Dangerous Dave takes a tumble

Hall of Fame member, Dangerous Dave, has been in touch.

Don’t worry – he assures me he’s okay.

But he’s certainly living up to his nick name.

When he was building his superb loft layout, he went through the floor, hence ‘Dangerous Dave’.

And now, he was taking some more fine video footage to share, and he took a tumble.

“Hi Al, we went again yesterday for steam gala, good day with good weather, then today I lived up to my reputation again…


Fell off my bike trying to avoid cars… teach me to stick to footwork LOL.

Looks worse than it is ..can still see, so aint going to stop me.



Ebay cheat sheet is here.

Well, a huge thanks to Dave for sharing. A fine video and his reputation is intact!

But what a shiner, eh? (Please don’t worry, he’s promised me he really is fine.)

That’s all folks. Please do keep ’em coming.

Beginner’s Guide is here.



51 Responses to Dangerous Dave takes a tumble

  1. Jimmy STORRIE says:

    Hope u get well soon Dave Jimmy Edinburgh

  2. Ismail says:

    Could almost smell the coal smoke here in Alabama! Nostalgia! Haven’t ridden behind a coal burner in over 60 years. Good old days. Great camera work.


  3. Jim Richards says:

    That was just wonderful. Great footage, and extraordinary clarity. Was quite enjoyable and nice to see as I grew up during those last days of steam driven trains. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Sundaram says:

    That was truly nostalgic. The sound of the steam engine is always romantic to a railway person. Great videos this and the previous – Steam Gala NYMR.

    Thanks for the treat.

  5. Dave G says:

    Sorry to learn of the tumble, Dave.

    Hope you mend quickly and as me old dad would have said. ‘Take a drop more water with it next time!’

    Great video so thanks for that.

  6. Peter Boston says:

    Another gorgeous video Dave. Get well soon.

  7. Norman DeanIII says:

    Can’t say much more than I really enjoyed the engines working and like Turk said, “Could almost smell the coal smoke here” in North Carolina.

  8. Patrick says:

    Great job Dave. Thanks so much…

  9. jerry (Mitch) Michnewicz says:

    At our age one cannot be careful enough. If “it” can happen it will happen and most of the time to the best of us. So, be as careful as you can be, get well as fast as the Lord will allow, happy modeling and I really really enjoy seeing the videos and the beautiful UK country side. Thank You
    Marietta, GA USA

  10. Ron Schultz says:

    Hope he gets well soon and as they say when you fall off the horse get right back up on it .. Looks like Dave is getting right back up on his .. Thanks to Dave and you for sharing . I haven’t been behind coal steam since the last trip to Cass W Va. U S A Its always worth the time and effort .

  11. George Ross says:

    Outstanding Video. Get Well soon hope your vision is ok.

  12. Frank Cortese says:

    Dave, you have a “shiner” there that makes me feel sorry for you! We don’t see many steam engines here in Florida but there is one about 10 miles from my house that runs on weekends but is only allowed to burn wood, The engine is 108 years old built by Baldwin Locomotive works and has appeared in more than 50 Hollywood movies. It’s called the “Orange Blossom Cannonball” and is 40 miles north west from Orlando. Keep on sending those great videos! Regards, Frank

  13. eric7 says:

    Get well soon Dave. But did Debs give you that for making her stand on the bridge to be covered in smoke and steam 🙂 Another great film from the master. Keep up the good work. I too remember those days and it was always stirring to see and hear the steamers.
    Eric. Leeds

  14. Dave Whatley says:

    Thanks for the train footage Dave and we all hope you get better. Dave in Savannah, Ga. USA

  15. Paul B. says:

    Beautiful video. Wow. Get well soon. Best wishes and thanks for sharing.

  16. Mark Turner says:

    Hope you get well soon and take better care of yourself, “Dangerous Dave”.

  17. Roy Bastiman says:

    Oooo ouch Dave – Best wishes – Get well soon

  18. Robert Selkirk says:

    Wonderful job. Felt like I was there Thank You.

