Dave’s model railway progress

The talented Dave has been in touch again with his latest update: new locos!

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  1. peter benson says:

    what a great layout very well done 10/10

  2. im interestd would like to learn more. i am starting my layout.

  3. starting my 1st layouy and am interested.looks and sounds good.

  4. PETER says:


  5. John Fuller says:

    I am too old to start anything of this size now but I still can enjoy watching. Wonderful work!

  6. Denny L says:

    Very cool layout and motive power!
    Dave could you tell me what/how that U-tube video peel-away between scenes works? Where you get it?
    Thanks in advance


  7. charles tabor says:

    nice layout always good to get new engines enjoy and have fun

  8. Al says:

    I am so impressed as usual. Thankyou for sending it. Sorry I have
    Not replied lately, but family illness has hampered me
    Thanks again to Dave and you. Al

  9. dave says:

    Thanks you all for your comments, most appreciated , for Denny , the peel away effect is from the editing programme POWER DIRECTOR 9 , and Peter, I started 4 years ago , at the young age of 65 it is a hobby we can spend time with when retired .
    Thanks again all


  10. donald lee says:

    fantastic stuff,really interested in the scenics,hope you don’t mind if i copy some of your ideas,as i am just starting a layout that takes up 90% of my attic space,its gonna cost a fortune but dont tell my mrs,,lol

  11. Tony W says:

    Absolutley Superb

  12. TimC says:


  13. kenny clarke says:

    i only wish i had the space you have and of couse the skill to make some thing half as good 12 out of 10 well done

  14. rob says:

    very impressive – must have taken a lot of love and time – and patience

  15. Joe Gramlich says:

    Yo Dave,

    Job well done, very inspirational!

  16. Tom Howes says:

    Nice stuff Dave! I’ve been keeping up with your posts, but not commenting until now. Your layout, and trains, are worth way more than money in your pocket. Good choice! You are inspirational!

  17. dave bulford says:

    Another ‘Dave’ (that’s at least three!) really appreciates seeing your fantastic layout in real operation. Thanks so much for sharing it with Al and the rest of us. PS – there are several ‘youngsters’ in this chat room. My layout started at age 72, with a stand-alone ‘engineer-ess’ of 72 for advice.

  18. Len Lainsbury says:

    Impossible to get anywhere near this quality of layout and expertise so all I can do is gaze bug-eyed at the work of a real master craftsman, and ENJOY the fruits of his labours.
    A very sincere thanks for allowing myself and others the opportunity to share. Not forgetting Alistair for all his efforts in putting it out for us.

  19. This is so impressive. What a terrific job this person has done!

  20. Bob says:

    I love the nightime shots especially with the coal burner stoved up.
    Keep up the good work Dave.

  21. Gary Lynn says:

    Dave I love your movies, your layout,
    scenes etc. My question is how do you reach
    the inside of the track? I am starting
    my first try at a layout and trying to start
    out right.

  22. dave says:

    Gary , my track is built around the room , and I have to crawl under to the openings I have in the midddle

  23. TOM says:


  24. Vigil says:

    Mac sent me the link to your Rail Way set up. I am glad he did you have done an excellent over all job on your set up.


  25. Jim says:

    If only I had the room. What an incredible layout. What a talented individual Dave is, with all of the scenery and tracks to run the trains the way they should be run.

    If only I had the room.

  26. Brian D says:

    great stuff mate has made me scrap my current plan for a layout and start afresh

  27. Brian Clauser says:

    The sound encoders sure make a difference!

  28. Mike says:

    Hi Dave wonderfully workmanship. I am originally from north England but now live in Canada, it’s amazing to see the differences in how we build our railroads. I see back home you mainly focus on passenger cars as we out here in Canada tend to go with large mountains and freight trains. Wonderfully layout.

  29. Milton White says:

    You lucky devil Dave Bulford. My “engineer-ess” hates me playing with trains.

  30. Paul Wilson says:

    Hi Dave
    Great video keep up the good work I love the sounds it just brings another level to you model railway. W

    Paul Wilson

  31. Peter Hein says:

    Re John Fuller—-
    It is never tooooo late. Never!!!!!!!!

  32. Peter Hein says:

    E.g. a older friend of mine bought his first computer with the ripe age of 84. four years later he upgraded to a faster one.
    About myself, started with the first layout at 46 years of age and rekindled the train hobby 22 years later, two years ago. Might not get to the same level like Dave (in time) but it is mighty enjoyable.

  33. Peter Goodison says:

    Glad to see an “old hand” like Dave doesn’t mind mixing his coaches. Hope for all us “new boys”. Great layout. Gives us all something to aspire too.

