Dave’s electrical how-to

The talented Dave has been in touch.

He’s done a ‘how to’ video on electrics and logs.

Dave’s wife gets involved in this one too 🙂

Thought you’d like it:

Latest ‘ebay cheat sheet’ is here.

Comment below!



PS Wonder if Dave did have that cup have tea. So made me laugh. I have no idea why!

24 Responses to Dave’s electrical how-to

  1. Tom Oliver says:

    Thanks Dave for all your great tips. I love your layout. One day…Ah!

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks Tom for your compliment, and Al , yes I got that cuppa ..and a couple of Bikky`s …mind she chooses her moments !!

  3. Toni says:

    Dave, Thank you very much for showing us the videos of your layout. I am sure that you have inspired many of us with interesting ideas for our own layouts.

    And thank you Al for this web site and for taking the time and effort for the posting and sharing of videos and tips.

    Thank you both and for all others who have contributed to this site. Thank you, one and all.

  4. Ian says:

    i really enjoy the videos, thanks Dave.

  5. Martin says:

    Thanks Dave you sound like a good Yorkshire lad. I do like watching your vids of your layout. It certainly inspired me to get them numbers on the Euro of Fridays.

  6. truckman1999 says:

    WOW: what else can you say.I can keep my train on the trackThe track 10 times before de rails.Thats 1 train. but It’s geting lot better.Dave your a true master,Ande it’s kinda nice to share with out buying a book.Than you.

  7. luke senten says:

    Thanks Dave really enjoyed your video looking forward to the next. You certainly have a wonderful layout Did you get your tea?

  8. TOM says:


  9. bob hoban says:

    I live across the pond in the “Colonies” (Florida, to be a little more precise). Somebody sent me a Dave video a year ago, and I have been watching ever since. Most are useful for me. Thanks, Dave.
    The Missus’ calling for tea reminded me of a Monty Python skit. 🙂

  10. Dave says:

    Thanks to all for the comments, and yes I got my cup of Tea

  11. Randolph scott says:

    awesome idea, i will definately use this one.


  12. Paul Wilson says:

    again just great a fantastic insight as to how it should and could be done. I just love watching and listening to the trains as well as listening to the tips
    Keep it going Dave
    Kindest Regards

  13. SuffolkBoy1956 says:

    Behind every great modeller is a woman to make the tea.

  14. john w says:

    where can you purchase the small lights that dave clipped into his track in the USA

  15. Richard says:

    More great stuff! Keep it coming!

  16. Graham Harris says:

    Dave keeps coming up with some brill ideas. Dave do you weather the sides of your track? If so how do you do it?

  17. Jean Bernard says:

    Great stuff Dave…always love to watch your videos…I am a “new” train modeller (1 yr) and tend to get frustrated at times but when I watch your videos or read the articles, things seem to fall into place
    Great job!

  18. Jez says:

    Great little ideas

  19. Jez says:

    Great model layout showing this to a friend gave him ideas for his layout dave. I always find your video tips interesting

  20. Meirion Jones says:

    Thanks once again for the tips from Dave and that layout is looking great, cant wait to start mine up shortly again, have it on hold at the moment but the tips and tricks shared by yourself Al and Dave will I am so sure come in handy, I have them all saved on the laptop so who knows either way thanks so much and so glad you had that cuppa Dave

  21. Russ'D says:

    Very nice young man how do you get those big mitts to do what you want. Just kidding I am truly impressed keep up the good work it’s beautiful. RUSS’D

  22. Steven stClair says:


    I am just starting to build a railway and have really enjoyed your videos. I watch everyone sometimes two or three times. I now live in Sydney but left Scunthorpe England in 1992. I converted my Mum & Dad’s loft like yours and bought the trains and never finished it. Now I am making a two layer 2200mm x 1515mm which will rise out from under a special desk I have made in my living room so when people come round they don’t know I am an anerak, Your work is superb and thankyou.

  23. George Barone says:

    How do I get my wife to make me a cup?

  24. Henry says:

    Great vid, keep them coming. But how come this is dated June 2012? Have you got any recent vids?

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