Dave’s Dynamis tip

Here’s the latest in from Dave.

He’s also included a great little tip if you use a Dynamis controller. Have a look, I think you’ll like it.

“Hi Al, a few pics of my shed layout from a few years back, its only 6ftx6ft I don’t know if it will interest anyone, not all have the room for big layouts, but I think you can still have fun creating, and running the models, anyway Al I hope this helpful to anyone like me that just doesn’t have the space.

Cheers Ron”

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And to those wondering what the golden key is, it’s a search page that lets you rake through years and years of posts.

Handy if you’re scratching your head over something and want to see what others do. Here’s a quick vid I did on it:

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Big thanks to Dave and keep ’em coming.

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33 Responses to Dave’s Dynamis tip

  1. Jaaques Shellaque says:

    I’ve enjoyed seeing/hearing Dave, but it just struck me
    that the “icing on the cake” is his use of color. Scenery,
    structures, rolling stock, autos/busses, foliage, signs, etc.

  2. Just watched your latest video(brilliant) and am set to wondering. You are along way away from any problem on your highlands! How do you manage when (the inevitable) problems up there happens. Do you use sky hooks or send a very small child? My biggest reach is four feet which is too much!


  3. Bill Fitzpatrick says:

    Fine job Ron. You have a lot going on there without it looking cluttered. Those gussets in the corners are a real good idea.

  4. Ron from Manchester says:

    Hi Dave, first of all I want to say what a wonderful layout you have created, your methods are very similar to mine. Thanks for the how to with the dynamis, the time out thing used to drive me mad sometimes lol, but I followed your tip and its a hundred times better, like you I didn’t know you could do that, anyway cheers Dave and thanks for all your tips etc.

  5. peter benson says:

    well dave what a great layout you have i wish i could have ago.well done///////////////

  6. Don Garner says:

    Which part of model railroading does Dave do best? building, running or filming. I think all three! Keep ’em comin’, Dave.

  7. Dennis says:

    small space, small scale, terrific layout

  8. Sid says:

    Hello Al and Hello Ron,
    Its so nice to see what people have achieved in what ever space they have available, It does’nt matter if people do or dont like small layouts, The point is that the owner/builder enjoys his or her creation, Also by watching and reading sites like this one from Al We all learn new tricks and skills,, Young or old, We keep learning, And the Model Railway nuts like us all have the same things in common interest and thats the Model Railway Engineering it self!..


  9. Ron from Manchester says:

    Thanks for the nice comments, I just wanted to show that you don’t need a lot of space to be creative and enjoy the hobby, it must be nice to have the space that Dave has, I mean that layout is just fantastic and an absolute credit to him, but space isn’t every thing, I recently saw a little layout at a show, it was 2ftx2ft but the detail the guy had put into it was just amazing, for me it was best of the show. so future modelers out there , don’t be put off.

  10. Tom says:

    Dave, always fantastic!!

    Ron, love your layout your back scenery the blend is great!

    Note: About the size of a layout, or the lack there of, it does not matter. It is not about the size that counts … its what you do with what you create with the size: space: funds: one has to work with that is what counts. Be proud of what you are/or have accomplished in your efforts building your model railroad.

    Happy St Pat’s Day to all!! Just maybe, now mind you, just maybe … if I drinks enough green beer … maybe I will see a little green man … and he takes me to me pot of gold at the end of the rainbow … hoping!
    The drunker I sit here the longer I get? NOT!

    Think green!

    best regards,


  11. Ron from Manchester says:

    Happy St Pats day Tom, you drink the green stuff and il drink the black stuff both the same I would say lol, we will both get there in the end
    Regards Ron.

  12. Andrew Lee says:

    Great I always enjoy your videos

  13. james says:

    Really liking the look of your new layout

  14. Ron some time I wish I had a small layout , easier to handle and as you have shown you can have plenty going on even on a small layout ….

