5×10 O gauge train layouts

Will’s been in touch, adding to the collection of 5×10 O gauge train layouts :

“The beginning of a 5’x10’ Lionel Fastrack 2 level set/up.

Will continue to post as I move along.


O scale

5x10 O gauge train layouts

O scale

5x10 O gauge train layouts

5x10 O gauge train layouts

Although Will is a man of few words, I thought I’d post simply because he’s made a start.

Like most things in life, that’s what this hobby is all about – starting.

Starting really is the unsung hero of this hobby, which is why I’ll continue to post pics like this. I know some will let out a deep sigh because there’s no trains or scenery – but he’s made a great start and that’s good enough for me.

Pete has also made a start – but now he’s at one of those head scratching moments. If you can help him, please do leave a comment below.

“Hi Al

Have been keeping an eye on all the wonderful and yet simple layouts from you members and hoped to get some advice from them.

My issue is I have limited space 8 foot by 6 foot and have tried to cram as much as possible 5 live DC tracks and 3 sidings (for later when I convert to DCC). The majority of rolling stock are Lima “DB” German engines and carriages (plus the TGV “visitor”).

Whilst I think it looks great and have tried to add some height with the high speed trains going up a 4% incline to a 9 cm raised viaduct, it kind of looks boring after a while with 5 trains just going around and around!!

I intend to build a mountain on the near right side of the table which will add visually with 5 tunnels. Also add a large station on the left side (next to the canopies), and eventually a town over the rest of the layout.

I have thought about adding a 5cm raised viaduct down the middle of the table with arched market stalls under the viaduct using some Kibri kits and more 4% risers but only going half the height. This additional line would take the little red trolley train which is parked at the right station.

Would love to get other members thoughts to make it more visually stimulating.

Thanks in advance


A big thanks to Will for adding to the 5×10 O gauge train layouts.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if you feel like making that start, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



13 Responses to 5×10 O gauge train layouts

  1. Terry, Fleet says:

    If the picture shows your model in its running position and it is still possible add some wheels or sliders to the legs. No matter how well you have laid the track you will eventually need access to the far corner storage road if only for cleaning.
    An alternative would be to build your town on a separate slot in board made from the centre of your existing base that would cover the man access hole, 8 foot by 6 foot is out of workable reach for anybody.
    Lastly consider train storage, very few of us can resist that new model in the store, it is a pain to be frequently un boxing and re boxing whole trains.
    Lastly when you build your mountain leave access to the tracks.

  2. Colin Edinburgh says:

    Peter Whilst it is nice to have trains running around in an oval I, for one, think you will soon get fed up of them just going round and round. The only break would be your high speed trains changing level as going round and round. It does look from your narrative that you intend to build a fair amount of scenery/buildings on your layout perhaps that is more important to you than the actual trains. I always think that less is best, this does not mean a lack of buildings or scenery but a board that is crammed full with no real focus can just look like what it is a board crammed with every possible space filled. There is nothing wrong with spaces on a layout between focal points. Having a look at your pictures there is only one long storage siding do you plan a fiddle yard? or more sidings?. Do you plan to incorporate a return loop to allow you to change direction of your trains. I think before you commit you should look at some of our fellow contributors where I’m sure you will get some fabulous layout ideas.

  3. NJ Mark says:

    Peter Once you begin to add scenery and buildings and people and such, your layout will become more interesting. Cheers! NJ Mark

  4. Paul Case says:

    Pete I see what you mean. You have to rescue that track before it dies of boredom. There are many many layouts that would fit in that area that would be more interesting. All you have to do is some research in magazines and on the internet. Best of luck, but for now take up that track.

  5. Jack Masarie says:

    Bravo Will. As always, it’s great to see the efforts of another 3-railer.
    Shlack in NC

  6. John Hauser says:

    A nice start, your imagination will alter your plans as time elapses and and your vision for the layout matures. My advice , based on my own experience, is to build in flexibility and not permanently fix everything in place , thereby avoiding making modifications and moving things a chore. Scenery, trees and buildings all add dimensions that cause you to rethink what you have and planned. If you have a significant other or grand kids solicit their opinions , they will see things you don’t. Good luck and enjoy this wonderful hobby,

  7. Tony Kitty Hawk, NC says:

    Will- Great start- keep posting as you go along!
    Peter- I agree with other posters, that you may get bored with limited operations and will want storage sidings. On the other hand- you have a nice lot of track in place and if everything is running well, why not press on with some scenery? You can always take it down and start again, but right now you have a running layout! I think the mountain idea will work- be sure to heed the advice about leaving access. I really like the idea of arched market stalls below a viaduct- that will give you a lot of possibilities for interesting scenery. You could consider building the viaduct diagonally across the layout- that should give more visual interest and different possibilities for operation of the trolley train.
    \Good luck and keep us posted!.

  8. Robert D. Bouskill says:

    Hello Will,
    I saw something that caught my eye, something about cramming as much as you can into your six by eight foot space. Throw that thought away ! Heed the words “keep it simple”. Better to have one exquisite engine on display that you can admire the details and be able to explain them to your friends as it sits on a shelf and can roll back and forth than something that doesn’t make any sense like a train that chases it’s own tail.

    videos of trains at YouTube under my name

  9. Tim shirk says:

    Will, i too have 5 x 10 o guage in bsmt. Mistake is cannot get it out if move or die or etc. Had already laid foam, track wire bldgs etc. Figured out how to cut lenghtwise to be able to de construct rather than destruct. You might want to consider that possibility before getting too far in. Thinking this makes wiring easier as you MUST label and plan for connections. I did not but was lucky except for one spot where three 8 wire cables cross the cut line. Just a thought.

  10. Roger Turner says:

    I am just starting a layout which was inspired by a diorama I saw in a hobby shop window years ago. I am a 100% novice and a senior citizen, but the first thing that hit me in the picture of your layout was too much track, as a previous post said, sometimes less is more.
    My approach has probably been somewhat backwards of most railroaders as I keep the diorama in mind and added a railroad to bring dimension and interest to the layout. my planning includes a mountain, gold mine, moonshiner camp with whiskey still, town, farm & airport. My layout is 7 1/2 ft by 4 with extensions on each end at opposite sides. I have a basic oblong track with plenty of room for station siding, switch line to mine and industrial siding. That is as far as I have gotten to date, but the point is try to not get hung up on jamming in a lot of track first, but plan focal points and let the track fall into place as needed. I think you have a great start and plenty of opportunity to create a very enjoyable layout.

  11. Mark T. Pianka says:

    Nice start guys tell the wife u need to expand and knock out a few walls, Just Kidding welcome to the Hobby!!

  12. Peter Laity says:

    Thanks all for the comments and feedback.

    I think the comments about the additional sidings make sense as I will need to place some trains on hold if I expect to move them from track to track.

    I know the mountain and 10 tunnel entrances will make things much more interesting as will the scenery.

    Whilst I get the “start from scratch” comment that won’t be happening given the amount of work that has gone in so far.

    I am able to move the table and I built it to seperate in two with all the track joins down then middle.

    I think perhaps the new raised track can cross the table if I angle things correctly, and if one of the kids moves out I plan to extend the layout.

    Cheers Peter ( Melbourne, Australia)

  13. Brad says:

    Not sure from the pics how the table is set up,but could be an interesting addition if you added a HELIX that came up from the floor. You could then incorporate that into one of your existing lines on the table. No real additional space needed as long as you have the clearance underneath

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