Dave’s money saving layout tips

Hall of Fame member, Dangerous Dave, has been in touch again:

“Hi Al …just uploaded a new video showing that class 24 from Suttons , now run in and pulling a rake of coaches with the lighting fitted , also shows how to make trees for model layout cheaply and easily , and how to add pedestrian crossing lights, again without spending fortune …



Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

“You don’t have to run wires under the model layout for the lights in the building, you can run them through the power lines and actually have the power running through them. I have built my power poles out of broken or bad track and than solder wire to the track and insulate it, run it into one of the windows and than place the wire inside.


That’s all for this missive I’m afraid folks – I am hopelessy short on time today.

But if you’re not, and you want to get off the starting blocks, the Beginner’s Guide is here.

A huge thanks to Dave (again).

Please do keep ’em coming



23 Responses to Dave’s money saving layout tips

  1. Dave G says:

    Great video from Dave. terrific low level shots!

    Many thanks.

  2. NJ Mark says:

    Another great clip from Dave. The use of hairspray to fabricate trees is really smart. Thanks. Cheers! NJ Mark

  3. Rich Bryant says:

    First post, layout is absolutely gorgeous. Nothing like it here in the U.S. that I’ve ever seen. Not sure there are any bad layouts, maybe mine. Very informative newsletters, look forward to each one. With many of the articles being best kept secrets with things I could never think of even.

    Regards, Rich

  4. Gary says:

    Hi Dave, have you ever measured the scale speed your trains are travelling?

    I reckon there’d be a few passengers on the floor in a couple of those scenes 🙂

    Great stuff mate.

    Gary, Australia

  5. Peter P says:

    Hi Dave, I’m not a great fan of English railways, BUT your class 24 is a ripper. I love that “lazy” Sultzer diesel, verrry nice. I even thought I might like one! Then I reminded myself I’m an Ozzi, not a Pom. Keep up the good work, I do enjoy your videos,
    Cheers from Pete

  6. Randall Blankenship says:

    Outstanding workmanship,
    Great video. Always enjoy you presentations! Looking forward to more!

  7. Terry says:

    I’d like to see a little more information on running the lights through real power lines above the layout (i.e. wire guage, etc). Sounds like an neat way to electrify a layout.

  8. Dr. Bob says:

    I will have to admit, utilizing spraying hair spray to make trees is a great idea but if you have hundreds of trees to assemble, wouldn’t spray on watered down glue be least expensive? Unless of course you are speaking in terms of assembly time? Love the new Class 24!

  9. tom in az says:

    Ya slow the trains down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Marklin ed says:

    Dave your a welcome addition to our breakfast conversation. My wife is not as crazy as I for model trains but she like your video very much. Could you show us where you keep all your roll stock. Can you sent us a ginger bread man?

  11. Dave always has the good tips and lets us know how he gets things done !
    Thank you for passing this along Al .

  12. Knud Rosenlov says:

    Jon has posted a note on how to get lights in houses, that will be nice if Jon also could put some pictures that show how to do.

  13. Rod Mackay says:

    Sadly (as my knees creak when I even think of going under the baseboards) here in the UK streetlights and buildings are normally powered by buried cables, you only see overhead pole routes out in the countryside as a rule.

    The Sulzer diesels, the class 33s especially, often used to seem to stop when starting, I.e. When the driver put it into power, the tick over revs would die right down to near silence for a moment before the throttles opened and the eruption began – “lazy” wasn’t the first word to spring to mind, more “Etna”, particularly after dark.

  14. terry foster says:

    Hi Dave,I just love your posts,your layout is very very interesting,i look forward to your next post,your detail is just fantastic. Regards Terry F. Aus

  15. Cary says:

    Wow- those sound and lighting effects are amazing. Always like seeing what Dave is up to! Thanks for sharing. Cary, Kentucky US

  16. Doug Tanzer says:

    Hi Dave – love your set up and videos. Can you tell me the height of your main lines?


  17. Joe Wright says:

    As always Dave, gives us all enjoyment. Love his trains and his layout. Great attention to detail. Thank you Dave

  18. Dave Fairfull says:

    Great stuff as usual Dave. Nice locomotive that class 33. Thanks for sharing.
    Keep up the good work.
    Dave F.
    Elora, Canada

  19. Tommy says:

    Jon, Great Idea! Using old track to make Power poles. I thought about totaling wiring my layout with high tension wires for the main buss (Trunk). Rig fake transformers (used sewing spools) to your idea if street poles to run the 12V lines from high tension to buildings, switch boxes, etc.

    Dave, Keep ’em coming! Love your Vids.

  20. d j howarth says:

    Thank you all for comments …I will try to slow the speeds down ..very difficult trying to control and film at the same time ….as for what height is my layout ..well its 3ft from the ground and and the difference between upper level and lower is 4.5 ” ..glad you all liked the class 24 sulzer she sure is a little stunner and runs and sounds just great ….Dangerous DAve

  21. Clive Griffiths says:

    Hi Dave, always look forward to your postings its the highlight of my day. A question if I may how did you rig up the sound for “Tony’s night club” and do you have any more sound around the layout. Cheers, Clive

  22. Helmut Eppich says:

    Great video as always! Those ground angle shots really immerse you into the layout’s vast, intricate, and realistic detail! Your layout continually dazzles the eye!

  23. d j howarth says:

    Clice the sound is added in the editing ..its from YTube own collection ..just add it on the time line and zoom the sound in and out …Dave

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