Dave tests the sound on his layout

Your questions on adding sound are still coming in thick and fast, so I thought I’d find some more posts on it.

Some of you may remember this one – it’s very simple way to add sound too:


And Hall of Fame member, Dangerous Dave, has been busy testing the sound on his locos too:

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here

That’s all this time folks, because as you’ve probably guessed I’m pushed for time today.

But please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide – course, I’m biased, but it’ll more than point you in the right direction.



6 Responses to Dave tests the sound on his layout

  1. BILL HOLT says:

    One word AWESOME !!!!!

  2. Thomas Murphy says:

    Way to go Dave!

  3. Gerry Labrie says:

    Like the sound but it also sound like a older Motorcycles

  4. Tom Sawyer says:

    Love all your trains and sounds. thanks Dave.

  5. Michael Groff says:

    All my N Gage trains have sound on them. I know what each one sounds like and can tell them apart. It makes the set more real. Enjoy the noise.

  6. Richard Standing says:

    I haven’t gone in for DCC sound, but my “Seaside Layout” (which uses a laptop screen as the backscene!) plays the following sounds at appropriate junctures:
    * Steam Whistle
    * Diesel Horn
    * Safety Valves
    * Guard walking up platform, slamming doors and blowing whistle
    * Seagulls
    * Coal shovel
    * “All change! End of the line!” – voiced by Roger Moore!

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