  19. Bill Fitzpatrick says:

    Dave , First off I hope that you’re doing well. That is an awful looking “mouse” you
    have there. You’ll have to be more selective about which type of pub that you patronize. Thanx to you and the Bride for the video. That country side looks very much like ours here in Pennsylvania USA. We have several tourist type railroads in this area.

  20. MIKE HOOPER says:

    Hi Dave, You are lucky not to have serious eye damage; I wish you a speedy recovery. I always enjoy your e-mails along with the videos. There are some very gifted people on this board. Best Wishes, Mike Hooper, Ottawa, Canada.

  21. Pete Evangel says:

    Wow Dave. Looks like you got into a big fight! I’d hate to see the other guy. Heal quickly. Great video of coal burners. Thanks also to Debs for standing on the bridge to get those shots.
    Pete-Sunny Calif.

  22. David Wiber says:

    Without any question this video is super…Being able to see those steam engines was really a treat…Don’t have many around here in Ballwin , Missouri

  23. Cord says:

    Noo!! Be careful, Dave! We all love you! Mend up soon!

  24. Cord says:

    (Your wife didn’t happen to be shooting the crash, did she? That would make up for much of it.)

  25. John Christy says:

    Would it be at all possible to purchase a hard copy of the beginners guide
    Thank You

  26. Dave, My lord you are lucky like me. I have been on Motorcycle since the young age of 11. Last year I was on my bicycle and I lost the chain, was lucky to go down on the dirt side of the street. I never even got my arms out to break my fall. took almost a year to recover. I stay on my motorcycle these day’s 🙂
    I wish you a speedy recovery I love your lay out I get so many ideas from you.
    Please stay of the bike! 🙂 Steve S. California.

  27. Bob Siouders says:

    Over a year ago I fell and the eye got it, ice packs did the trick. Sorry to see yours get well soon. Aiways good to see trains with all the steam, Enjoy all your posts. Bob

  28. Richard Sappelli says:

    I always thought that when the government here in the USA said we had to wear helmets when riding bikes that it was an unnecessary rule. Maybe Dave should have been wearing one.
    Get well fast Dave as we all love your videos. I send them to all my railroad friends.we love your work. Regards,
    Richard, bethlehemPA. USa.

  29. doug says:

    Dave, really? A bike? Are you sure a few rival Diesel & Electric guys didn’t come to the Steam show for a protest rally?? LOL. Hope for your quick recovery and happy the incident hasn’t slowed your video’s and comments. Take care friend and fellow RR’r. Doug (USA)

  30. barry says:

    Thanks for the excellent video Dave, your modelling work is something to behold. Get well soon.

  31. Jim Peters says:

    I Know What It’s Like! I’m 73 And Have Had My Share Of Tumbles! Hang In There Buddy!

  32. Jim Peters says:

    Hope All Goes Well!

  33. michel phlippe pitman says:

    All the best get well soon .We love your layout and videos .You are aLegend in the Model train World … Michel P.

  34. Peter says:

    Very good video, love the spam can! Stay away from bicycles!

  35. Andrew says:

    Hope your are feeling ok, keep safe , Andrew,
    PS.. I Love the video.

  36. Max Dosser says:

    I emphasise with you Dave. I recently stumbled and fell onto the concrete driveway. Result – cracked wrist and ribs plus 8 days in hospital.
    Thank you for another great video of the North Yorks Moors Railway. Brings back memories of riding on the NYMR in July 2010 while on holiday from Australia.
    Look after yourself. Hope you recover quickly.

  37. Tom says:

    Awesome video Dave, as usual! That is something I could watch all day
    steam era photos pictures … this video touched some long ago memories … what a walk again down memory lane. Thank you Dave for that.
    Now this shiner: Shine on harvest moon. I remember a Red Moon just the other
    night. You got close to that look. Dave we will all take your word for it “Dangerous Dave” Just let us keep reminding ourselves and you don’t have to prove this thing anymore. Be A “gentler Dave” Take care of yourself “Get Well Soon.”

