  18. I am a retired Amtrak conductor who operated from Washington Terminal, D.C to Boston, South Street Terminal. Loved your video. WELL DONE!!!

  19. Superb scenery and well filmed. I love the interior lights in the coaches.

  20. Fantastic layout and the lighting was brilliant.Can,t imagine tha amount of time Arnie has put in to it.

  21. Great video again from Arnie, you must spend 24 hours a day on them, the layouts I mean, I can’t even get started on mine, only negative, sorry!, Two locos and only 5 coaches. Also this is the first message since Feb 25th is that right or have some gone missing somewhere?
    Mike S

  22. Most excellent layout, scenery and lighting. Your video skills are excellent too!

  23. I want to thank Al for the continued opportunity to share my work with the readers…and thank all the readers for their inspiring feedback.

    Yes, it does take time to create my projects, but I love doing them and sharing them. And no, I’m not in Hollywood (giggle), but I do try to use an artistic eye for perspective, color and lighting…

    And to the many viewers who commented on the coach lighting, yes, I was very pleased with these coaches by Bachmann. The interior LED lighting is virtually flicker-free. Hats off to Bachmann on this one!

  24. Arnie, that was fantastic and inspirational a stunning layout and video, thanks for showing

  25. Unpacking years of kit bashing and HO model engines, passenger cars, all types of rolling stock. Dusty to say the least. Finally, have the track laid out, Tombstone separated by a mountain and Tombstone West with 20’s and 30’s buildings. Refurbishing damaged models..Lot’s of work ahead. Goal is to finish my 8 x 14 layout with four lines by end of July. Snapped some pictures, glad to share.

  26. I make my own coach lighting and it is flicker free easy done when you have worked in electronics.

  27. I had no idea Amtrak had given up on Acela, how strange the US should take such a giant leap backwards.

  28. videos like this do not reflect the average model rail nut. people that show videos like this have unlimited resources and do not reflect a true modeler’

  29. I admire all the good work you have done with your layout.
    I was particularly interested in the great waterfall and river. Can you give us the “how to” regarding the water?
    Thanks and again congratulations on a great video
    Dave N.

  30. FANTASTIC!!!!! SUPER nice layout!!! Great scenery!!!

  31. What an amazing layout. While there is obviously a substantial commitment of time and resources, I am sure Arnie would laugh at the suggestion that he is in command of “unlimited” resources. While such a layout is on the upper end of the scale, I appreciate that Arnie, Dave, and others will share what they have done.

    My Momma used to say:”If you don’t have something good to say, don’t say it”. Maybe the person who thinks that this doesn’t “reflect a true modeler” should just keep such feeling to themselves………

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