Dave’s loft layout latest

The talented Dave has been in touch again.

Here’s the latest on his layout – his brand new layout…

“Hi Al,

been a bit slow with the progress , but here is as far as I have got to date …loads to do should keep me going all winter.



Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

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42 Responses to Dave’s loft layout latest

  1. Ralph Berry says:

    Great to see some more from you Dave. While I have been building one layout you have started on another one.

  2. Steve from Exeter NSW Australia says:

    Great to see your progress Dave. Your idea of “..not done much” and mine are vastly different! Seems only yesterday we were watching you pull down the old layout! Love your updates and love your final comment “mustn’t complain!”. Cheers and keep up the (very much) great work!!

  3. JD says:

    Hi Dave…wow…that’ll be a big job…but well done you for taking it on! Wish I had a bit more ‘room’ in my (what was) 16 x 8ft garage..a bit less now because of the insulation and boarding etc. My ‘ramps’ are a bit steep and as you say the ‘diesels’ take a train up no problem, so have to put a little weight in the steamers…oh well..:O)
    Just one thing…I love your videos but the ‘sound’ from the DCC locos is SO loud!!! It drowns out your commentary…you want a sound engineer?? Haha! :O) Is it the ‘sound’ directly from the locos or do you ‘amplify it at all? It just seems so loud!! (When they are running!) Good luck..JD xx (Devon)

  4. Dentx says:

    Dave thanks for all your videos. I have gotten a lot of good ideas for my layout from them. I too use Woodlands Scenic foam track bed, it is a great easy to use product. For the curves if you split it down the middle it curves very easily. Remember Dave, no layout is ever finished. If it is it just means we cannot put anymore changes in it. Then we tear it out and start over. If you wifes asks why you did it, just tell, “It’s a model railroader thing, you would not understand”.

  5. robert coe says:

    I really would not know where to begin and where to end. You make it seem so easy but I know from my very brief experience that what you are doing is amazing and so relaxed about it.

  6. Dan Promen says:

    Hi Dave

    On your video I see you soldered your feeds to the bottom of the rails. How do you get your rail joiners to slip on?


  7. John M says:

    Dave, any chance you could show or tell us about your wiring plan?

  8. Paul Wilson says:

    I am still trying to win the lottery to pass some of the money on to you and the Stig.
    I agree with everyone else you are racing along, and you make it all seem so easy and I know it’s not.
    thank you for your update it is great watching the progress, getting the tips and letting us into the secrets
    Keep up the great work
    My very Best to the both of you

  9. Tommy B says:

    How big (dimensions) is your layout and how big is the room you have dedicated to your railroad?

  10. Tom says:

    You are a master craftsman. I enjoy your videos! I enjoy everything you do with model railroading. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    Best of luck Dave!

    best regards’

  11. Rob M says:

    I am very happy Dave back to modeling. This new one will be out standing I am sure. Great to see what you are up to Dave. Cheers Rob

  12. Chris g says:

    Nice one Dave keep the vides coming

  13. Bob says:

    In 2010 my grandson & I decided to build a layout. This site and your videos were an inspiration to us and we looked forward to everything you posted. Since then we realized that this multi-generational hobby is one you are never quite finished with. We have had such a great time that I just completed a true account of our journey together that will be published very soon. Those on this site can appreciate that model railroading is much more than “just” a hobby. My grandson and I (he was 6 when we started) have had the time of our lives together and have learned “It is not the destination but the journey that is most important.” Our thanks to all!!

  14. Ian Mc Donald says:

    i really look forward to your updates being new to modeling i am getting great ideas and how tos from you and everybody else.they say no layout is complete and rome wasnt built in a day the breaks your wife takes you on is to give you more ideas and to want to get back in the loft.cannot wait for the next update love the idea of higher and lower tracks it makes your themes for the layout alot wider and the controller some work to do. thanks again time wait for no one.

  15. Mike Peterson says:

    What I wouldn’t give for a room like that. That would be enough room for the layout, a hobby area to put together and display models. An engraving area and sandblasting area. Everything that the Mike Peterson Design Studio would need including enough storage underneath the layout. This loft is a huge room. Best of luck in filling it up with all your planned ideas.

  16. john coffey says:

    Dave,you are doing a excelnt job on this ,I just hope you can get it done before too long.It realy looks real good.

    John C.

  17. Michael Baroin says:

    Dave you are a “Doer” that is an example to all of us .I follow your layouts with great enthusiasim and wait for the next Show….

  18. 'Nother Grandpa says:

    I, too, am glad to see a post from you– I have been wondering about your progress. It looks like a grand project; look forward to seeing more.

  19. Hi All thanks for your comments , just to answer one ..the dropper wires for the bus are soldered on to the fishplates (rail joiners ) not the track so no problem joining the track up , as for the wiring I shall try and show this later , all a bit of a mess just now , but got the inner circuit working now …more to come later ..Dave

  20. james says:

    very interesting

  21. THOMAS says:


  22. Willie Kerr (Glasgow) says:


    You are an inspiration to me again.

