Close up on Dave’s layout

Just a quickie today, as I’m up against the clock.

But it’s a goodie!

“Hi Al,

just posted this video , trying to get closer with the camera.

A lot of your subscribers kept saying why do I not get closer in with the camera , well I have tried with this one , but had to use partly the smaller camera , which does not produce as good a quality picture .

But hope that it will answer some of there requests.



If you’re looking for the ‘ebay cheat’ sheet, it’s here.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if you want to film your very own layout like Dave, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

52 Responses to Close up on Dave’s layout

  1. peter bridges says:

    can one get in contact with dave
    regards peter

  2. Walter N. says:

    You sure got up close ! Wonderful video production, and thank you for all your input with how to.

  3. John Meehan says:

    Thanks Dave! Looks great! I’d love to see a layout drawing also.


  4. Roland, in Nashville says:

    Dave, you do such a great job; both with the camera and layout.

  5. Jim Wolf says:

    While I prefer the sound of a GE AC4400 or a EMD SD70 ACe, Dave has created a wonderful and beautiful world most of use long to live in. Keep up the great work Dave!

  6. kenn says:

    Awesome job Dave. It has been an experience watching you progress to this point in your creation. What fun.

  7. Very nice sound and layout, is this base on a fictional or none fictional site

  8. Craig says:

    Dave, your talent, craftsmanship, and video skills are surely unmatched. I am so impressed with your layout, I just am not sure what to say. Wow!

  9. JOHN FELTY says:

    My goodness….there are goldfish in the pond!

  10. Thomas Meleck says:

    Well, despite all your protestations of lesser picture quality, they looked fine to me.

  11. Richard Wilson says:

    Another Wonderful video Dave, I wish I had the space and tallent to make something similar. Keep up the good work.


  12. paul Otway says:

    neat railway Dave

  13. Alan Batcheldor says:

    Brilliant. Loved it.

  14. Don says:

    Excellent job! I enjoy your productions so much.

  15. THOMAS says:


  16. Dave G says:

    First rate stuff!

    Thanks for another great vid, Dave. Please keep them coming.

  17. Thank you all for your comments, i did try to get close in as been asked by a lot of modellers on Al`s channel ….Dave

  18. charles says:

    Dave you have a great lay out. You have come a long way. You did a great job.

  19. Tom says:

    David your talents are fantastic what a model railroad … what at video -photographer. Thank you for taking the time to share your talents with us and your wonderful model railroad. Your fantastic videos. As Al would say “Its just CRACKER!”



  20. Ken says:

    Just one word – Brilliant!

    Well, a couple more words. I loved this video Dave. No apologies required for the camera work. Are the sounds built into the locos or are they external?

  21. jon irwin says:

    Hi Dave, I have seen a lot of your videos and are a great inpiration,this
    last on was magic. Am able to see a lot more of your hard work
    (pleasure) I was very impressed by the gold fish pond. I am
    waiting to move into my new house so havent got a layout at
    the moment so this keeps me going. all the best jon

  22. Bill says:

    I love Dave’s work. It’s amazing stuff. But I’m afraid I can’t watch his installments any longer. The train comes into view and I already can’t get enough of it, but before you know it, the video cuts to a new scene before the train leaves the screen. It’s driving me nuts! I have to see the whole train go by and take it all it. So… I’m afraid that out of frustration, I have to stop clicking on the emails that say to look at Dave’s new installments.

  23. Ian says:

    Dave as always your amazing videos once again always top notch and great insparation to all us, keep your updates comming to help us modellers please.

  24. Paul says:

    I’d like to ask Dave if the track is deliberately not laid level? There is a double bend on the third track by the signal gantry where towards the end of the video the A4 & a diesel look to take a slight “dive” & I think it is very impressive. If so how do you achieve such undulations?

  25. idris dixon says:

    Dave, your a craftsman without a doubt, fantastic

  26. Pastor Harry C Wigmore III says:

    Dave, I look forward to your videos everyday. The high lite of my day.
    Thanks, Dave!!!
    Be Blessed,
    Pastor Harry C. Wigmore, III

  27. Randy Dent says:

    It looks great Dave. Some day my will look good two.

  28. Colin Patchett says:

    Hi in your first layout you said you were up in the loft how big is you house that is some loft

    keep up the good work
    What did you do before you retired


  29. larry lloyd says:

    Fantastic ongoing videos. A true craftsman. It would be nice to see a track diagram on this fantastic layout with the relative elevations.

  30. Joe Cavilla says:

    Very nice, I like it. Good job getting closer.