  34. James says:

    I model the Pennsylvania Railroad in USA era(late 1940s) and freight operation is my dominant theme, with not much passenger traffic. I must say hats off to Dave’s beautiful layout , it’s splendid concept, top drawer modelling, very realistic scenery and I aspecially appreciate his prototype speed when operating the trains! Well done, Dave!

  35. Lawrence Phipps says:

    Great layout Dave love all the lights and extras to the loco’s

    I believe your layout is in your attic how have you insulated against the summer heat? would love to know


  36. Paul Barcelo says:

    Being resently retired and I just started watching you video , and I’ve love gauge trains. I would try to tell you how great the layout you is ,I sure by now you know. Where would I get started?

  37. David says:

    Wow -Fantastic!

  38. Tony Roberts says:

    Dave I have enjoyed all of your videos and think what a great layout you have built there. The only problem is the feelings of absolute envy your layout produces in me. I would love to have the room for a layout like yours but I am not allowed to. Have started building an 8 x 4 for my six year old son in OO guage. I might even post some pics once it is finished, if I can be brave enough. Kepp up the good work Dave. An inspiration to all of us.

  39. james says:

    Really nice layout wish I had the room. I just have one question…. 3 sail boats with tall masts how did they get under the bridge not allot of room to move around. Keep making the videos

  40. John D says:

    Hi Dave…love it…esp the night scenes…very atmospheric …:O) Luv JD x

  41. Jay Nadkarni says:

    Dave; You are making me jealous with your genius and lively setup. Thanks Al. Keep it coming. I have been working on Lionel Super O setup for the last 5 years with no end in sight. Dave’s work is giving me boost. Thank you guys.

  42. Richard Foinette says:

    To have achieved all that in 4 years is astounding. Gives us all some hope. Just wish I had more space available. You layout looks huge.

  43. Gordon Taylor says:

    I have to agree with what everyone says about your layout. It is truly amazing, I wish that I had the same drive and dedication that you do. Keep up the good work. hanks for sharing your layout with Al and all of us modellers.
    Best wishes
    Gordon Taylor

  44. Dick Walter says:

    Hello Dave: stunning layout! I noticed you’ve been answering other’s questions and hope you’ll answer mine. I’m very interested in the bldgs. that are against the walls surrounding your layout. I am very interested in the row houses. Who makes the kits and how can I obtain them. Thanks in advance.

  45. Joe says:

    Wow !!! that was amazing, you have done quite a lot of improvements. I learn a lot watching your videos since I’m gathering information how to do a layout and the lighting etc. Thank you

  46. Paul says:

    Another great video Dave…….

    Do you have visitors for viewing ?

    Love to visit sometime..



  47. Kevin Blake says:

    Great work Dave .
    Would like to know where you got the A4 chip reblown as my Bachman one goes silent when reduceing the speed.
    Yours sound so much better

  48. Ed Macomber says:

    Having just returned from my first visit to the U.K. I want to get a replica of the line from London to Bognor Regis, and model a station after the one in Arundel, West Sussex!

  49. Keith Willoughby says:

    Brilliant….. l’ve just started again after 35 Years…… I fell in love with z gauge 18 Months ago,and have spent around £3000 already……… but still with an empty 3.5mt x2.5mt spare bedroom to fill…… and not even a baseboard in sight yet, I intend to retire within the next 12 months…… so I’m looking forward to bettering the talented Dave……. ha ha! We’ll see.
    I’m 61 Now, so should be finished when I’m 71.
    Please keep the pics & videos coming!
    Kind regards,


  50. perrymason1955 says:

    Your layout is well planned and crammed full of detail both of which make your engines and rolling stock jump off the track at you. Really looks nice when you film it in the manner you do.

  51. Mark LeGrave says:

    Very impressive layout. I am working on building my N gauge layout,and find the info your giving is very helpful.TY ,Mark.

  52. Barrey Pickersgill says:

    Thanks for sharing Dave, nice to see some trains running, scenery building is o/k but its ultimately about running trains.

    Barrey Pickersgill Albury N.S.W. Australia.

  53. Bob Bouskill says:

    It does not matter what you think, you just have to love Dave. He really is living the dream. Best wishes Dave and hope you have a long life enjoying your passion.

  54. Doug Tanzer says:

    Great role model for any aspiring modellers. Well done Dave, like others, will use some of your ideas on my layout in North Queensland, Australia Regards Doug T

  55. David Roston says:

    Help, I have numerous fuel tanks but they constantly derail. I have come to they conclusion that they too light, because the locos do not derail. Anyone had this problem and any cures?

  56. Steve Howard says:

    Awesome! I am an S Gauge operator (primarily AF) but am very impressed with this layout as well as all the offerings I have seen since receiving the E-mails from Mr. Lee. Thanks to everyone who submits videos and, especially, all those terrific ideas.

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