  38. Jim Sherman says:

    Great vidio, thanks so much! Lucky to have good people around like you…take care of your hurts. Was to the dermatologists and my face loooks like i was in a train wreck.

  39. Alan Marriott says:

    Lucky it was the exercise bike in the garage in front of the parked car. All the best for a quick recovery.

  40. Larry Johnson says:

    Days of Steam may be gone but many memories remain . Unfortunately one was not the best . Sitting on a friends as we watched the CB&Q s big loco come into town and got the word Hank Williams had died. Two days later same place ,as friends sister was killed in a car wreck .But the smoke rolled and soon the steamers went to Chicago for scrap. And I cried again .Now I own 16 HO steamers. No loud noise but loads of fun . Thanks for allowing me to relive the good old days. GOD BLESS AMERICA and Support our Troops LJ

  41. Ian Mc Donald says:

    great video your passion for trains is unbelievable thanks for all your effort and your wifes get well soon and cant wait for the next video .

  42. Cameron says:

    Great video Dave and a very impressive shiner.
    What did the other guy looked like afterwards?

  43. Frederick says:

    Technical question – what is the actual reason for the change in smoke from near black to white on the same track with similar trains on same gradients. Heal up soon Dave. Good videos.

  44. Ross Johnston says:

    PLEASE Dave take care of yourself! I enjoy all your videos and hints. Hope you have a speeddy recovery. Cheers Rossco Adelaide, Australia

  45. Roy says:

    Hi Dave, sorry to see you like you are, bikes these days have know chance on these roads, think you saver behind the wheel then on a bike. You get well soon and be aware riding the bike again. Great video again nice to see these live engines running an banker helping out on these steep slops. Well you can’t be damage in your attic a part falling through ceiling but think you have learnt that lesson, doing your model railway. Well you get better and try stay out of trouble as we need to see your wonderful videos. Roy

  46. Roy says:

    Hi Dave, already given a comment earlier but not shown now, we’ll all I can say is you get well quick and keep videos coming. Roy

  47. david howarth says:

    Thank you all for your good wishes , I will buy a helmet after this , but thankfully no damage done except a black eye and a few bruises ,, I have even gone out to day wednesday on the bike (fell off Monday due to hitting pavement edge ) , and done just a short 3 mile circuit to keep my confidence 🚴, and all went well . The Steam gala was a great day out for Deb and myself , and we both enjoyed filming the various Loco`s …I have tried to check up why smoke goes from black to white as asked and here is what I found …. Black and grey indicates unspent fuel such as coal or oil.

    Brown is poor grade coal or oil or is wood smoke.

    White is simply steam condensing in the cooler air. Hope this answers that question, Thanks again for all your kind comments and to Al for posting these videos ……All the Best to all from Deb and Dangerous Dave

  48. Ernie, Lehigh Acres, Florida says:

    Sorry to see your predicament. Hope you heal completely, and walking seems to be a safer alternative to the bicycle.

  49. Rod Mackay says:

    The colour of the exhaust is mostly a matter of when you fire the engine and what with. When you put a round of coal on the fire the dust flies off and you get black smoke, as it burns in and heats up the smoke clears and you’re left with the white of the steam. Some engines respond well to the firebox being filled well up before a long climb, and being able to keep the door shut reduces the thermal stress of letting cold air rush in; some engines steam better on “little and often”, so the fireman will not always be firing in the same places. Some coals also burn cleaner or form more clinker than ash. As the man in the back with his head out the van window to see signals, I’m all in favour of diesels – you don’t get your face shot-blasted or your eyes full of cinders!

  50. Frederick says:

    I am now wiser on the colour of steam train smoke, thanks for the replies.
    Along with all the others, speedy recovery Dave, good videos & notes given.

  51. Ron Nelson says:

    Dave enjoy your videos here in the USA but know how accidents happen as I rolled over on my soldering iron so accidents do happen. Keep the info comming many ideas are put to use.Thanks from sunny Florida, Ron

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