  31. Cary B says:

    What a pleasure it is to see all your videos, A great way to start off my work week off (if you can call three five hour days at what I enjoy a work week). Keep them coming please.

    Cary B

  32. Jerry Schmidt says:

    thanks Dave !!!! awesome, sure wish I had the ambition and patience to get back to my n-scale set-up. I’ve been neglecting it for a couple of years.

  33. John Deis says:

    Beautiful layout! I always enjoy watching Dave’s exquisitely produced videos. Keep them coming.

  34. ANDREW SCHYHOL says:

    Thank you Dave, even more awesome close up! And thanks also for the freight equipment shots.

  35. Gerald says:

    Great footage as always. Have you ever tried putting the camera right on the deck of your layout to get a eye level view. A series of shots at eye level in a video format. I don’t know how small your camera is.

  36. Kenneth Seegert says:

    It is so enjoyable to watch your layout Dave, wonderful and amazing. I can see the love in your work.

  37. Mark Gilbert says:


    Oh, wouldn’t it be great to live on Dave’s layout: To catch and ride his trains, to hear the jack-hammers and listen to the road crews, to avoid the traffic jams and be able to visit his peaceful his country side settings.

    Dave, you have created such picturesque settings that I sometimes forget that what I am viewing is simply a model and the creation of your expertise. Your attention to every detail brings your layout to life and is inspiring.

    Thank you for taking the time to produce the video and for sharing it. I look forward to your next video installment.

    Mark G. USA

  38. Ken says:

    Everything is very pristine and utopian. It would look so much more realistic with some weathering. But I understand, my imaginary world is not yours.

  39. Mike Banning says:

    Dave your talents overwhelm me, i have recently retired and have bought a multitude of model railway equipment including DCC equipment and 2 full sized table tennis tables to build my layout on. But to be honest i don’t have a clue where to start. I have the tables in position so now have a working area of 18X5 feet, i have also had a fantastic one piece backdrop of mountains, rivers and villages printed up which sits on two sides directly behind the tables. It looks pretty good but i lack the knowledge to move forward. I would invite you to come to my home and help me, but although i am English i live in China, so it;s a bit to far to ask you to travel, even though i would be more than happy to pay your return air fare and any other expenses you might incur.

  40. Jerry Kern says:

    How are Dave’s non steam engines powered, I realize he has electric trains, I’m not familiar with English trains but are they diesel or gas they sound different Jerry

  41. Steve JOyce says:

    You did great Dave. I was most impressed with the weathering effect you have on your rails. Man you sure have a lot of passenger cars. Made by Fleischmann? Looked like old style Fleischmann couplers. I use those on my German stuff

  42. Ennis Hackman says:

    Dave @ 4:09 minutes I see a big gap in track, car is passing over and bumps a little

  43. Ian McDonald says:

    great video Dave its nice seeing all your different trains and carriages its a collection you must be proud of and a lot of us wish for.Thanks for sharing.

  44. Rube Simon says:

    So real, I expected the peope to start walking!

  45. Ben Zlotnick says:

    Dave you are the go to man..

  46. Peter Hubbard says:

    I want to second Paul’s comment; I noticed the undulations as well and was curious how Dave had done them.

  47. Robert Brady says:

    omg just enough room for me to comment. Loved the show buttered popcorn was great, pop was ice cold bon bon’s delicious..See ya next time!

  48. David Schaffner says:

    Another tip of the hat and Bravo’ to the master craftsman and video extraordinaire…You never stop amazing us with your talent. What kind of track do you use, and where do you get those wonderful building and automobiles? Do you have any help with your layout? Seems like it would take a lifetime to establish something so magnificent and with such marvel and realism…Finally a caboose (sort of).Always look forward to your mastery and detailed craftsmen ship…BRAVO’!


  50. Will in NM says:

    Dave, I am always impressed with the high quality of your video work but you’ve outdone yourself this time! The close-ups were great and pull the viewer into the scenes. You’ve created an imaginary world I would like to live in — it looks so much more orderly and safe than the real world these days

    The koi pond was an especially nice touch. It looks a lot like the one in your backyard. Did you create your layout koi pond from a photo of your real pond? My only complaint is that all the British modern (diesel?) locomotives sound like an out-of-balance clothes washing machine. 🙂

    Keep up the great work! Thank you so much for sharing — your videos always make my day.

  51. Ray says:

    Awesome!!! Thank you

  52. Calvin Kaufmann says:

    I have always enjoyed Dave’s layout. The photography is wonderful, not to mention the craftsmanship that went into the production!

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