Dave’s model train update

“Well it’s been awhile since I talked with you but this is Lew.

This is how far I am, money’s tight so I try to use whatever I can to form mountains and roadways and so beefing up the table some more.

I changed the lake configuration so that it was inboard instead of outboard and it has made storage a lot easier as well as more stability when moving the table.

I hope it’s a somewhat interesting to some of the guys and I’m sorry that I don’t know how to describe things as well as these guys do that send all of these things into you all the time, but I thank you for all of them and hopefully they’ll see something here that trips your trigger who knows.


“I introduce myself and just say thanks for all of the great posts you do daily.

Here a a few shots from my N scale model layout. I hope you enjoy these. My layout is 36″ x 120″ and I am
about 60% complete still a lot of small detail work that has to be done.

Again thanks and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


“Hi Al, not done a update on my layout for this weekend, its near too being finished, well apart from a lot of electrics and a few cosmetic bits, which can be done later.

So just as a joke I downloaded my other layout as shown… hope to have a video with a tour of the new layout and a bit of Xmas trimmings this next week.


A big thanks to Lew, Dave and Dave.

And seeing as it’s near Christmas, thought I’d share another vid which I’m getting quite a few mails on now. Here you go:

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here

Hope you enjoyed that!

That’s all for today – please do keep ’em coming an don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if you want to stop dreaming and start doing.

Keep ’em coming.



11 Responses to Dave’s model train update

  1. Jon grand says:

    Dear Alistair and all those who send pictures, ideas and solutions:
    Thank you all for all you do to keep model railroading a vibrant and engaging pastime. Whether one likes to delve into the esoteric details of wiring or scene development or simply loves to relive the childhood joy of watching trains go around, you all contribute and enhance the experience for the rest of us. Too many adults forget that play is not just for children.

    So please accept my thanks along with my best wishes to you and your patient, if uncomprehending families, for the holiday season and the coming new year. Jon

  2. Leo Hoonakker says:

    Your mountains look amazing, very realistic. I am trying to copy but not having much luck but thanks for the pictures, very nice. Leo, Ketchum OK.

  3. Dan Hulitt says:

    Love seeing the progress being made, Lewis. You will have a nice scene when complete.
    To Dave #1, Loved the double trestle look, very nice. The shadowing made it look so real.

    Dangerous Dave’s vid was a real LOL moment. Always enjoyable

    Al the CP Christmas Train was a real treat. Will forward that to the Grand Kids.

    MN Dan

  4. Warren Ferguson says:

    Dave, I’m blown away by the New railway! What a hoot!

  5. Norman Lawrence says:

    It is NEVER too late to enjoy your childhood! I think a ride on the CP Holiday Train is now on my “bucket list”! Thank you Al for hosting and sharing this website. I still am working on my own layout and slowly making progress. The main table is built and all the track is powered and working ok, BUT, I acquired a collection of engines and rolling stock that still have plastic wheels and couplers, and are heavily over weighted, so have been focused on converting them over to metal wheels and Kadee couplers. Also have been mostly REMOVING weight to bring the rolling stock to NMRA weight standards.
    Norm Lawrence in York, PA

  6. Mike Ilkenhons says:

    Dave…. nice work. Detail is what sets any layout apart in my opinion (and just an opinion among millionsđŸ˜¬)… but Alastair does such a terrific job of sharing our stories and work. Do you sculpt all your terrain or have you or do you use any rock molds? Mike, Clermont, Florida

  7. Cary E Price says:

    Hi Dave, great seeing the L&N locos (Louisville & Nashville). used to be a common sight in these parts, but don’t see that road name on the real thing anymore. Thanks for sharing. Cary in Louisville KY

  8. Cary E Price says:

    Hey Dangerous Dave, is that a G scale on your kitchen table? I’ve been working on my G scale layout for almost 7 years, like your approach much better!
    Cary in Louisville, KY

  9. Kenny Anderson says:

    Looks great, Nice job. I am building mine to your standards. Now all you have to do is weather your rolling stock with some rust and grafitti and it will be all good, but excellent job on the landscaping. My setup is similar in size. it’s 5 feet deep by 26 feet long (2-1/2 regulation 9 foot Ping-Pong, Table Tennis tables bolted all together) so they can be taken apart easily if neccessary.

  10. Stephen D Gispanski says:

    Lewis & Dave, very nice layouts. Lewis I believe yours is an H O and of course Dave, yours is an N gauge. Thanks for given me yours Dave. Now tell me if I am wrong Lewis, about the gauge. I think you need to do something like that Dave, have people send in pictures of there layouts but not the gauge of there layouts and not there name in the comment area and see if everyone can guess the gauge. Just a thought, thought it might be fun. I also wanted to let everyone else, think you for all of the insights of information because that insight of information is so valuable, some of us can run there Trains. Thank You

  11. John Hauser says:

    Dave’s videos are an inspiration for me. I’m building an N gauge layout and Dave has been an enormous help through his instructions and advice.

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