Dave cracks on with his layout

“Hi Al , Just uploaded part 8 of my new Model Railway Layout , all starting to take shape now , getting a nice run round now with the trains



I do love it when folk who work on the engines get in touch, and paint a powerful picture in a few words.

Here’s Mark’s response to the Flying Scotsman post:

“Hi Al,

I too am a fireman on the 3716 out of Summerland B.C. She is a 101 year old 2-8-0 Consolidation class steam.

Right now I and my colleagues are tearing down the ol girl for winter servicing and I completely agree with a love hate relationship with these engines.

Right now its cleaning the smoke box…my wife didnt recognize me when I got home because I was covered in black soot.

They are a lot of work but once there done and your up in that seat with the rails flying along under your wheels its exhilarating.

I wouldnt trade these cold, dirty, wet, greasy, oily, dirt choked, soot covered, cramped, back breaking, head banging, blood letting..days for anything..


That’s all this time. Please do keep them coming.

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  1. Colin Pryce says:

    What amazes me about Dave’s updates is that they seem to come round so frequently and we see so much change each time. Dave you are a Master Craftsman! I’m impressed with the speed and quality of your work, as well as all the little humourous touches! An inspiration to us all.

  2. PETER BENSON says:

    well done dave your a wizard of the railway love watching your updates.peter norfolk uk.

  3. mr j homer says:

    hi dave ,very inprest with your layout,if you are trying to sort your tunnel out,if you take a paten like the same as your walling ,skytrex can do it ,thay will be at the stafford show on 1 x 2 of feb,or get intouch with john woodall, at warley,he is a very good modeler,if you want is number if you email me i will send it to you,keep up the good work dave regards mr j homer,

  4. peter says:

    Dave you have a great layout. Could I with respect suggest at the corners of the layout where you have sharp angles which tends to destroy the illusion scene, if you put in a section of hardboard which will bend very easily you fool the eyes into thinking it is a continuation of the scene. Hope you don’t mind the suggestion. Wish I had that amount of space to play trains with Ah Well!

  5. Ralph Samples says:

    Hi Dave,
    Love the fish pond in your garden area! Is that scratch built? If so, how did you find fish so small? Have been wanting to ask, what is on that lower level under your layout? Is it just a work/ tool area, or are you planning lay track below as well?

    Ralph (Eureka, Missouri, USA)

  6. Ron From KY says:

    Dave has a great eye for detail – very life like.

    I would really like to see him operate the running of his trains more to scale – instead of “racing” around the layout. I was really alarmed that when the blue train was desending through the new turnout that the speed thru the “S curve” in realife to be accident prone. Just didnt seem to be realistic.

  7. Bill Fitzpatrick says:

    Fantastic work in such a short time Dave! Hardly gives you any time at the pub working as hard as you do :-). Never mind those that are suggesting how you run your trains. Remember the old adage, “they’re MY choo-choos, and I will run them any way that I like!. Actually, being able to run them that fast just shows the quality of your workmanship in laying your track work. Carry on sir!

  8. Thomas Meleck says:

    Dear Dave,

    You are incredibly talented. Not only have you managed to create a stunningly attractive depiction of rural England, but you have also managed to do it in what surely must be record time. I have been working on my home layout for nearly ten years now, and it is nowhere nearly as finished as your current layout. I can certainly appreciate the amount of work it takes to complete as much as you have done. The missus must be serving you breakfast, lunch and dinner every day up in your attic empire. I am simply amazed at how much work you have completed in such a short time. Every time I watch one of your videos I feel like I have actually visited another charming part of rural England. I was very surprised when I realized that you had demolished your old layout, which was also a stunner. I see that the new one is a bit higher, and allows for what seems like longer runs. Thank you for sharing you talents and methods with us lesser mortals. Keep on training. All my best, Tom

  9. longovince says:

    Absolutely fantastic. Is this in your attic. What a great location and attention to detail. Can’t wait to see the finish.
    All the best from the U.S.

  10. Brian Price says:

    I am amazed at the quaility of the the pictures. What is the Camera?. Glad to see that you use a tripod.
    Superb layout, I also have a loft layout but not as far developed as yours.
    Keep up the good work.

  11. Ray Appenzeller says:

    Wow! Dave you are fantastic! I enjoyed your video updates a lot! I liked your Koi pond, green houses and your gypsy addition under the bridge. Your layout is awesome, every week you are performing feats of artistic magic. Thank you once again for sharing! Regards, Ray Appenzeller

  12. Dr Bruce King says:

    Hi Dave

    Your layout is delightful and more credit to your craftsmanship and design flair.

    Further to my observations a little while ago, I noticed you have opted for two pylons rather than sky hooks to support the three road bridge spans. That is a sound economical engineering solution which also harmonises with the constructed environment.

    At the risk of seeming pedantic I note however that the middle span is not properly aligned with the top of the left hand sides pylon. May I suggest that you move the said pylon several millimeters to the right (the centre of the gully) or alternatively widen the subject pylon with a buttress.

