Amsterken – the movie!

“Thought you could use some pics to post with the movie trailer … Thanks Al”

“Hi Al hope all is great … The new movie Amsterken will be out this spring !!!! here is the Movie trailer not sure if ill go with this one would like input to this and maybe some story ideas BBBRRRRAAAPPPPP


Big thanks to Ken – enjoyed that!

Have no idea why so much stuff is being listed on the ebay cheat sheet at the mo. Maybe it’s because summer is looming.

Anyhow, please keep ’em coming.



24 Responses to Amsterken – the movie!

  1. bernard says:

    Hi Ken jst watched the trailer of “Amerken..WOW
    can,t wait to see the movie !!!
    All the best to our Friends in Holland

  2. G. Roach says:

    Al, The movie trailer showing all the equipment that you have animated is quite a surprise to me seeing them moving like the real thing. Keep up the great work on your layout.

  3. William Meek says:

    Very nice layout specially the mono rail as I am very interested in installing one on my layout.

    Thanks for the trailer.

  4. kimo says:


  5. Good program Imovie Ken , well done

  6. Ron from Manchester says:

    Hi Ken,
    What a fantastic modeler you are, so much wonderful detail in there, loved it keep em coming .
    Regards Ron.

  7. svyatoslav vykrest says:

    It`s so well done! What a great work!

  8. Lawrence Phipps says:

    If the movie is as good as the trailer, can’t wait to see it !!!

  9. tom says:

    Hello Ken,

    Liked the movie trailer, looking forward to the movie … wonderful pictures on a fantastic layout. Keep up the Great work!



    PS: right on Al, cheat sheet ebay looking very good!

  10. Gavin says:

    Hi Ken
    Marvelous detail in your models. The various movements are great. Well done.

  11. Rich Mace says:

    A thoroughly professional job. Very impressive. I’d hire the producer to do my film making once my RR empire is ready. RJM in Queens NYC

  12. great pictures and video the detail is unbelieveable looking forward to seeing more.

  13. Tom Oliver says:

    Fantastic moving effects and surrounds. Makes me want to pull my half finished project apart and start again!! Great job!

  14. Ken Goldenberg says:

    Ken –
    I have a question – Why is it that the bridge road seems to go into what looks like a cut-off ship? Is it two different scenes that appear at certain angles?
    Just wondering — But the layout, the lighting and your trailer is fantastic (did you use iMovie for the trailer?)

    Take care – KEN – Orange County, Calif.

  15. Cameron says:

    Great trailer. Can’t wait to see the movie. I will be looking out for the directors cut as well.

  16. Amsterken says:

    @Ken G that’s what they call The Nemo Science center in Amsterdam it’s also the entrance to a tunnel that goes under the Ij waterway. If you look at google earth you,ll see centraal station then move to the right a little bit … It’s pretty cool place … My layout was taken from maps then used google earth I even alined the layouts geological position from that… Thanks Al and to all thank you for kind remarks Amsterken…

  17. Don Garner says:

    Very clever approach to showing off your great MR. Love Amsterdam, love your layout. Keep up the great work.

  18. Duncan says:

    So, Elvis has been moon lighting! He was supposedly working for me ! He’s fired! I hope you give him a good role in the film, hurry up and finish it. D/

  19. chris says:

    fantastic layout,
    thanks for sharing

  20. jim morris says:

    Outstanding, beautiful.

  21. Curtis says:

    Dude, you’re just a trip! Whatever you do will be cool, I’m sure.

  22. Ken:

    Great work again……glad you have a wonderful sense of humor while completing your tasks if you will call them that. Your hobby helps us in encouraging ways……we too can do that !!! Keep sharing….I’ll keep watching for your work; for my inspiration. Thx again.

    Harold Jr.

  23. John says:

    Absolutely FANTASTIC Ken! I think u n dangerous Dave should go in2 the movie making business! LOL!

    JohnE UK

  24. Les Knoll says:

    BEAUTIFUL cityscape modeling! The train at 0:28 reminds me of the opening city shots in the movie Logan’s Run. This layout is of cinematic quality!

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