    Thanks all for comments on my layout , and that tip with the Dynamis should help those who use one …Ian , I can reach the top of the layout with just the use of a 1 step stool , no need for skyhooks fortunately …

  15. I have found that if you use pieces of wood from a butterfly bush (buddleia) that you get more realistic logs but make sure they dry out a bit first

  16. Dave, what a fantastic job you have done in such a short time too. I think you have done extremely well and the details you have managed to incorporate are just great. All we are missing really is a mug shot of you!! We see the ginger bread man quite often and the occasional hand or painted thumb of yours but nowt else. So how about it next time around please? You have such a natural way of presenting what you have achieved it would be good to see you actually speaking to the camera on some subject of your choice.

  17. the smaller the layout the busier you are i believe, i still do all my points by hand the old saying i tell my nephews if you open a gate dont forget to close it or you might have trouble and its easier on a small layout, love the pictures Ron keep them coming. the changes you made Dave make it even greater to watch love seeing the trains moving with all your different carriages.

  18. Ken Goldenberg says:

    Fantastic layout in such a small space!

  19. skip says:

    I can’t remember if I ask about the CLEANNING TANK CAR , what company and can u buy in USA? That is very IMPRESSIVE just like ur layout Im putting mine in the GARAGE by summer if my son gets all his junk out.

    TKS Skip

  20. Willie Kerr (Glasgow) says:

    Great stuff from both sides of the coin (large and small)

  21. THOMAS says:


  22. Rod Mackay says:

    Dave, those little plastic motorists are going to get SO fed up if you keep stabling trains right across the level crossing like that!

    Ron, lovely job, a really original layout, great atmosphere.

  23. Ed Gasper says:

    Hi Al;
    I have been watching your site for sometime now and I can’t get over how much insight and artistic ability most of your posters have. I am in the finishing stage of wiring for DCC on my 4×8 switching layout. I have had to move it twice and that caused the 10×6 to become 4×8. As soon as I get to a point of good pictures I will send some.

    I have been really impressed by some of your modelers, especially Dave.

    That’s it for now. Let all know “keep up the good work’.

    Until later: Be well, Do good work, and keep in touch.
    Ed Gasper

  24. Cary B says:

    Ron, Nice layout in a small space. Any size layout is a good layout. Keep up the good work and maybe you can do a video.
    Always a joy to watch Dave’s videos. Love the music at the end.

    Cary B

  25. Ross Johnston says:

    Thanks Dave and Ron for your articles. I always enjoy your videos Dave but I am a little confused as some show the older layout and some show your newer layout. What is your layout in 2018? Cheers Rossco, Adelaide, Auistralia

  26. Rossco , yes Al shows a few of my older layout from time to time , I am now on part 6 of re building my new layout in 2018 …. Dave`s Model Railway New Layout Part 6 ..Dave

  27. john thorogood says:

    What I like about you setup is that you renovate constantly just like in real life.
    You also move you trains thru your turnouts for you video. I’ve watch so many videos that the train just runs around in a circle.
    You always give me ideas even thought I have a garden G scale railway.

  28. Alan spence says:

    Hi Dave what a super layout even though I prefer modern scenes stock I can still appreciate what you do from your accent you sound as if youvarevfrom yorkshire where I am anyway keep up the excellent work
    Alan in Leeds

  29. Jim says:

    Thanks for the pics of Ron’s layout. I get tired of always seeing large layouts as my space is limited to 8×12 ft. It is a pleasure, and a boost to my model RR interest to have small layouts featured occasionally. Thanks Ron for sharing.

  30. Bernard Hallas says:

    What a great layout in small space, as has been said, it’s not the size of the space, it’s what you do with it. I think your backdrops make a big difference too, rounding out the illusion of being in a much larger space, that’s a really nice touch.
    Where do you find those backdrops, the red-brick industrial scenery & more bucolic country-side & smaller older towns on the edge of farming country, all UK style.
    Thanks, BernardH

  31. Tony says:

    Ron- great layout! We love to see ones like yours. By the way all- the golden key is great- works perfectly!

  32. Hello Ron,
    I find yor layout fantastic sice dosn’t medder it is wats on de layout happen and ride and build is dats importend.
    HC Treintje Belgium.
    Herman Crauwels

  33. Hello Dave,
    Fin to Sie an other video hier.
    HC Treintje Belgium Herman Crauwels.

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