    Kind regards

    Dr Bruce

  13. Col Sarll says:

    G’day Dave – I never fail to be impressed by what you show to all of us.
    I am greatly inspired to achieve, what you’ve done in months, but because I’m a “new kid on the block” and not a carpenter’s bootlace (e.g. “…what’s a dropsaw?”) my 2-level, multi track point-to-point, all 4 Regional-Line steam-era (i.e. pre-1948) OO gauge layout, on which I have yet to complete the 1st bit, of tacking down track, & which is 9m x 3m in size (to be extended full-length-wise by another 4 sections 2m wide – with a town & extensive storage yards on the lower level) will probably take me years to get to the stage you’re at now, given other commitments, ‘cos I’m just a retired accountant!
    I’m fortunate tho to be a member of a great informal – & probably unique in Oz – group of ~25 retired blokes (“Wednesday Wanderers”) who meet for ~4 hrs @ a different member’s home venue each week.
    Some of us drive – mostly on a pool-car arrangement – up to 120kms each way, from the Northern end of Oz’s Gold Coast – in SE Queensland – South to 60kms SW to where I live in the beautiful Tweed Valley – on a 5-acre elevated block with magnificent cattle-grazing-country views, unsurpassable, in my opinion, anywhere else in Oz – just across the border in NSW’s Northern Rivers region.

    Unlike me tho, almost all of the other guys in the group have built layouts before – some English, some Yank, some Oz – so they are a great help to me whenever I ask for it.
    As you say tho, does a layout ever get finished? That’s the beauty of the hobby isn’t it? Work on it at your leisure and enjoy one’s latter years, which I reckon you can do if you’re particularly lucky enough to have friends with the same interests.
    Keep up your good work Dave, including your video production – it’s great stuff to look at.

  14. Willie Kerr (Glasgow) says:

    Hi Dave, once again great work. I’m glad you explained about the point motors.
    You are an inspiration to me, only thing is when my wife sees your videos she says ” look what Dave has done compared to you”, so I had better get cracking.

  15. Cameron Davies says:


    I always look forward to seeing your updates so thanks again for posting. I really like those sweeping curves you have in the new track plan. I wish I could match the pace you work at.

    I like the idea of spending some quallity time on the footplate also.



  16. Ian says:

    great work Dave you seem to do so much in short time do you sleep.
    it gives me alot of pleasure to watch your lay out grow it keeps me going to the shed to do a bit more while i have all your ideas in my head to do to my layout thanks.

  17. Max Dosser (Australia) says:

    Your creative genius keeps on astounding me. I can’t comprehend how you do all this in the time frame allocated.
    I look forward to the next episode with bated breath.

    Regards from ‘Down Under’

    Max Dosser

  18. Bill (New England) says:

    Dave your layout is truly an inspiration. Awesome, what a MASTER craftsman, you’ve got loads of patience as well as imagination. I am certainly looking forward to your future explorations, GREAT JOB once again and keep up the GREAT work!

  19. THOMAS says:


  20. Thank you all for your comments ..Dr. Bruce ..I will move that pillar…and Ron I will slow them down , but I was showing how there was no problems with the track , and mr j homer , think `i have seen skyec work and he is good ..but am in the process of doing those tunnels now , as for my camera , it is a panasonic hc-x920 which i can fully recommend , but they are a bit pricey , all this takes place in my loft which I converted to a railway room ….All the bet to all …..Dave

  21. Steve from Exeter NSW Australia says:

    Inspirational as always Dave. Fantastic looking layout in record time. Can I come over and “play trains” with you?!! Keep up the great work and run ’em as fast as you like!

  22. Dave, love the layout. Noticed a bus tucked away with livery colours which reminded me of the Hlifax colours of yesteryear? Am I right

  23. John Reynolds says:

    Excellent work Dave!
    You have accomplished more during the last month or so on your attic layout than I have on my little On30 Inglenook — Your work is amazing… Especially with the speed at which you accomplish things.
    Nice little story on working on “real steam”….
    I have a little live steam locomotive (1 inch scale): the joys and frustrations are similar, the advantage I have is that the parts are lighter.

  24. Steve Rowe says:

    Looking good!

  25. Steve says:

    What is the scale of Dave’s layout

  26. Jim Neill says:

    Dave, always enthralled by your layout. I have recently started model railway construction have a layout comprising six different sets. i have had part of garage converted into a model room and base is all there around 4 walls. I have set out the tracks just to get an idea of how it could look with many many hours of work yet to do just to get a basic working model. I have amassed lots of books but really anxious about wiring the system, probably more of the language/terminology. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

  27. Thx Dave: I now have all the updates to date. I too am happy to see your rail system can take the hghi speeds you show. I will assume you elevate the turns slightly or are your wheels deep flanged? My Fleischmann purchased in Germany 1971 were deep flanged and work only with Code100 USA. They have a hard time on X tracks etc so I just stage them in my yard of steam engines. Keep sharing your outstanding feats and ideas of model railroading fun. I truly enjoy each feature. Thx much! Harold Jr.

  28. Stephen D Gispanski says:

    Hello Dave, I have been watching your layout. Great job on everything that you have filmed on. I used to work on GP 45 on the SE Florida Diesel, working horse, like CSX. Keep on trucking.

  29. Rick says:

    is there any software app the i can input the fastrack that i have and will design various layouts with the track that i have? If so i would like that because this is my first layout and so far not going so well. Thank You

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