Building HO scale trestles

Danny’s been in touch with his way of buildings HO scale trestles:

“I thought your readers may be interested in the progress of my railroad.

It was started in my basement and was moved to the second floor of our condo when we moved.

The first pictures are of the New River Mining Co. I relocated and greatly reduced the size of the refuse bin to fit my layout. The other pictures are how I modified Walthers wood trestle

The first trestle is curved. I slit the deck to make like flex track. Pinned it in the curve I wanted and then glued the four stringers individually. I then super glued the track. This made a
rigid deck for adding the uprights.

They were added at a four degree angle to match the slope of the track.

The second trestle Is straight and also at a four degree slope. this trestle is twice the height of the kit.

First the upright bases are trimmed to the width of the posts. The top of the bottom section is cut off. This is then cut into five puzzle pieces and glued to the upper section.

The joint on each side is then covered with with a horizontal strip. While not in the kit, both both bridges are braced along the track axes.

I had to buy some additional bracing plastic to finish the models. I prepainted sub assemblies before final assembly. Modifying this kit can save a lot over the wood trestle kits.

Hope you like my way of building HO scale trestles.


model railroad facotry

model railroad factory

building ho scale trestles

building ho scale trestles

building ho scale trestles

building ho scale trestles

building ho scale trestles

Danny’s post reminded me of another Dan, who has a different way of building HO scale trestles:

HO scale trestle template.

“Hi Alistair,

I finally decided to go the circular route with my layout (HOn3) on the upper logging level.

I am adding a 12 inch wide shelf above my workbench in front of the window which will link up the left and right hand sides of the upper level to give me a complete loop.

It will have a lift out section at the door on the right hand side of the photo.

This shelf will have a station, water tank, stock pens and an oil depot. (All my logging locomotives are oil fired which gives me a reason to run my oil tank cars) and possibly a few more buildings if real estate allows. Also it has a passing siding for trains to pass.

Above, Left upper level will join the upper level on the right. Television (used for watching railroad and modeling related videos) will be relocated to make way for the stock pens.

Shaded area below is the proposed new section completing the loop showing where the lift out section will be at the door.

The shelf layout extension is currently laying on top of my workbench while I work out the height that it has to be when connected to each end on the upper level. It is approximately 15 inches above the lower level where it is currently resting at the moment. A 2 foot by 12 inch section will be added to the top left to join the 2 sections together.

By the way, the view out of the window looks out across the lagoon (which is tidal with an opening at the heads to the sea) and at the town of Knysna approximately 3 kilometers as the crow flies but by road – 15 kilometers and we are about 300 meters above sea level.

(It is really hard to concentrate on work at my workbench with a view like this).

Will keep you updated on the progress.

All the best


shelf layout

model railroad shelf layout

model railroad shelf layout

model railroad shelf layout

A huge thanks to Danny for sharing his way of building HO scale trestles, and to Brian too.

I wanted to publish Brian’s latest for two reasons.

Firstly, he’s in the Hall of Fame.

And secondly, I love to see the layouts half built: I don’t think there’s anyone out there who hasn’t looked at their creation half way through, and thought ‘Uuuummmmmmmm – is this going to work out?’

But it’s amazing when everything falls together – the layout springs to life. A joy to see.

(Course, I’m biased, but all the steps to pull a layout together are in the Beginner’s Guide.)

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

10 Responses to Building HO scale trestles

  1. Warren Ferguson says:

    Holy crow! I’m the first to comment on these fine efforts by Danny and Brian? I’d like to say ‘Bravo!’ to you both, and keep up the good work. Brian, how about posting a pic of the view across the lagoon. It sounds wonderful. Warren, AL

  2. John Reynolds says:

    Fantastic work…
    Great ideas on the bridges…
    Love where Brian seems to be going with his extension…
    John in California

  3. Rod Mackay says:

    I see Danny says he changed his bin to fit the layout – I’ve felt like that about a couple of my layouts at one time or another!! Seriously, nice work chaps.

  4. You guys are making me itchy to build my own RR as soon as I get done with
    the grand Sons village !
    I went and procured a 10′ 20″ X8″ high storage system that I need some good weather to put the end wall on and a DIY door system , the thing used to be an walk in freezer that goes together in 4′ X 20′ panels with metal wall covering in side and out with HI density foam in between the metal sheets .
    It took just 2.5 Hr. to erect the panels and when it was done I realized I could have parked my S10 Chevy pickup truck in it if I moved to a different place in the yard ! I have wanted a dedicated place to build a village for ever .
    I did not pay an extreme amount of money for the panels and the labor so the wife surprised me and said that it was about time !!!
    if I get a new camera for Christmas I might be able to include some pics of it after I get the front end set up ? Be well and stay safe Al. and the gang !!

  5. David says:

    Well done Danny and Brian Dangerous Dave

  6. Cary Price says:

    Danny, Great job on the trestle bridge. I’m starting a trestle bridge myself for my outdoor G scale layout, your pics give me some good ideas, good timing, thanks! Cary in KY

  7. Jim Kennedy says:

    Good job. I liked the bridge. Always wanted to include one on a layout that I build.

  8. Ben Hawkins says:

    Great layout and design

  9. Will in NM says:

    Your New River Mine adaptation looks great! Also, very clever way of curving your trestle. Send us updates when you finish the scenery around them.

    Completing the circle so you can do some continuous running on your HOn3 layout looks like a good idea. Good luck with that curved lift out section in front of the door!

  10. Erick says:

    Wow looks good? I Hope mine comes out that good.

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