Dave’s model railroad layout derails…

The talented Dave sent me this.

I loved it for two reasons.

It’s worth watching just to see the detail on his track.

And it’s good to know even Dave has the problems that drive us all insane at times!

The latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

Leave a post below if it made you smile.



31 Responses to Dave’s model railroad layout derails…

  1. Ben Zalewski says:

    I enjoy the short videos of the layouts others have built.
    Gives good ideas to incorporate into my layout.
    Shows a few trees relly improve a layout.

  2. Russ Prince says:

    What make/model video camera does Dave use to shoot his videos? I have HO and can’t seem to find a video camera small enough or short enough to make it under bridges and through tunnels. I’ve used an iPod “stick” but it’s really too tall. Had hoped they would have kept video capability when it became a square model, but sadly they eliminated video from the new model. And help would be very much appreciated.

  3. Br john says:

    oops. Dave your layout is wonderful. Yes great track detail and scenery. the roll over was unexpected and when I saw it, I said. o no. thanks for the smile.

  4. kenny clarke says:

    what sort of controller do you use please it is a fantastic layout i wish i had the room and the expertess to do any thing like it well done and keep the tips coming thanks

  5. Jim Sarosi Jr says:

    A bad day for some is a good day for others. Wish mine looked and ran this good.

  6. Tom Howes says:

    I always enjoy Dave’s movies, but this was especially entertaining. It kind of reminded me of Benny Hill.

  7. Udie Bauer says:

    Just show’s to go that things go wrong once in awhile. Did get to smile. I enjoyed watching the video. Layout is very nicely done.

  8. dave says:

    they sure do Ben , not normal to have all those problems though

  9. Lloyd Mapp Jr says:

    I’ve been looking for a way to sort of scratch build my biuldings. Now I have a way save a ton of money on buildings. Do you have factory templates as well? I’m looking to build an industrial scene ans well as a city scene for my elevated lines, thank you. Lloyd

  10. Tom Oliver says:

    Never mind the odd mistake, your layout and detail is absolutely marvelous!!

  11. Perry Doig says:

    And I thought I suffered alone. Well done. I’ve tried with an N Scale camera I found and it works with a 9 volt battry and a lot of customising on a flat car. I also got some ideas for scicing from this. Great layout.

  12. Cyril says:

    I’M in Awe Dave’s Train shed is bigger than my House. What detail. Keep up the good work, love your videos.

  13. Glenn Roach says:

    Lord it’s hard to be humble when your perfect in every way & be shown to be human anyway

  14. James says:

    Wow! Amazing layout!!

  15. Len Lainsbury says:

    Lovely, Absolutely gorgeous, including the derailment. Thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish, not least the nostalgic piano tinkling away, seemed exactly right
    Thanks again Dave.

  16. TOM says:


  17. Kevin says:

    I`d like to know what video editing Dave uses thats quite smart.
    He does a good job with it

  18. dave says:

    Thank you all for your comments , I used a mini camera that I have had a long time , will see if al can post a video showing the camera , but there are plenty out there especially on E Bay

  19. Duwayne Virnig says:

    Hi, All … here’s a different problem … How do Folks shut their minds off at Nap / sleep time with all the ideas that one can sort regards a setup; or get back to sleep at night, when it starts ?

  20. John Coffey says:

    this looks like some of my doings
    John C.
    Junction city ks.

  21. John D says:

    Hi Dave…well, we all know that feeling..and yes it did make me smile..:O) I have a big ‘task’ myself…how to wire a double-junction…with a branch line feeding in too! No, it’s not as big a ‘do’ as yours in your loft…but it’s a complex junction…so…’engage’ brain and off we go…I hope..:O) Regards and thanks for all the brill vids…J x

  22. peter says:

    AAH!! Never mind Dave it happens to us all.Like the layout though lucky you with a loft like that

    Jealousy Pete

  23. Bill Close says:

    Great movie, enjoyed it very much

  24. Ian says:

    Hi Dave,

    Beautiful layout you have! The derailment reminded me of a job I had many years ago……

    In the early 1980,s I worked in a video store in Whitechapel London E1. We sold early video cameras and had a display on a bank of tripod heads and used a model railway as subject matter with a 10 x 6 foot layout. It was a nightmare keeping it running. The track needed constant cleaning and derailments happened frequently. We had two loco’s, a class 55 and Flying Scotsman 4472. To help keep the loco’s and rolling stock on the rails I took them apart and loaded them with old batteries and coins to add weight and glued lead under the 4472 front bogey and rubbed a magnet on loco and tender wheels to improve adhesion! After some trial and error effort, it worked wonders and the would be Stephen Spielberg’s had continuous movement to pan and zoom! Yes, it slowed the trains down a little but the customers enjoyed themselves.

  25. dewaine says:

    i see trains coming off the tracks alot so that ok in my books.

  26. dewaine says:

    in canada for real the trains have been jumping the tracks.

  27. Methuselah says:

    I’ve been enjoying Dave’s beautiful movies of his trains running through great scenery, but I knew there had to be a place somewhere for him to pop up to do necessary work, and it never shows. Now we have seen where it is, seen Dave “Lording it over” his demain! Well hidden in the movies so the action and scenery look so real! Great work Dave! Good show.

  28. David Leschinsky says:

    Someone asked how you shut your brain off from thinking about all the train modelling/ideas/plans/tips, etc. so you can get to and/or stay asleep. I don’t know the answer to that but I can tell you what not to do. When you get up at 3 in the morning to pee, DON’T READ THESE GREAT TIPS!!!

  29. Jack windt says:

    I didn’t know am-track had track in Britian………jack, ……Sarasota, Florida

  30. ken says:

    great job, everyhing so so real. keep up the good work

  31. Steve Masters says:

    Great fun! always good to see the “Hand of God” is required on the best of layouts on a bad day. We all have this problem from time to time. Great scenery while going round the layout, very impressive train lengths too. Never give up!

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