  23. Stuart says:

    Very interesting, please keep showing your progress, it’s wonderfull to see it take shape. BRILLIANT!!!!

  24. Barry says:

    Shame Dave you’ve started again but still have that terrible Peco background all round the layout when there are so many better backgrounds on the market. Also I think you will encounter some uncoupling on the high level on the left hand side where you have a slight dip in height at one point.
    It must be great to be able to rip up all that last layout and start again. Did you just get bored with the last layout? or didn’t it run that well?
    Anyway good luck with this one, just wish I had a room like yours.

  25. IVOR HANN says:

    great stuff and i wish i had all that space , keep up the good work .

  26. Bob Price says:

    Hi Dave, please could you clarify something for me. On all of your video’s concerning the electric’s to your track for Loco’s etc. to operate, you always state ‘power feeds’ (RED) to outer rail and ‘return feeds’ (BLACK) to inner track. Why is that other modeller’s wire them the other way round, surely it makes for a certain confusion for new modeller’s.

  27. George Ross says:

    Looks Like Another Great Layout. You do great Work and it always Shows.

  28. jim morris says:

    Excellent, wish his shoulder was not in the way.

  29. Eric 7 says:

    Like the others I love to see your work, you are the master. We all wish we had your space to work on. Wiring fishplates (rail joiners) is the best way to go they stay put and keep the current flowing well with just a few well placed connections. Keep up the great work.

  30. steven stclair says:

    Dave, Farland Howe and that chap who does the Glebe railway just fantastic tv. How High is your second Layer Dave
    Steve Stclair

  31. nice layout dave more than what i can say about mine which i have not run for some time do to my health problem copd and the works not in good shape at all on oxygen since 2003 which i got gased at a job in dryden ontario canada at the papermill the mill know rgey where gassing us too they lyed too the govt on there report hell you can still smell the shit downtown as it was in 2003and its 2015 so that new boiler never helped at all in my books it was a con job to get more steam as the old boiler are on there last legs and the yankie s that owned it had no cash flowthats big business for you screwing us tax payers again now but to the layout is that your attic you have you layout in

  32. dan o wiseman says:

    hey can I send cell phone pictures of how not to do tracks but its great fun always changes thnaks ?

  33. dan o wiseman says:

    great lay out work dave , hey color of wire makes no difference , and where you hook makes no difference al long as you know which direction the train is going to run , just dumb arky coment thnaks

  34. Jimmy STORRIE says:

    Love the tips thank u Dave 61 and making my first layout from jimmy Edinburgh

  35. idris dixon says:

    what could one say that’s haven’t been said already, i look ward to your next video keep up the good work Dave…

  36. Robert says:

    Hi Dave , loved your loft layout, would love to my loft similar to yours. We moved in last year. Loft already has tongue and grove floor down on joists that are 4″ thick, I have put wall, plywood with insultion in. Uncertain as to whether I need to further work to the floor, what do you think? I have sockets and lighting up there electrician put in. Also there is a velux loft window and a loft ladder to go up. I do not want to spend more than I need too! Have been up in the loft last winter installing the side walls. Have you insulated your ceiling rafters and is that white faced mdf on your ceiling? Any pointers to getting the loft ready? My loft is a winter job too. Got to do gardening in the summer months and other stuff.

  37. Jim Plastow says:


    I do not see many layouts with banked turns/corners. Real life tracks have a bank to them. Any reason why modelers don’t do banked turns/corners?

    Jim Plastow
    Utah, USA

  38. John Stevens says:

    Dave is a great inspiration to many model builders and is a great favourite of all of us…Keep up the good work Dave And keep them coming… john stevens U.K.

  39. John Birch says:

    Hi Dave,
    Please tell me what you use to video your layout. I have used my phone for mine but the eight-minute file is too big to post.
    It’s a great layout and you seem to get so much done. I will be 78 in two weeks but am still working, am also an organist and cyclist (this year did RideLondon 46), so time for the layout is not in plentiful supply. My layout is in the garage and on a hoist so that the car can escape the winter frosts. Anyway, I do what I can when I can!.

  40. John Bates says:

    very nice layout looks great love the trains in England while you go to the NYMRR please pay respects o Bob Lund my cousins husband another great RR.

  41. Bob Dannheim says:

    Dave, I am very appreciative of your posts and especialy your videos. From your accent,I assume you are Scotich an so is my wife who was born in
    I spent some time in Holy Lock when I was in submarines in the US Navy. I am certainly not as talented as you in scenery and my preferance is to run as many trains as I can in the space that I have. I can run 6 trains simultaniusly on my 46 by 68 inch n scale lay out. I will never attain your expertice but I appreciate your work. Keep the videos coming!!!

  42. Doug Andrews says:

    I have been following Dave’s layout for years now and find it a real source of ideas and plans. Speaking of which can you please advise what are the overall dimensions of the layout and where one will find a trackplan? Thanks very much in advance — Doug in Canada.

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